February 09, 2009

Give a bird a fish, it will eat for a day. Teach a bird to fish, it will take over the world

Contrary to what you may think, some fish are actually attracted to the noise of the Trolling Bobber and it's motor



The days of casting are gone!  LINK

The Fly Fishing Art of Adriano Monocchia

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A successful photo journalist, Adriano Monocchia turned his attention to painting full time in 1984.


Watch A River Runs Through It on-line

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Watch it in it's entirety on Crackle.  LINK

February 08, 2009

Sunday Funnies - Vintage Postcard Edition








February 07, 2009

Bellevue Fly Show

Heading down to FedEx to laminate this sign - then to the Fly Show to help man the Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska booth.  The plan is to oppose all things Pebble.


The Laughing Fish #2

February 06, 2009

Guaranteed to catch a steelhead on the fly?


Now it's possible.  Just got this note from good friend and incredible Olympic Peninsula Steelhead Guide, Jim Kerr. 

My good friend and fellow fishing guide Sam Kennedy has been very sick with cancer for some time, and despite good health insurance it has predictably put his family on the ropes financially.  There is a benefit dinner for him here in Forks on the 7th and lots of guides including myself have offered to donate trips for auction. I have decided instead of donating a trip I will be donating a fly caught steelhead, no matter how many trips it takes, whether or not you have ever cast a fly rod before, post your bid on the blog and if you are the highest bidder I will take you fishing until you hook and land a fresh run adult steelhead.

The details are simple, book the day you want, if you don’t land a steelhead, we will book another day and so on.  If there are two of you well then, we will have to get you each one.

You can bid on the trip on my blog, Raincoastguides.com or by phone and I will post your bid, or you can bid in person on the night of the 7th in forks

-Jim Kerr

Having fished with Jim before, accomplishing this first time out is very doable. 

You can still join the Women with Bait steelhead tournament!


River Adventures will furnish all the gear, tackle, bait, and of course…a “bait boy”! LINK (Via: The Idaho Statesman)

Friday Pin-up

Bikini front

Underwater Heavy Metal

Hook up occurs at approx 3:25.

Fly Fishing and LOLcats


It had to happen at some point.

Mark Melvin makes a visual connection between fly tying and LOLcats.

LINK (Via:I Refuse to Blog)

All Pike - All the Time

Pike and rod closeup5

Simon Graham's blog is your one stop resource for all things pike related. 

LINK (Via:Fishing Fury)

February 05, 2009

Four Seasons Angling Club


A new worthy addition to the Fly Fishingenuity sidebar.  LINK

Wet and Wild

Cindy Garrison fishing and swimming with sailfish.

We Represent the Fly Dressers Guild


The Fly Dressers Guild, The Fly Dressers Guild. LINK

Brag N Release

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Brag N Release is an online community for anglers around the world that enables you to watch high quality videos and slide shows uploaded by anglers who want to share their fishing stories and triumphs.

All you need to do is register and you can start uploading your favorite videos and pictures and brag about your catch.


Floating the River Why


Abe Streep writing in Outside Magazine asks, can a cult fly-fishing novel about a young man coming of age in the wild blow up on the big screen? Readers ask if they'll actually get to see Amber Heard naked.

Streep also covers the background story of trying to make the film without the cooperation of David James Duncan.

(Via:Outside Online)

February 04, 2009

Respect, Restore, Celebrate!


The 2009 edition of the Healdsburg Wild Steelhead festival is this weekend. LINK

New Fly Fishing Film Tour Schedule

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The new dates for this year's film tour have just been announced, you can check out the new line up and purchase tickets at the new tour site.  LINK

Five Oh Three!


Special Film Screening of Redgold and Equilibrium

Friday Feb 13th 8:00 pm

Kick off the Portland Fly Fishing Show weekend with some amazing entertainment Friday evening. Celebrate the bounty of Alaska’s magnificent Bristol Bay, with two amazing films: Red Gold (redgoldfilm.com) and Equilibrium (castawayfilms.com).

What: Film screening
When: Friday Feb. 13th 8:00 pm
Where: Sierra Club 1821 SE Ankeny St Portland 97214
Who: Hosted by Sierra Club and Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska

Admission: FREE!!!!!

There is no business to be done on a dead planet

Three Dollar Bridge from felt soul on Vimeo.

(Via: Way Upstream)

Felt Soul Media has produced another gem. Check out this 3 minute profile on 1% For the Planet, an alliance of businesses that donate at least 1% of their annual revenues to environmental organizations worldwide. Founded by Yvon Chouinard and Craig Matthews, 1% has grown to over 1000 members since it's launch in 2002 and has donated nearly $42 million to approved environmental non-profits. This particular film highlights the Three Dollar Bridge (Madison River) project that was made possible by 1% funds. The two founding members tell the story.

Music by Neil Halstead & Jack Johnson | Brushfire Records


Our solution to Cheney's visit to the American Museum of Fly Fishing


The American Museum of Fly Fishing feebly attempts to defend their decision to host and honor the former Vice President.


Redfish Can't Jump

A trailer for documentary that Lift Film has been working on about salt water conservation in North Carolina. A post on their blog from October 2008 said production was back underway.

Welcome to the leisurely works of a man named Lady


A different perspective from James Edward Emerson Lady of Stillwater Studio.  LINK

East River Fish


George Estreich’s East River Fish was created when the artist was contemplating the life span of fauna in that river. Estreich cut up 30 tomato sauce cans and an equal amount of Coke cans to put this fish together and lost about a cup of blood for his efforts.

Many of the original blood spots still dot this piece, offering a “don’t touch” warning to viewers and a reminder to me that my mother was always right.


February 03, 2009

This Is Fri

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El Paskador krijgen zij gedaan voordat de zon was het toltarief op zijn jeugdige teint.

Steuben Fish Glass - Trout Bums should skip to the next post

Since 1903, Steuben Glass has been made by hand at their Corning, New York factory. Here's you chance to invest in some heirloom quality fly fish themed glass. 

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This desktop sculpture captures bright memories of rushing mountain streams and the thrill of landing “the big one.”


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Leaping to catch a golden Royal Coachman fly, the trout's skin glistens with water drops, represented by bubbles of trapped air—a signature Steuben glass making technique.  $4,100

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Copper-wheel engraved on three sides, Houston's minutely detailed design celebrates these warm-water gamefish, lured by a "Gotcha" fly in their shallow habitat.


Numbered, limited edition of 25.  $19,500

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From the design archives of Steuben’s late legendary designer James Houston comes this moving tribute to the “lord of fishes, the mighty salmon.


Numbered, limited edition of 50.  $16,000

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz007

Steuben’s rendition of this prized game fish is formed to suggest a trophy catch mounted on a plaque.

Numbered, limited edition of 50$16,000

The All Time Greatest Banner Ad Placement

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How not to land a sailfish


Larry Zarella goes wet and wild and lands a sailfish the hard way. LINK

February 02, 2009

BSA Monterey Bay Area Council earn their kill protected steelhead merit badges


Setting a great example for the kids.

The Boy Scouts of America’s Monterey Bay Area Council operated a summer dam on a pristine river and - despite official warnings - allegedly killed federally protected steelhead trout downstream. And when state and federal regulators sought to have the council stop using the dam, Scout executives turned to politicians to whom they had given campaign contributions or with whom they had personal ties.

LINK (Via: Aquafornia)

Other councils are offering clear cutting merit badges. 

Scout councils nationwide have hired loggers to carry out clear-cutting and salvage harvests in ecosystems that provided habitat for a host of protected species, including salmon, timber wolves, bald eagles and spotted owls, records show.

LINK (Via: SF Gate)

Hi, I'm Ali Howard and I'm going to try to swim the Skeena

Trailer introducing Ali Howard's historical attempt to swim the entire 610km length of the Skeena river in northwest BC to raise awareness for one of North America's wildest natural landscapes.

Whistler’s Fishy Hydro Power Plan


Upstream, another great site from north of the border, reports on a B.C. hydro project that threatens bull trout habitat.

Whistler Blackcomb has involved themselves in a controversial Run of River Power plan that has the potential to severely disrupt a threatened bull trout population in the Whistler Valley watershed.


A Steelheader's Way

Lani's new book

 “Lani Waller has drawn on long experience and a deep love of steelhead to write a book that few steelheaders will want to be without.” --Thomas McGuane

“Lani Waller has a passion for these beautiful creatures that comes across on every page. And Bob Hooton brings a thorough approach to the science.” ---Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia, Inc.

“Waller . . . sees, feels, and writes about [steelhead] more deeply and colorfully than any person I know. Beginner or expert, you will not be able to put this book down until you’ve read every single word.” --Dave Whitlock

Steelhead legend Lani Waller covers the essential elements of fishing for trophy steelhead with prose as beautiful and surprising as the fish themselves. The blend of how-to and why-to not only captures the essence of these elusive fish but also uncovers what it takes to consistently bring them to hand. Waller shares his techniques for swinging wets and waking dry flies, including proper approach, presentation, and his favorite fly patterns, both classic and contemporary. Chapters on hunting trophies, equipment, casting, and conservation provide readers with a life’s worth of wisdom learned from his time on the water.

  Waller brings along some of his friends to help contribute to the book. Steelhead expert Bob Hooton’s chapter on steelhead biology is a concise overview of the steelhead’s life cycle, biology, and behavior; artist Dave Hall illustrates Waller’s swinging techniques; and photographer Ken Morrish’s stunning images capture the magic of the fish and the rivers they ascend each year. This all-star cast of steelhead fanatics has created a classic book that honors the fish as well as those who chase them, whether in the Pacific Northwest of United States, the wilderness streams of British Columbia, or the hundreds of tributaries that run into the Great Lakes.


Slab Central Station


The photo of the week section of Noel Gyger's website is arguably one of the greatest collections of fish porn on the planet. LINK


"These were fish pirates" - Feds break up black market striper ring

This investigation started in 2003.

State and federal investigators have broken up a black market involving watermen and fish dealers who sold millions of dollars' worth of striped bass, illegally taken from the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River, to shops and restaurants across the country, according to court documents filed in federal court this week.

Annually, Maryland's 1,231 licensed watermen account for about 2 million pounds of the 7 million pounds of striped bass legally caught commercially on the Eastern Seaboard. The poaching scheme described in court documents and by sources means that the state vastly exceeded its annual striped bass quota for five years.

LINK (Via:The Baltimore Sun)

February 01, 2009

Fishing the Bahama Flats


Sam Sifton and photographer Chris Ramirez report on the narcotic effect of chasing bonefish in the Bahamas.

THERE are times in this world when you want to get lost, well and truly out of your head, and find yourself vulnerable and laughing amid real, untrammeled beauty and hardship and life.

The story LINK  The slideshow LINK  (Via:The NY Times)

Sunday Funnies





Man FIsh

January 31, 2009

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo

Logo_simple_v2   Logo_simple_v3     Logo_simple_v4   Logo_simple_v5   

Fueled by cheap Canadian Whiskey, a sixer of Rainier, and cold pizza, Rollcast Productions, and Rathbun had an impromptu creative meeting last night.  Logos were born and narration was fine tuned.  I do believe this bitch is almost in the can.

The Laughing Fish #1

January 30, 2009

The Chum Nation has spoken: 2008 Slab of the Year Results

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The votes are in and here's the scoop:

First Place: Sickles shocks the world with a Columbia trib slab of steel that still has us shaking our heads.  Congrats Sam, you've just won a Patagonia Freewheeler.

Patagonia freewheeler 

Second Place: Beatty is knighted by a insanely large King and takes home some River Armor as a result.


Third Place: Miller goes Tierra Del Fuego on our asses and lands a Waterproof Hat and a Rust Long Sleeve TShirt.

Oilskincap_detail_wp  LSRF_Rust_large

Thanks to all who participated this year - here's to an even more fishy and slab invested 2009! 

There's a first for everything

Florida bonefish

Florida bonefish 2

In this case, it's Greg "Boz" Bostater's first SOTM boner.  Boz, there's no where to go but down now.  Sweet baby Jesus!


Friday Pin-up


Daily Dose of Chum

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January 29, 2009

A River Runs Through My Jet Pack

A Trout Bum's Guide to Patagonia

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Although Patagonia is becoming an increasingly popular world destination for fly-fishermen, there is a conspicuous lack of information available to anglers on this remote area. Until now.

Barrett Mattison and Evan Jones have spent several seasons independently fishing and exploring the entirety of Argentine Patagonia (an area roughly the size of Montana and California combined), and in this book they share everything you need to know before embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.

LINK (Via: Far Away Fly Fishing)

Maybe Barrett and Evan should apply for the Trout Bum Seal of Approval from the tweed bag police?

New Olympus Waterproof, Shockproof, Freeze Proof Shooters

Olympus’s line  of waterproof, shockproof and freeze proof cameras has grown with the addition of the 12 Megapixel TOUGH-8000 and the 10 Megapixel TOUGH-6000. Suggested retail is $399 and $299, available for pre-order on Amazon.

LINK (Via:Digital Photography School)

With the PMA show scheduled for the first week in March manufacturers are busy releasing details of their new 2009 models. I'm waiting for Pentax to announce their new W70, I'm still sporting the W30 which has served me really well on the water over the years.

Angler Editions

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Featuring the art of Prosek, Shilstone, Ford, Hall, Beck and Abrames. LINK


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