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November 21, 2008

To those of us who "Do it ourselves" STEELHEAD

Fellow fishermen we have less then 10 days to make a difference.

Many of you are aware of the new Angling Management Plan (AMP) for the Skeena River steelhead fishery.  Those of you that haven't heard of it need only to know that it ends the freedom of non-guided non-residents to fish when and where they want.  Several groups of anglers and businessmen have been fighting this plan, but until now they have been doing it independently.  Success in defeating the AMP depends on the ability of these groups to combine their voices and coordinate their efforts. 

There is now an on-line petition opposing the AMP that finally provides an opportunity for hundreds of anglers to send the same message.  It can be found HERE  or http://www.opposeskeenaamp.com/.  Signing the petition will cost nothing, take a few seconds, and could save the Skeena fishery that we all love. The more names on the petition, the greater the effect.  Pass this e-mail on.  Spread the word.  Every name counts.  Next year, we can all spread out and find our favorite stretch of steelhead water, but for now, we need to work together.  We can beat this thing.

There is lots more information HERE for those of you who want to get all the nasty details.

Thanks to Mike Hendry for spearheading this. 


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