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February 02, 2009

"These were fish pirates" - Feds break up black market striper ring

This investigation started in 2003.

State and federal investigators have broken up a black market involving watermen and fish dealers who sold millions of dollars' worth of striped bass, illegally taken from the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River, to shops and restaurants across the country, according to court documents filed in federal court this week.

Annually, Maryland's 1,231 licensed watermen account for about 2 million pounds of the 7 million pounds of striped bass legally caught commercially on the Eastern Seaboard. The poaching scheme described in court documents and by sources means that the state vastly exceeded its annual striped bass quota for five years.

LINK (Via:The Baltimore Sun)

December 02, 2008

It's Striper Time

October 09, 2008

Straq's Birthday Fish - SOTM Sept Weiner


Further proof that Straq's Coyote Crab pattern is the shit....38" - 18 lbs.

UPDATE: Happy birthday Straq.  You my good sir, take the September winnings.

July 27, 2008

Stripers Forever Call to Action


Stripers Forever members – here is an opportunity to really help the striped bass. Delaware State Senator Robert Venables, himself a serious striped bass angler, has introduced and passed a bill in the DE state legislature that would prohibit the gillnetting of striped bass in the DE portion of the Nanticoke River from March 1 through June 30.  The governor is listening to a legislator motivated by the 6 gillnetters who would be influenced by this closure, and she is threatening to veto the bill!

    * The new time period would simply mirror the closure that already exists on the Maryland portion of the river.  MD officials have asked for DE to add the month of March to help protect the spawning fish – DE is already closed from 4/1 to 6/30, but spawning fish are showing up in March.
    * While the quota is a finite 1,600 pounds, there is a known and admitted bycatch of many striped bass smaller than the 28-nch minimum.  The “legal” catch is entirely of large, breeding striped bass.
    * The fishery is widely known to produce illegal or black market fish that circumvent the quota.

Here is the action that SF urges you to take:

DE residents – phone, e-mail and/or and write Governor Minner’s office and tell her that striped bass need better protection, especially on their spawning grounds, and send a copy to Patrick J. Emory, Director, Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife. Urge them to support and not veto SENATE BILL # 298.   Also, contact or copy your local state legislator and ask them to support your views and to use their office to urge Governor Minner to support this legislation.  SF has only a few hundred members in DE.  Send this e-mail to all of your fishing friends and urge them to do as you are doing.  All contact information for the Governor and Patrick J. Emory appears at the end of this e-mail along with a sample note. 

Non Residents of DE – we urge all of our members to take similar action.   Striped bass belong to no particular state.  All fisheries that enjoy the Chesapeake strain of striped bass have a stake in this issue.

Dear Governor Minner:

I am a resident of (name of your state) and someone who enjoys fishing for striped bass.  I urge you to support Senate Bill #298 which will help protect spawning striped bass.  Gill netting of breeding size fish, the bycatch of smaller fish, and the inevitable resulting black market sales of striped bass are all unacceptable management policies. 

(Residents of northern states might add) Striped bass fishing has declined seriously in northern states.  The number of large fish is down significantly and there are very few small fish available.  I feel it is incumbent upon Delaware to do everything reasonable to protect spawning striped bass.  Not only the recreation, but the livelihoods of many guides and businesses are dependent on striped bass and therefore your good stewardship of this resource. 


My name

CC Patrick J. Emory Director Delaware Div. Fish and Wildlife

Governor Ruth Ann Minner 
Tatnall Building,
William Penn Street, 2nd Floor
Dover, DE ~19901
Phone: (302) 744-4101
Fax (302) 739-2775

Patrick J. Emory, Director
Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife
89 Kings Highway
Dover, DE ~19901
Phone: ~(302) 739-5297 or (302) 739-9910
Fax: ~~~~~(302) 739-6151

July 10, 2008

Striper Lager


Gooch fish rep Ken Lagerveld working hard off the coast of Rhode Island.

June 18, 2008

The Cult of the Striper


CJ Chivers profiles the cult of the striper in this 2004 Esquire article. 

As the eastern seaboard of America percolates with striped bass migrating south, a million men trudge out into the surf in the dark to try to pull them from the ocean.


June 02, 2008

Did PCB's Save the Stripers?


In this NY Times essay from 2003, James Gorman argues that PCB contamination helped Hudson River stripers.  LINK

February 21, 2008

Previously unreleased striper camp photo


January 21, 2008

Stripers Forever Call To Action!


Stripers Forever is rallying support for House Bill HR3841 that would ban the practice of purse seining for menhaden in both state and federal waters. The availability of menhaden is critical to the sustainability of striped bass and there are indicators that overfishing is having an impact on their role as striper forage.

Below is a sample e-mail you can cut and paste to e-mail your congressperson.

Dear Congressperson (their name) my name is (your name) and I live in your congressional district.  Striped bass and the marine environment are very important to me. Menhaden are the number one forage of the striped bass, plus they are an important filter feeder. I believe that fishery managers have not done nearly enough to conserve menhaden stocks, and I therefore urge you to become a cosponsor of HR3841, a bill that would eliminate the practice of purse seining menhaden for reduction purposes.  Please let me know how you have decided to act on this matter. 

(Your name again and e-mail address)” 

December 07, 2007


This collection features writers such as T.C. Boyle, John Cole, Nelson Bryant and Ian Frazier. The 23 stories reflect on the romance, history, diversity and lore of striped bass fishing.  LINK

November 21, 2007

Do This for the Striped Bass


Stripers Forever is currently conducting their annual membership survey. LINK

August 28, 2007

How Do You Say Stripah?

Marie and I took the red eye to Boston last night and are now gearing up for two weeks of Stripahs, Chowdah and Dunkin Dog Nuts.




Did you say dog nuts?

August 10, 2007

In Newburyport they can't figure out who caught the biggah stripah

Photo: Steve Straq

Which is the bigger fish?

A 51-inch striped bass that weighs 46 pounds or a 49-3/4-inch striper that weighs 50-1/2 pounds?

Via: The Daily News  LINK

September 22, 2006

How do you say Striper?


Dispatch from Striper Camp


Just a short note to thank you and all the participants for the great event.
I really enjoyed guiding my folks. I hope they learned a lot. Please
circulate this note to everyone on your list. That way they will get my
email address and this drooler of a picture. I will send individual pics to
my clients. The first day I was taking mostly film. I owe Craig a black and
purple fly as mine somehow all went missing.

The day after the event I took Stuart Levine back to the island I fished
with Ken, Jason and Jeff. (The producers of survivor won't get the name of
this island because I don't want them to fuck it up like Palau or Fiji.)
Here is a photo of Stuart's fish. I think it is the one that got away from

We landed six or seven slot fish had two doubles and lost tens of fish. This
guy was a little to big for the slot but what the heck. What action in wild
seas. Plus we used white flies in the foam lines. Like Dave Skok and I said
we wouldn't have done that but do it we did and it worked. Go figure. I
learned a lot once again. But black does work.

All the best. Now if we could only plan a good tide for next year. It
happens to be August 28 to September 2 or September 25 to 30. We will have
twelve foot tides on the second dates and beautiful colors too. All the best
to everyone.


Henry C. Barber
Address: Striper Heaven Northeast North America Somewhere

September 18, 2006

Stripers Forever!


To celebrate our first day at Patagtonia's Striper Camp we bring you some wicked good striper links.

StripersOnline strives to bring you the most complete striped bass fishing, striper fishing, saltwater, surf and fly fishing articles, tackle, techniques, fishing reports and discussions.  LINK

Stripers 247 - More than 300 pages dedicated to our current favorite fish, the striped bass. LINK

Dan Speciale is a lifelong fisherman who shares his passion for striper fishing in this multimedia presentation. 
VIA The Press of Atlantc City LINK


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