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December 26, 2008

Wonder if African Clawed Frogs Adhere to Sticky Rubber?


The Montana wildlife agency has been asking that people with frogs acquired through kits called Grow-a-Frog give up those animals. The Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks says tadpoles in the kits become African clawed frogs, a species prohibited in Montana.  LINK

December 10, 2008

Snakeheads posing no threat, found to be quite tasty


"The fish is here. I wish it wasn't here," Shafland said. "If we could eliminate them, we would. If you catch them, eat them. Don't release them."

But so far, the pesky exotic hasn't turned into the environmental disaster that some predicted.

LINK (Via: The News Observer)

May 02, 2008

You can add diablos rojos to the list of threats to BC salmon


Nightmarish packs of rapacious giant devil squid are hunting off the B.C. coast -- and as their numbers increase, scientists are worrying about an attack on fish stocks. Via: The Ottawa Citizen LINK

December 31, 2007

Pacific Salmon Invading Atlantic


Pacific salmon escapees from Chilean salmon farms are now a threat to South Atlantic ecosystems.

Although the sight of salmon leaping in Argentina's world-renowned trout rivers may be enticing to anglers, the silvery predators could become a nightmare for the region's marine life. Via: National Geographic News  LINK

November 30, 2007

Invasive Species Zen


In 1960 Japan's Crown Prince Akihito was given some bluegill as a gift by Chicago Mayor Richard Daly. The fish were given to research centers to develop as a food source but they soon escaped and now have infiltrated waterways across Japan.

Including the moat of the imperial palace which is the residence of now Emperor Akihito.

Via: The Guardian Unlimited  LINK

September 12, 2007

Researchers: 'Synchronized' Nightly Swim To Surface Helped The Invasive Fish Spread Swiftly Through Great Lakes

Researchers may have discovered how invasive species are getting into the ballast water of ships on the Great Lakes.

Via: The  Underwater Times  LINK

August 07, 2007

Rock snot evidence found in Batten Kill


An invasive algae considered a serious threat to Vermont's trout fishery has been spotted in the state's landmark fly-fishing trout river, the Batten Kill.  LINK

July 10, 2007

Didymo Found on the Upper Connecticut


The Agency of Natural Resources confirmed Friday that Didymosphenia geminata, or "didymo," has invaded the northern reaches of the Connecticut River. It's the first official report of the invasive algae in the Northeast.


May 11, 2007


Via: The Onion

March 22, 2007

Two New Invasive Species Per Year Entering US/Canadian Great Lakes


Frustrated by the mounting number of invasive species arriving in the bellies of overseas freighters, some conservationists are proposing a simple but radical solution: Ban the ships from the Great Lakes until they can figure out how to stop discharging contaminated ballast water. Via:Treehugger LINK

February 28, 2007

Invasive Notes


Focusing, discussing and musing on the wickedly complex world of invasive species.  LINK


February 01, 2007

To Wild Brook Trout Devotees, Maine's Koi Seizure was Act of Salvation


Highway Cone demands equal time. VIA Redorbit LINK

August 08, 2006

Invasion of the habitat snatchers


Yet another story, this one from Kansas, about the threat of various invasive species.  VIA The Wichita Eagle LINK

June 09, 2006

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!


Didymo, whirling disease, and New Zealand Mud Snails are just a few of the invasive species that fisherman help spread without taking proper precautions. This very informative site graphically illustrates the threats these aquatic hitchhikers pose to our waters and how we can help prevent their spread.

Welcome to a site for recreational users who want to help stop aquatic nuisance species. As Americans, we love to spend time on the water. Protecting these resources is an important part of our overall enjoyment. A concern we must all address is the spreading of harmful plants, animals and other organisms. These aquatic nuisance species can hitch a ride on our clothing, boats, and items used in the water. When we go to another lake or stream, the nuisance species can be released. And, if the conditions are right, these introduced species can become established and create drastic results.


June 01, 2006

The Benefits of Asian Carp?


"One good thing is that they've kind of curbed the Jet Ski population down on the river so they don't screw the fishing up," Wood says, with a smile that indicates he's not completely serious. "So they do have some benefits."

Don't forget the bow fishing! LINK

Utah Lake has a small Carp problem. LINK

February 02, 2006

Snakeheads Walking in Memphis

Images_46 Then I'm walking in Memphis
Walking with my feet ten feet off of Beale
Walking in Memphis
But do I really feel the way I feel

At first, authorities thought the snakehead might be a goldfish, Oscar fish or other breed often kept by aquarium owners. But biologists at the University of Memphis said no such luck. LINK


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