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November 04, 2008

Bowman Cutchin and Chandler


What sounds like a powerhouse legal team is actually three of our pals gracing the cover of the latest Orvis book.

Somehow we got left off the comp rod list so we can't vouch for the featherweight qualities of the Helios but we'll vouch for the fabulous action on the Featherweight RC biplane.



October 28, 2008

Gaston, be a sport and hop on down to the Howell's and borrow some Macallans


July 17, 2008

My GAWD Thurston! It's what all the trout bums will be wearing this fall


Via: Orvis  LINK

May 28, 2008

Build Your Own Helios


Wonder if they filled it?

Limited to just 8 anglers, priced at $4,950 per person. Includes lunch each day and one evening meal event, but does not include lodging or all other meals, beverages or gratuities.


May 21, 2008

My gawd Thurston, they're serving prarie oysters at our favorite retailer




March 27, 2008

Let your tweed flag fly

"The Art of the Creel" is a photographic perspective on a wide variety of creels, their makers, their materials and their artistic appeal.  With more than 200 different creels photographed, this book provides a comprehensive look at all the major categories of creels as well as some very rare, one of a kind creels that are tucked away in private collections.


November 15, 2007

Let Your Tweed Flag Fly


America's gun case maker, Brooks and Thomas, also craft some fine leather fly fishing storage solutions. LINK

October 09, 2007

On the Fly

Solutions for the modern gentleman tweedbag. LINK

August 29, 2007

The Fly Fishing Equivalent of Glamping


Brought to you by Orvis. LINK

May 31, 2007

Original Founders of the Tweedbag Clan


May 22, 2007

Do It Yourself Tweedbag Shrines


Sawdust and Stitches offers the fly fisherman numerous ways to immortalize that memorable catch.  LINK

April 04, 2007

Help Wanted!


One of the oldest and most prestigious Fly Fishing Clubs in America is looking for a General Manager. Located on 150 acres along the Henry’s Fork River in Eastern Idaho, this private club welcomes members from coast to coast during the May to October season. This is a year round position with on site housing provided for the General Manager.  LINK

You'll be rubbing elbows with these guys. LINK

March 20, 2007

Tweed Bag Guide to the Ten Must Drink Irish Whiskeys


Gaston my good man!  Run out and get me a bottle of Knappogue Castle so I can re-fill the flask for Sunday's excursion to the river tweed.


March 07, 2007

Q and A with North Mills River Developer


A follow up to Murdock's post and coverage.

We are publicly traded company. I've got stockholders who would say your affinity for the property doesn't matter, your charge is to make the company moneyLINK

The Tweed Bag Destination Club Guide Book


Luxury 2.0!  LINK

Spring Ridge Club details. LINK

Next time you post a review of your 5 star luxury club check your spelling. LINK

Here's a new one. LINK 

Helpful enviro tips!  LINK

October 23, 2006

The Tweed Guide


Fishing on the River Tweed  LINK

July 13, 2006

Old Time Angler


Ohh gawd Millicent, I simply must ring up Thurston! I think I may have discovered tweed bag heaven!  LINK


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