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October 31, 2008

Recycled Chum - Halloween Edition


Anglers reckon that a good dry fly should cunningly mimic the real thing.
There are the right flies for morning. There are different flies for the evening rise.
And so on.
But the thing between Death's triumphant fingers was a fly from the dawn of time.
It was the fly in the primordial soup. It had bred on mammoth turds.
It wasn't a fly that bangs on window panes. It was a fly that drills through walls.
It was an insect that would crawl out from between the slats of the heaviest swat
dripping venom, and seeking revenge. Strange wings and dangling bits
stuck out all over it. It seemed to have a lot of teeth.
"What's it called?", said Mort?
Death gave the thing a final admiring glance and stuck it into the hood of his robe."

Via: Deviantart


Frankenfly by Jack Gartside.

March 15, 2008

Recycled Chum

The Soggy Bottom Boys


The North American Benthological Society (NABS) is an international scientific organization whose purpose is to promote better understanding of the biotic communities of lake and stream bottoms and their role in aquatic ecosystems, by providing media and disseminating new investigation results, new interpretations, and other benthological information to aquatic biologists and to the scientific community at large.  LINK

A River Runs Through My Johnson


The fishing guide assigned to my team was named Chuck, and was the one not affiliated with Orvis. He was from the old school/machismo/tough-guy fisherman mold. It was basically like having an uneducated Bobby Knight barking orders at you about the proper techniques of fly-fishing. For some reason Chuck directed most of his barks at me. It probably didn’t help matters when Chuck asked what skill level we were, and I jokingly replied, “Well I basically taught Robert Redford everything he knows about fishing.” He did not understand that this was a joke. And this set him off on a hate-filled rant. “Robert Redford doesn’t know the first thing about fly fishing!! That little pansy-ass Hollywood false caster would get eaten alive out here!!”  VIA Rob Lathan  LINK

It's Not Just a Bait.....It's an Attitude


Say it loud say it proud LINK

The Mayfly has a Lifespan of Only Two Hours

March 08, 2008

Recycled Chum

All this week's recycled chum was originally posted in June of 2006.

Pahhhk Your Raaad In Hahhhvad Yaaahhhd


The Harvard Fly Fishing Club is a meeting ground for undergraduates who live in a place barren of fishing outlets. When tying flies isn't enough, and skimming the pictures of the over advertised Fly magazine only makes your casting hand twitch more, the HFFC is there for you. 

Can You Hear Me Now?


Not long ago, bringing your cell phone and jabbering away at a fishing hole was tantamount to farting at a funeral. 
Via: The Anchorage Daily News  LINK

Nordic Way Tube Flies


The Belly Boat Hustle

March 01, 2008

Recycled Chum

Fishing with beads is akin to laser-guided golf balls


Richard Chiappone in the Anchorage Daily News takes aim at the practice of pegging beads.

Tired of trying to catch trout that don't want to be caught?

Weary of learning to cast a fly and mend the line for a drag-free drift and all that fancy stuff?

Well, boys and girls, have I got something great for you.

Pegged beads! Yes! With pegged beads there is no longer any need to develop actual fishing skills! Now everyone can catch dozens of trout a day and never strain their brains or their casting arms one bit.

I don't know about pegged beads but I could sure use some laser guided golf balls.


West Point Fly Fishing Club


I left my wife in New Orleans
With 23 kids and a can of beans!
Sound Off!
Fly Fish!
Sound Off
Fly Fish!


America's Toughest Sportfish for 100,000 Years


Hardy Gar Gar!

"You fish for GAR?!? That ain't right. That just ain't right."


Brittany Spears unavailable for comment


Preventing Asian Carp from entering the Great Lakes may be as simple as setting up an acoustic barrier.




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