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March 01, 2007

The Knee Jerk Hook Set


Maybe We Should Become Distributors?

Fish-N-Chum is the most versatile fishing rod holder on the planet. It has unlimited applications for all seasons. Comfortable enough to wear all day, it is engineered to accommodate virtually any size leg. Not only does this fishing rod holder free up an anglers hands, the curved shape of the base frame against the surface of a leg, provides an immediate “ feel “of any activity surrounding a bait or lure. This causes an instant reflex reaction, and through various movements of the leg, a hook can be set


November 13, 2006

"it won't catch a marlin but it's definitely useable"


We've posted about mini rod and reel combos in the past bit this is the first time I've seen the hides in pen case variation


April 14, 2006

The Instant Fisherman!


This makes the Popeil Pocket Fisherman yesterday's news.


February 14, 2006

The rod is mightier than the pen

"Why you bring a pen to fishing??" Your friends may ask you this question when they see this awesome mini fishing pole set !! Then, you need to explain to them.....Hmmm..... It is not a pen, but it's my new fishing pole."Are you kidding?", your friend may ask. No No!! Let me show you the trick! 


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