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January 21, 2007

What About Bob?


Waiting for the french toast combo at my favorite local diner, I called Bennett to make sure we were all set for yesterday's Spey session.  I can't exactly remember what I mumbled on bar stool, but it was something like "Brian, I woke up with an erection in a steelhead laden dream last night."  The moment I pressed "end call" on my cell, my bar stool neighbor looked at me and asked if i was going steelhead fishing today.  Looking like a punk with my Dunder Mifflin tee shirt on and Seahawk skull cap, I said "Uh yeah, I'm going Spey fishing".  Thinking I'm special or something because I'm picking up a Spey rod for the third time in my life, I give him the details of yesterday's plan.  The pride shrank, along with my Johnson, after I looked at the url he mentioned to me as I tossed my tip on the table and walked out the door. 

Good work Bob!  It was great to meet you and good to know I've still got a way to go before I too belong to the 30 lb club.


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