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March 03, 2008

Wild Steelhead Coalition Awards Banquet and Auction

Jeff Bright's slide show was just one of the highlights from last Saturday's Wild Steelhead Coalition award banquet and auction.




Frank Moore was the recipient of the Annual Conservation Award and the evening wrapped up with silent and live auctions featuring a cornucopia of fly gear, guided trips, and artwork all benefiting wild steelhead.


If you're interested in the fight to save wild steelhead please consider taking out a WSC membership or purchase a Patagonia steelhead World Trout T-shirt, proceeds of which go to the WSC.

February 20, 2008

But, Mr. Minister, it isn't like this is the first troublesome thing to come out of Canada


In response to "persistent steelhead angler" issues, the Canadian Ministry of the Environment is in the process of implementing a Quality Waters Strategy for the Skeena River watershed. The community engagement part of of the process  started in January, will take a year to complete , and will result in new angling management plans for the watershed. Keep in mind that the number of angling days on the Skeena watershed have actually declined dramatically over the last 5 years.

One of the initiatives being put forward by a very vocal group is to limit non resident access to the watershed.This proposal would devastate the local tourism economies and alienate some of the strongest advocates for protecting the Skeena.

Piscatorial Pursuits has a detailed forum thread on the subject and eloquently points out that the stakeholder working group contains no local business interests, is comprised of local guides and anglers and that the "angler crowding issues" are being overblown to limit access. The entire thread is worth the read.  LINK 

You have the opportunity to express your opinions about the plan by reviewing the information, filling out a response survey form and staying informed of ongoing developments. LINK

The quality of the steelhead fishing has also gone to shit over the last few years due to provincial aquaculture, commercial netting and poor fisheries management. The whole issue will be moot if something is not done to preserve the fish. LINK

January 21, 2008

The Frisco Kid

10 pound test meets 15+ pound steelhead.

January 20, 2008

Fishizzle My Nizzle


Catching big fish all the time with everybody.

January 03, 2008

Group calls Nez Perce gill net plan 'irresponsible'


A recent decision by the Nez Perce to implement a gillnetting season for hatchery steelhead on the Snake River is meeting with opposition from local sportsmen and women. Via: klewtv LINK

January 02, 2008

Coffee Table of the Month


Via: Twin Rivers Taxidermy LINK

December 03, 2007

Dispatch from the Heartland


From Jerry Darkes, Patagonia sales rep and creator of The Great Lakes Steelhead Chronicles.

Here is a wild steelhead smolt that was collected and returned in a recent stream survey on West Creek, a tributary to the Cuyahoga River (yeah, the same one that caught fire 30 years ago), just outside Cleveland, OH.

Little known to many, there have been self-sustaining populations of potadramous, migratory rainbow trout in all of the Great Lakes for around 130 years.  This is not a new phenomenon. The original stocks came from California's McCloud River and were initially planted in the Ausable River near Oscoda, MI.

These fish have adapted genetically to the weather extremes of the Great Lakes region that condense the conditions found in their native range (from northern Baja to Kamchatka in Russia) into a much smaller area.

I received this photo from John Rhoades, Supervisor of Environmental Assesment for the Norteast Ohio Regional Sewer District. He is a steelhead addict, a top-notch angler, and a Patagonia supporter.

Recovery Plan Envisions 4,150 Steelhead in Southern California's Santa Ynez River

Photo: David Pritchett

A far cry from the historical runs but it would be an amazing comeback story if they ever get it done.

A federal plan to bring Southern California’s once-thriving steelhead population back from the brink of extinction has established the goal of having 4,150 adult steelhead running up and down the Santa Ynez River. That remains a far cry from the annual runs of 20,000 fish that made the Santa Ynez River a statewide Mecca for sport fishermen prior to the construction of Bradbury Dam — and Lake Cachuma — in the 1950s. Back then, the Santa Ynez was so bountiful that school kids were allowed to skip class when fishing season started, and farmers were known to use pitchforks rather than fishing poles to extract steelhead from the water.

Via: The Santa Barbara Independent LINK

November 19, 2007

Steelhead on the fly - A novel idea?


Whodathunkit? VIA SFGATE.com LINK

November 13, 2007

YC Deschutes Steel


Caught on his birthday, bamboo spey road, floating line, little tiny orange nothing fly stuck in the tip of her nose.

Could that be an El Jefe jacket prototype?

August 30, 2007

The Wild Steelhead Coalition is looking for new members!


All new members will be entered in a drawing for a guided steelhead fly fishing trip in Western Washington.

Sign up here. LINK

DO IT!!!!

August 19, 2007

Scientists puzzled over fish tag that traveled 7,700 miles

How did an electronic tag placed in a steelhead at a hatchery in Washington end up in the stomach of a bird found 7,700 miles away in New Zealand? 

Via The Seattle Times  LINK

August 12, 2007

Score One for Wild Steelhead


The Umpqua River basin will no longer be a place to kill and eat wild steelhead under tighter wild-fish protection measures sought for anglers by anglers. Via: The Mail Tribune LINK

July 30, 2007

Skeena Steelhead Returns Worst on Record


Northwest BC angling guides and conservationists are demanding Fisheries and Oceans Canada implement conservation measures in the Skeena River salmon fishery after news that early steelhead returns to date are 15 percent of average levels.  Via: Terrace Daily LINK

May 29, 2007

Save the Steelhead, Save Ourselves


Ron Judd brilliantly connects the pursuit and protection of Puget Sound steelhead.

From where I sit, the headline at first sounds almost like a joke: "Puget Sound steelhead declared `threatened.'"

The punch line: Not by me.

I can say with full authority that no steelhead in these parts has ever, once, looked up from his hiding spot, seen me stumbling around on the rocks, shivering and cursing and bleeding, and felt threatened in the least.

Via The Seattle Times LINK

May 08, 2007

Puget Sound steelhead declared "threatened"


On Monday, the federal government decided it is time for serious changes to prevent Puget Sound steelhead from disappearing altogether.  Via: Seattle PI  LINK

Statement from the Director of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife concerning the listing by NOAA Fisheries of Puget Sound steelhead as “threatened” under the federal Endangered Species Act.  Via: WDFW LINK

March 29, 2007

Chrome on Chrome


More anadromous bloginess. LINK

February 14, 2007


John Henry was a steel driving man. Chuck Fleser, on the other hand, is a steelhead driving man.

For Fleser, you see, is the driving force behind what has to be the most unusual steelhead fishing adventure in the Pacific Northwest.   

VIA Trainboard.com LINK

February 12, 2007

How Was Your Weekend?



January 23, 2007

How Was Your Weekend?


Matching the Hatch


The Silver Surfer


33 X 16

January 15, 2007

What! No Explosives?


Tribal anglers would catch the steelhead with seven-inch gill nets, hoop nets, gaffs, dipnets, spears, and hook and line techniques.  LINK

December 20, 2006

November Rains


What sounds like a blog about the weather here in Seattle iast month is actually another fine site dedicated to the pursuit of Great Lakes Steelhead. We'll get a link up when we get around to updating our sidebar.

A semi-coherant collection of ramblings,misdealings, and Tom Foolery experienced during my travels in pursuit of Great Lakes Steelhead. Some times solo but most often enjoyed with my trusty side kick Kimo-trotsky.  LINK

November 17, 2006

In For a Fight


Khevin Mellegers, a seasoned guide with Mad River Outfitters in Arcata, characterizes the contest between angler and steelhead as "fisticuffs." VIA Sacbee.com LINK

November 06, 2006

Ah, Fish Stories


The Sensei with a "dink".

The fish of 1000 casts...according to local Washington Fly Fishing members (pretty decent discussion).  LINK

October 12, 2006

We Have All Been Here Before

Eric Merchant traveled to the Clearwater River with hopes of landing one of its prized steelhead on a fly rod.

It's a challenge anglers from all over the world take on. They can spend many days trying and still leave empty-handed and humbled by the river's elusive fish.  VIA Pajamas Media  LINK

October 09, 2006

A Passion for Steelhead!

Our long awaited copy of Dec Hogan's A Passion for Steelhead finally arrived today, as well as our copy of The Great Lakes Chronicles featuring our friend and colleague Jerry Darkes.

A Passion for Steelhead (Masters on the Fly series)

A Passion for Steelhead covers all the basic techniques proven on thousands upon thousands of steelhead successfully hooked, selecting the best fly for various river conditions, choosing the tackle that's right for you, effectively covering different water types, learning to spey cast, practical strategies for fishing productive rivers by season - and a fascinating and highly original look at how steelhead take (or refuse) a fly, based on the author's personal observations of more than 1,000 summer-run steelhead movements during nine intense seasons. LINK

Great Lakes Steelhead Chronicles- DVD

Jerry had several reasons for undertaking the The Great Lake Steelhead Chronicles.

First, he wanted to increase awareness about the Great Lakes region for those of us outside the region.

Secondly, he wanted to present a current and honest overview of the steelhead fishery from a group of noted guides and anglers who have spent thousands of hours in pursuit of this beautiful fish.

Finally a portion of the sales of DVD will go to One Percent for The Planet and help support other environmental initiatives throughout the Great Lakes region.  LINK

September 21, 2006

Dreaming of Steelhead


As our east coast striper adventure begins to wind down we start turning our thoughts to home and Steelhead.

The Idaho Statesman reviews the 20th Anniversary Edition of Jim Teeny's "Catching More Steelhead.

Some of Teeny's methods should probably be retired, such as throwing rocks into the river to move steelhead into easier casting areas.  LINK

Steve Schmidt, steehead addict. LINK

We had a chance to fish this week with steelhead expert, Patagonia rep, and now striper aficionado, Jerry Darkes. LINK

December 29, 2005

Frozen Guides and Ohio Steel

Secret spy photos of the Patagonia fish heads hard at work at their recent sales meeting.



Stripah King

Smurf strikes again!

Mayor McDaniel supports global warming.


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