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November 16, 2008

It's determined the Bulkley now has a Chum run

Almost a month to the day after our floundering father executed his week-long gooch fest on the Bulkley, I took doctors advice.  My below the belt excitement surpassed the 4 hour mark weeks ago and after a matter a fact discussion with Doctors Apple, Prengle, and Wilson it was clear there was one prescription left to dam the blood flow.  I too needed to head North.

We knew we were in store for something special.  But special has several meanings.  I once had a good friend in grade school that was held back in second grade and spent the rest of his days behind the curve.  This is the type of special we're talking about here.  But no worries, we also had a bit of lady luck on our side.

First stop - THE biker bar on the mighty Thompson.  Any time you've got Harley burnouts on the floor, you know you're in for something very special.


Second meal on our 20 hour jaunt.  Lesson learned at this fine Prince George diner - when ordering 4 Rueben sandwiches, be very clear with your south of the border annunciation.  Otherwise you may very well end up 4 double cheese burgers.  It's the last thing you want in your gut after eating the same thing just 8 hours earlier.  We didn't clean our plates on this one.


Ever wonder where the creative side of Fishizzle comes from?  Here's one source.


Dispite the libations, we were up early and ready for a Bulkley assault after a quick coffee stop at 7-11.


Day one on el flow and Prengel already knows whatdaphuck is going on.


Turns out that run was good for nothing more than a couple of shots from Swingers.


We did however find some water that held a player or two.


While the Gooch and RP gear did keep us toasty, we found ourselves double dipping here and there (don't worry, our captain was all show on this shot - sobriety is always first and foremost while on the stick).


Day three threw us a curveball.  When you're a film crew on a river in another country with little to no late season pressure the last thing you suspect is running into these jokersAEG - on same said river, with same said agenda.  Libations, double handed mayhem, and bullshit story after bullshit story.  This party started here - but was far from ending.  For more on this ever so important leg of the trip check the Chum on Monday.  Pask's full report will be present in all its filth.



It was cold this morning.  The river was low.  Locals said the upper Morice was impassable.  But this is Steve Apple were talking about.  And look at the quality of that sled.  It's bombproof.  Unfortunately the evil skinniness upriver didn't agree.  And, it took every bit of alcohol saturated muscle we had to unearth that bitch.



Yeah, we caught fish and rolled tape. Hustle and Fish is nearing completion.  And maybe, just maybe, my ugly mug may find some screentime.


October 10, 2008

East bound and down...

...loaded up and truckin'.  We very could do what they say can't be done.

Half of the Chum crew is headed to our favorite little Central WA flow for some tributary steel.  Report when we return.


October 08, 2008

Would you believe...

...I just found this receipt from last week in my sling pack?


October 07, 2008

Dispatch from the North

Rumor has it that B2 and the dredgers have gotten into some Heli-angling opportunities these past few days.  Looks like they're in good hands.  Apparently this Smithers pilot operates in his party suit until it dips below 40 degrees - at which point he'll slide into his new gift.


October 06, 2008

Annual Homage to the Deschutes

While the B2 hooked five on day one of his B.C. trip, Ratbone just returned from Maupin.  Something tells me that the fish checker will have more paperwork with him.  Regardless - shooting the deuce and banging bombers through canyon shadowed tailouts is always epic.  Regardless of the end tally - which in three days equals B2's day one.  Boo hoo.


Long time buddy, D. Long (aka Length), only busts out a fly rod once a year.  That didn't stop him from plucking two on the swing.


Day two campsite - straight ahead


If a rental and shuttle combo is a need, deschutes u-boat is highly recommended.

September 26, 2008

Southbound 97

In 24 hrs we're busting out the deuce and starting our 3 day Deschutes swing fest.  Until then, this vid is playing a permanent loop on our monitor.

September 18, 2008

Kenai or Bust

Whilst sitting in my office yesterday feeling sorry for myself, I received a well timed phone call from G-Smolt.  After having to bail on the FFR show and post show Wyoming boondoggle, Smolt's invite to join himself and Yi on a three day upper Kenai egg drifting crusade left me with little option.  Hell yes I'll join the boys to party with some of the planets biggest Bows.  So, in 27 hours I'll board the Alaska shuttle North with eggs and flesh in tow.  Thorough details upon my return.

Until then, this pic from Mystic Waters will serve as my motivation.


September 11, 2008

Meat Run

Rathbun Sr. and I decided to hit Neah Bay last week for a late push of hatchery silvers making their way to Puget Sound flows.  But, as we rounded Waddah Island, papa's fuel filter decided that anything over 10 mph wasn't gonna happen.  Too bad, because bait balls, friendly currents and upwelling indicated that we could be in business on top - and on the fly.  So - we trailered the boat, headed East 20 miles, and joined 500 of our closest down rigger wielding friends.  The consolation?  Lots of blood on the deck and meat in the cooler. 

I don't fish for meat very often any more, but this trip reminded me of how fun gear can be.




August 19, 2008

Mist River

After meeting him two years ago at the Meydenbaur fly market, it was pretty clear that time spent with G-Smolt on the water would be time spent well.  The last 72 hours proved to me that my gut was right.  G-Smolt was good people.  And a fine lead blocker through the labyrinth of the bear.

I arrived in Southeast on Thursday morning, and immediately accompanied Senor Huevo to his slave-shed.  The man had to sling several hundred pounds of Euro feed.  I was on my own.  After a quick knowledge dump and some back-of-the-napkin cartography, I got behind the wheel and shot northbound on the glacier highway.  My three day session had just begun.  And soon, three creeks would remind me that I come from a world far different than Southeast.

Friday morning came early.  Mr. Daniels and Rainier greeted us at the Pub the night before, and they were determined to sabotage our trip.  The fog was thick, but as we waited patiently on the Cessna dock we heard bagpipes from the South.  Weather, as it usually does in this part of Alaska, changed.  A capital city native and Outfitter, Irish camera wizard, Southeast transplant and fish geek, and wide-eyed Seattleite would soon be setting the GPS a hundred miles South.  Or was it North?  Regardless, we were on our way to Mist River -  the same fabled flow that my bro hinted at months ago.  Ever since, I've had an erection laden with skepticism.

We had artillery.  There was mace.  And this quartet excitedly rolled through the labyrinth of the bear, nervously singing 19th century war tunes (as well as everyone's favorite little diddy from Player).  We hoped something bigger and badder than us wouldn't materialize.  It never did (unless you consider several opportunistic Varden to be bigger and badder).  The next 7 hours treated us to one of the most productive sessions I have ever seen.

It was a performance and experience that might have potential to be equaled.  But it will never be exceeded.  Or forgotten.









August 18, 2008

Techno Dolly

We came.  We saw.  We sharted ourselves it was so good.

Bun is back from South East.  Full report w/in 24hrs.  Until then, here's a sneak preview.


August 01, 2008

Back from Gold Country

33 years deep into my annual Sierra trip I've come to find that the bounty my 3 wt. provides is just icing on the cake.  History has taken pole position. 

This year we paid a visit to one of Plumas County's finest historic dig sites - the Round Lake Mine.


We stumbled across this old miners camp.  With nearly 150 years of Sierra snowpack, it's seen better days.  It was clear that these guys were not exactly spearheading any green movement - as evidenced by the amount of food and drink cans that littered the site.


These SOB's sure did work hard though.  This particular shaft was 300 feet deep.  Most of the work done with a sledge hammer, chisel bit, and gun power.   


Even with the tailing slides, the lake produced several hungry brookies.


And, a 1908 Tin Lizzy engine block.


The hike gave me time to explain to my 16 year old sister how a little history lesson can be more fun than texting.


Our reward for this 7.5 mile hike was a rotund helping of Rathbun's not so famous ribs.


July 18, 2008

Sierra Buttes or Bust


Mrs. Bun and I are stuffing the allroad with 10 days of supplies for our (my) 33rd annual pilgrimage to a little slice of California heaven.  The 3wt., size 16 to 20's in anything and everything, and a thirst for the very earth the 49ers sifted 150 years ago.  The flows I roam here won't likely hit the newsstands in your favorite bug mag, but it's special nonetheless.  And, you'll get a full report when I return later this month.

June 27, 2008

The little steelhead that could


J. Thompson and I dusted off the el doubles and got our spey on last night (snoqualmie style).  Two casts into it, steelie jr. here had an issue with my skunk and laid down a nice little downstream assault.

The under aged boozing bikini clad shore party was impressed.  They had no idea this set a record - for smallest wild buck taken on a spey rod.

May 21, 2008

Mo betta!

After taking an unprecedented beating from a normally docile May, it was time to head East in search of user friendly tailwaters.  After a quick stop to our local Hertz pimp, we loaded up the relatively gas friendly Maulibu and keyed the GPS to Craig, MT.  10 hours later, a few bags of spitz seeds down the gullet, and some less than PC discussion from the Wetfly boys, we arrived at our perfectly located Retreat on the Rivers Edge.  10 minutes later we were balls deep and euphoric from a brown trout tango.

We've been to a few base camps in our day and they don't get much more complete than the Rivers Edge Retreat.  It'll sleep 7 with ease, and has all the goods to cater any bug throwing posse's needs. 


After the I-90 cannonball run, this was the pot at the end of the rainbow.


And the rainbow turned brown pretty fast.


With a few burgers down the hatch and a Raineer fuled Chappelle session, morning came fast.  And after meeting Straub and company, it soon became apparent that we'd be into our backing before you could say I'm rich bitch.

Atkins breakfast


Pat Straub and Garrett Munson - partners in crime.  Not only fishy as hell, but a cost effective way to ensure you have the best Missouri experience imaginable.  Expectation exceeders to say the least. 


They had us into Mclovin in no time




After two multiple fish laden days, we headed home with another set of religious memories and elbow tendonitis.  A carload of gastrointestinally challenged anglers are now back to reality.



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April 22, 2008

Where it all began

For old time's sake, we unsheathed the 5 wt. and headed East to the very place I first casted a fly (in 1982).  This time we brought Braughtinwood and crew to capture a bit of Nunnally magic on film.

The Hale Bopp was the protein of choice.


Launch pad


Tiger (just a cub)


Ever wonder what fuels the creativity of the Fishizzle production team?  Billy Dee Williams is one proud bratha right about now.


For more porn - keep your fingers on the pulse of the release of Roll Cast Productions' next film.

April 16, 2008

Memoirs De El Caribe

It's been 48 hours since we stepped off the Voyager of the Seas and as I sit in my cold, dog fart-permeated office, I can't get the flats of Cozumel and Roatan off my mind.

The elder Rathbun's 60th birthday celebratory cruise is over and it's time to focus our day dreams on the next trip.  We're taking a glass half full approach.  While steelhead are in the rearview, basin lakes are producing, and the Big D King of all Salmon Fly hatches is around the corner.  The 5 wt will be the stick of choice moving forward.

In the meantime, we have fond memories of a what could have been a suicide-inducing trip.  We spent a boatbound week apologizing to the service staff for the behavior demonstrated by many of the 3,500 of our not-so-closest American friends.  But, we did have a few hours of port time, and capitalized in ways only the afflicted can.

Cozumel guide Victor - supplied us with a fast boat, great human GPS to navigate mangrove lagoons, and an icebox full of Pringles and Modelo.


Rathbun Senior getting spooled by his first boner on a wiggle stick.


Don't always assume that the guide knows his way around a digital camera. 


Flats fishing isn't unlike the Army.  Rule number one - always protect your feet.


While throwing the new Monic Tropical Clear, we picked up a few bones, but the Cuda were all over our flies.  Without steel leaders, we were shitouttaluck.


Bass fishing for bones and tarpon under the structure of Roatan paradise.


Mainland Yucatan - Mr. and Mrs. Ratbone absorbing the Mayan history at Uxmal.


Ever wonder about the average demographic of a cruise ship passenger?  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Until next time...

April 14, 2008

Reality Bites

Ratbone is back from a seven day drift around the Caribbean.  While we were only dealt 8 combined hours of fishing time, there's plenty to talk about.  Until then, this picture sums it up.


April 03, 2008

Big D Pitstop

While the boys were testing the limits of their Gooch armor in Casper, I made a Northbound 97 Maupin pit stop on the Sunny D.  It was warm, the bugs were flying, and the top shelf Budweiser was delicious.  The good lovin' came sub-surface.




February 15, 2008

Beyond Moldy

For the first time in a week our home flow was at 2500 cfs (and dropping).  It was time to throw the dogs, the two hander, and the new shock/freeze/waterproof Olympus Stylus 790 SW in the Yota and head up the valley.  Nates were the target, but no matter how hard I try, the Chum is unescapable.

In true British fashion, Pirate proudly displays his three month old Chum necktie.


While a firm hand to the ass seems like the logical next step, it's pretty hard to not just giggle and accept the turd for who he is.  Maybe my lily-livered friend, Sierra (background), can police the situation.  Not likely.


While I still blow at hooking steel on the spey, at least I can sleep knowing that my camera won't be the downfall of upcoming trips.


February 10, 2008

Northbound 101

After 3 days of the Bellevue Fly Show grip and grin, G_Smolt and I ignored the Doppler and took our show on the road.  The road in this case was, dry, wet, slick, really slick, wet again and so on.  To date, G and we (B2 and me) had spent a total of 3 hours together (1 hour internet dating and one 2 hour West Seattle beer slurping session).  Word on the street was that G was our kind of guy.  He was one of the afflicted.  And there was no cure.

The plan was to write a detailed journal that highlighted our O.P. assault, but I was thoroughly beaten to the punch.  So, in true Chum fashion, this post will resemble what the dog ate this morning.  Keep reading here if you want sophomoric banter - or enjoy all G has to offer at The Neil Creek Chronicles (a fine spinoff of The Kneel and Bobb Daily).


As always, the honeymoon suite hit the spot.  After a quick check in, we hit the road.


The road of despair (and the tree of inconvenience)


Finally we hook up with Jim Kerr.  He is the fish whisperer.  You'd be hard pressed to find a phishier phucker on the O.P.  And he'd better be if this is what the main channel of the Thriftway parking lot drift looked like. 


Anyone who can get me on a beastly buck in less than 10 minutes is a true man of the sticks.


But when I lose said buck to the hands of a menacing rootwad, it's enough to make G swig this Juneau based bio slurpee.


Senor Kerr showed us how to properly grip the rod with two hands.   


And G actually heeded his advice.  His reward was not only a slab of hen chrome in the low teens...


...but a new fishing buddy that failed to invest in a shock and/or waterproof camera.  Nicely done Rathbun - you sir are a turd burglar.

February 05, 2008

Post yard sale




In between hunting Dollies, Steel and Bulls on the Cheakamus and Lilooet Rivers, Mrs. Rathbun and I took some time to adjust our spines on the Cloud 9 run (7th Heaven - Blackcomb).  The Gooch Primo Jacket hookup kept me warm.  But, it did nothing for her arse contusion after this yard sale.  She was all smiles nonetheless.

October 14, 2007

One Day in the Valley


The early bird gets the slab


Position A 


How cute


Now - back to the West side to sell the wives on our base camp dreams

October 03, 2007


Chum correspondents have returned from a quick island getaway and while we didn’t pop a boner - good times were had.

Room with a view


Ulua induced jaunt to the surf


Ate weight


Shock and Ahhhh phuck, after 3 days of casting, I actually stuck a not so giant Trevally - too bad the wife munsoned the shot


A little ink had to suffice for a memory (clinched butt-cheeks and all)


Mrs. Rathbun actually didn't mind this tatt


And to our amazement our silly little decal campaign had an impact half-way across the pacific


Video to follow - stay tuned

September 25, 2007



You know you have issues when you're bummed about your trip to Hawaii because the bonefishing isn't exactly worldclass.  That won't stop me and my boomstick from a little GT hunting.

September 20, 2007

52 Degrees North



After three years of planning and a twelve hour drive, we finally arrived at our B.C. destination.  While B2 responsibly carried the Chum torch at the FFR show, I joined my childhood friends for a trip to what turned out to be a trophy rainbow incubator.  While we immediately appreciated the unspoiled quality of this place,  we soon found we weren't alone.  I'm working on the video this week and will post soon.  Until then, I'm feverishly cleaning the bacon strip that lines my boxer briefs. 

September 03, 2007

Deschutes Angler - Summer Steel

Clips from last week's Spey session on the Big D.  John Hazel and Company show the Chum staff a hell of a time.

The Math: 4 fish hooked, none landed = job well done by Guide Charles and poor execution by the limp wristed Chum team.


AM Breakfast.


The man behind the sticks - Charles with a 6am grin.  Steel awaits gentlemen.


Sunrise Purple Peril.


Rathbun - you, my friend, are challenged.


Famous Amos.  Not so famous at landing steelhead.


Twighlight takeout.  5am to 9pm float.  Milking every second! 

July 30, 2007

Back to Reality

The less refined half of the Chum has returned from a 10 day 3 wt session in the high Sierra's.  With Sardine lake as base camp, our trip was spectacular. 


On top of the world - Rathbun squared standing on Sierra Buttes Ridge, with Young America lake (full of hungry California Golden Trout) in the background.


E. J. and Leslie Rathbun (and sisters/friends) - view is East to Sacramento.


Post hike celebration with the better half (why she hangs with me is a question that continues to linger).  Scene of the crime in the background - Sierra Buttes (may as well be Tibet).


The extended Sardine Lake family.  Same 8 families, same week, same location - 30 years and counting. 

April 22, 2007

How Was Your Weekend?

013_7 009_4    

We flogged the Deschutes with our PMD's and got into some nice cookie cutter Redsides.  It was a nice primer for the Reef trip on Wed.

April 19, 2007

Blue Ribbon Evergreen State Style


We dusted off the 4 weights, filled the cooler with Vitamin R, grabbed a handful of BWO's and March Browns, and headed east to the Yak last weekend.  While we didn't touch a fish over 18 inches, plenty of solid bows came out to play with us.  And with a boat rental and shuttle from Red's Fly Shop in the Yakima River canyon, we had poo eatin' grins on our faces all day long.

January 01, 2007

1 Down, 364 To Go


Sick and tired of not having caught a fish in 07, I broke free.  And Central Oregon's Fall River was kind to me.  Sort of.

Better than sticking the brown was meeting my new buddy Dr. David Wood.  Today's riverside bro hooked me up with a nice BWO emerger and a ride back to town from the flow.  We'll be fishing again soon I'm sure.

December 31, 2006


112_1249 112_1251 112_1252

The past three days have been as good as it gets.  With repeated cycles of pounders of Metolius grog, sore as hell quads, and torched cheeks (facial and butt), we couldn't be happier.  My boys at The Riffle Fly Shop gave me the lowdown.  The Crooked hasn't been flowing regularly for a while and it's best to focus on the south.  So, I'm packin' up the Yukon Jack and Bailey's and dunking my junk in the Fall tomorrow.  Size 22 is the play. 

December 22, 2006

Does My Ass Look...


...fat in these waders? 

Here's a pic taken two weeks ago of our floundering father as he prepares to go Beyond Thunderdome (a series of canyon lined pools on zipper lip river on the Olympic Peninsula).  The fish were generally safe on this trip as we hooked 5 and landed 3.  But, all were bright and full of sea lice. 

Stay tuned for short vid on this trip.  Our production team is hard at work in studio B on this project.

November 07, 2006

40 days and 40 nights...


I just saw Noah drift by my office window and the slop doesn't look like it's getting any better up here in the Pacific Northwest.  That didn't stop us from hunting Chum this weekend.  Somehow I hooked three fish on the Skykomish (see flow chart above...ouch).  Not so lucky on the landing.  They schooled, spooled and fooled me. 

October 27, 2006

Platte River Love

Our boy Kit from Wetfly just returned from a jaunt to the Platte.  Looks like he faired a bit better than our trip to the Deschutes last week!   We already knew Wetfly's bugs kicked ass, but proof is in the pudding.




October 25, 2006

Big D Posse


Last week, part of the Chum/Reel Pure posse loaded up the boats and headed south to the Deschutes.  While we didn't set any quantity or quality records, we caught enough to keep our waders bulging and had a seriously fun time. 

A four and a three and a two and a one...kick it...   Download big_d_posse.wmv

October 06, 2006

Bow River Boondoggle



Our boys Matty and Miguel hitched up the Clack and headed Northeast for a 14 1/2 hour trip to the Bow and Elk rivers.  Sucks to be them. 

September 27, 2006

Are Hawks better Fishermen than Ravens?

Boulware_on_the_snohomish_010 Boulware_on_the_snohomish_023_1   

Today, they may have been.

Half of the Chum team is an obnoxiously out of control Seahawk fan.  So as you can imagine we were stoked today when we had a chance to throw some line and chase Coho with Michael and Peter Boulware (and dad Jim).  As is the case many times, the Silvers were a bit tight-lipped.  That didn't stop us, however, from a few tightlines and some serious brotherly competition.  And on this day...yes, Hawks did hook up more.

Our buddy Mike Foster joined us and hooked us up with 3 Rivers Marine owner Dave Lee.  Having Dave guide us in his super sweet boat was a money experience! 

The next time Seattle dismantles another NFC opponent, and Holmgren gives them Monday off,  Boulware is joining the Chummers for a steelhead boondoggle.  Like we needed further motivation to root for the home team!

Oh, and artificial noise my ass.


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