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December 30, 2008

A Minion is one who is highly esteemed or favored


A Blackguard is low, a thoroughly unprincipled and contemptible person, prone to foul language.

A Mountebank ensnares or prevails over through trickery.

In other words a highly esteemed, S.O.B. of a website that sucked us in with the smell of bacon.


December 15, 2008

Will Fish for Work


Montana Fly Fishing, river flows, reports, weather, stock photography, fly tying and so forth… 


July 01, 2008

Casting Out Loud!


No excuses.  Go fishing.   

April 21, 2008

Going to Alaska, but don't know shite?


From the pen and friends of The Neil Creek Chronicles comes this new sweetheart of a resource.  Information for AK rookies and vets alike, this site serves it to you by fish, regions, and seasons.  Just the way we like it.

Juneau, AK, April 14th, 2008 - Alaska Fly Fishing Goods (NASDAQ: GETURASSUPHERENOW)

Coming to Alaska, but not quite sure where to go or what to bring? Do you want to know when the best Rainbow trout fishing happens in Bristol Bay, and what they are biting on? Look no further...We are pleased to announce the launching of the Alaska Fly Fishing Goods website on Monday April 14th, 2008 at www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com

The site is the brainchild of Brad Elfers, the longtime owner of Juneau Flyfishing Goods, a brick-and-mortar establishment in Juneau, AK. After 10 years in the biz, Brad figures that he has answered many thousands of questions from folks eager for information on fishing in Alaska, and this site is built around what he considers to be the three questions he hears most frequently:

1. When is the best time of year to come to Alaska to fish?
2. Where should I go to fish in Alaska?
3. What flies and gear should I bring to Alaska?

The site is organized around 3 main themes: Fish, Regions, and Seasons. In each category is information that should prove to be helpful to both the cheechako (newcomer) and sourdough (grizzled veteran) alike. In addition to the information, the site is the home of a full-service flyshop, with many products for fishing in Alaska that can be found nowhere else.

For the beginner or the expert, Alaska Fly Fishing Goods features 11 Rod/Reel/Line packages for all species, ability levels, and pocketbooks. Also available are 15 hand-picked and time-tested fly selections geared towards all the major species and fishing seasons in Alaska. In addition to the pre-filled flyboxes, Alaska Fly Fishing Goods stocks one of the largest selections of proven Alaska patterns in the world, as well as Alaska-tested rods, reels, lines, and clothing.

Although catering primarily to the angler visiting Alaska, anglers that pursue anadromous fish the world over can find something useful at the Alaska Fly Fishing Goods site. Many of the time-tested Alaska fly patterns are little known outside of the state, and some will translate quite well to other regions and fisheries. Bull trout anglers in British Columbia, diehard Steelheaders in Oregon, Austral anglers fishing for Patagonia's giant sea-run Brown Trout...all of them can find something new at Alaska Fly Fishing Goods.

Whether you are coming to our great state for your first visit and are new to fly-fishing, or a 30-year resident and a veteran angler, Alaska Fly Fishing Goods has everything that you need, all in one convenient location - www.alaskaflyfishinggoods.com

March 25, 2008

False Echoes


There comes a point in every fly fisherman’s career  where he is faced with the needs, the wants of  seeking out a gator of a trout, traveling to an exotic local, or some my say ”just the drug of the tug”. Track one anglers passion to seek out these places and  for others to share in his  experience from success stories to misadventures. Life on the fly.  LINK

March 20, 2008

Yeah - We Fish Too


From the floundering father of Ebony Angler and contributing writer to Black Outdoorsman Magazine, comes another nail in the coffin of yesteryear's tweedbag empire.  This voice is one to enjoy

October 26, 2007

Are you Braughtinwood's Friend?


Hi folks, You may know me from your television screen. Yup that's right Al Braughtinwood, purveyor of fine fishing lures and international celebrity. Let's face it folks, I've probably caught more fish than you. Now let's ask ourselves why? LINK

From the makers of Fishizzle.  If you've not purchased your copy whadaphuckryawaitinfor?

August 20, 2007

G-Smolt In Da Hizzy


G-Smolt (our bro de Juneau) shows the world that the pen can be mightier than the 8 wt. with his new ramblings titled “The Neil Creek Chronicles”.  It's every bit as rancid as a piping hot bowl of the Chum.   LINK



You feel it, even now, don’t you? The urge to move toward slick saltwater and sweet silence. LINK

March 05, 2007

Fish On Yukon


A nice site from Dennis Zimmerman who lives in Whitehorse. LINK

January 13, 2007

Kissing Suzy Kolber


We apologize for all the football posts lately.  Tis the season.

Is that Berrian? I think he's triple-covered. You know what? Fuck it. I'm throwing it downfield.  LINK

January 10, 2007

Effective Use of Key Words


If you love fly fishing, while drinking beer, while getting a lap dance, while watching porn, while bitching and complaining about the declining state of Western  Civilization, ... Did I mention beer, porn and fly fishing as flag words.   VIA Suffering Bastards  LINK

September 03, 2006

Great flies, good price


Met the boys from Wetfly in Denver last week.  Great guys with killer flies.  They also have the periodic closeout special.


December 14, 2005

Sensei of The Year

Click to ENLARGE

Last week I submitted a few pics to Time Magazine's, "Person of the Year Project". Selected photos are displayed on a large electronic Time cover in the middle of Times Square and a digital picture of the moment is then e-mailed back to the sender.

A great way to have fun with your fishing photos or shots of loved ones and friends.

Person of the Year in Times Square  LINK

March 09, 2005

I tried normal once. I got bored. So I stopped doing it


The wayward flyfisher

Some good links, articles and attitude.



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