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February 13, 2009

Chouinard appears on CNBC, market rallies 4 points

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YC made an appearance on CNBC recently to talk about 1% for the Planet and Patagonia's sales growth despite the challenging economic times.

No embed option so you'll have to hit the link to see the segment. LINK

January 26, 2009

2009 Patagonia Fly Fishing Catalog

After a 3 year hiatus the Patagonia Fly Fishing catalog is back!

In addition to the great photography and details on the new product line, you'll also find a field report from Jeff Currier and an environmental essay by Rick Bass. You can preview the catalog in the mini viewer above, a link in the lower left corner will enlarge the catalog in a new window. I recommend going to the options menu in the viewer and clicking on single page mode for easier reading.

December 03, 2008

Deal of the Day


Patagonia's ultimate synthetic fill parka that can be worn over all layers in extreme cold. Only XL and XXL are available but for you Clydesdales out there this is a screaming deal.

Was $275.00 Now $72.50  LINK

December 01, 2008

Support One Percent for the Planet


30 million and counting.

November 26, 2008

Field Reports - Bozeman Save Wild Steelhead Festival


Three reports from the Bozeman Save Wild Steelhead Festival that took place in on November 5th. This fund raising event was conceived, organized and flawlessly executed by the Fly Boys and featured their film Raising the Ghost. Along with other film clips and steelhead media one of the highlights of the evening was Patagonia presenting a check for five thousand dollars to the Wild Steelhead Coalition.

Fly-fishing fanatic and Patagonia field report writer, Dylan Tomine, shares his experience at a recent steelhead-conservation fundraiser in Bozeman, Montana. 

Just back from the Bozeman Save Wild Steelhead Festival and thought I’d report in. I know what you’re thinking – I thought it too: What the heck is a steelhead event doing in Montana, of all places? A fundraiser for a species that doesn’t even live there, on a school night in November, during a severely spiraling economy? No way.

LINK (Via: The Cleanest Line)

Wild Steelhead Coalition is proud to have been a part of the Save Wild Steelhead Festival in Bozeman, Montana. Despite a tough economy, weeknight schedule and a geographic location that has never even seen a steelhead, the Bozeman angling, arts and conservation community turned out in droves to support the event created by the FlyBoys, Paul Tarantino and Josh Brandner.

LINK (Via: The Wild Steelhead Coalition)

The first ever Save Wild Steelhead Festival went off Nov. 5th 2008 with an overwhelming response from audience members, sponsors, and advocates. The overall consensus was that it was a huge success. Team Fly Boys with the help of presenting sponsors Patagonia and RL Winston organized a multimedia fundraising event to save wild steelhead. Fly Fishing community members came from all over to support the cause.

LINK (Via: Fly Boys)

November 24, 2008

Core Angling: Science and Fly Fishing Combined

Our colleagues Bill Kyn, Jason Lozano, Mike Thomson and Mark Harbaugh had a chance to spend some time fly fishing and conducting bonefish research with Dave Peterson and Andy Danylchuk of Core Angling. Operating in conjunction with the Cape Eleuthra institute, Core Angling offers a unique combination of world class fly fishing and groundbreaking research. LINK  (Via: The Cleanest Line)

September 13, 2008

Hide the Kids!


Celebrity spokesmodel Mikey Weir sports a full Gooch ensemble as he gears up for another excursion to far off lands.

Check out his latest You Tube piece. You can read the background and check out some of the fish art from Burning Man at Burlfish.

September 11, 2008

"The salmon totally emptied the reel twice before I landed it"


Henrik Mortensen displays a full Gooch ensemble and a beautiful salmon that he got on the Alta in August.

Update: Henrik and his rediculous Atlantic take the August prize.  RP lid is on the way!  In the meantime - we encourage the Chum nation to send us your September slabs

August 28, 2008

Head Into The Shed!


Just in from the The Cleanest Line

Today Patagonia launched the Tin Shed, a multimedia mini-site that's loaded with dispatches from our friends and ambassadors traveling the wilder world -- in high-quality video, audio and the written word.

The Tin Shed:

... once was home to the whole company, when we were a small band of friends who made great climbing gear, guaranteed. Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia's founder, forged his pitons in here. The rest of us drilled hexes, assembled ice axes, or inspected rope (or slacked off when the surf was up).

The Tin Shed:

... still stands a and stands for all we hold close and dear, though there are more of us: for great clothes and gear, guaranteed, and a love of wild places. What once housed the heavy equipment now holds our stories.

Join us this fall in the Tin Shed to find the latest dispatches from our friends and ambassadors in the wilder world a in high-quality video, audio and the written word.

Head into the Shed! LINK

As you explore the shed you'll find some fly fishing film clips from the genre's finest filmmakers: Burl Productions, Rollcast Productions and AEG Media.

If you're unfamiliar with the history of the brand be sure to click on the Chouinard Equipment sign once you're inside.


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