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February 23, 2008

Recycled Chum - Musical Edition

 Coho Handcream for Men


The smash hit single from Fishin Witcho.

A short clip -  Download coho.wma

 Anglin' Wayne and the Trollers


Includes the classics Wade in the Water / Fly Fish Swish and Yankin on my Yohnson.

Comes with Warren Nelson's famous money-back guarantee: Buy it now and if you don't like it just try to get your money back.  LINK

Bluegrass on the Fly


CHASIN’ STEEL is a slang term for Steelhead fishing, and as the band members are avid steelhead fishermen, they decided to have their name reference this. Thus, blending two of their favorite pastimes; fishing and bluegrass music.


January 17, 2007

Ice Fishing Shacks


All the news about the mild winter impacting the ice fishing season inspired me to recycle this link originally posted in January of last year.   

For the last few years I have been working on a project photographing ice fishing shacks in the lakes region of Maine. These shacks illustrate the primal elements of shelter, food, warmth and an ongoing battle against the caprices of nature.

VIA Polar Inertia LINK

August 25, 2006

How do you make a small fortune in the fly fishing business?


Start with a large fortune. LINK

August 24, 2006

Do You Feel Lucky?


High Plains Drifter - Not the movie but a truly exceptional angling experience. LINK

So you want to be a fly fishing guide?  LINK


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