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October 27, 2008

Blitz - Bluefish Style


Just one of a host of video shorts and fly tying videos that can be found at Atlantic Salt Water Fly Rodders.


August 26, 2008

Tying the Sharpie Pen Glass Buzzer

By Davie McPhaill

May 28, 2008

Proceso de confección de una Chernobyl Ant

Some other useful Spanish phrases.

¿Dondé está el baño?
Where is the bathroom?

¿Cinco doláres? ¿Por esa cosa?
Five dollars? For that thing?

No comas esa. No sabes donde esa ha pasado.
Don't eat that. You don't know where it has been.

No, guardia. No tengo marihuana.
No, officer. I have no marijuana.

Sólo Nixon podía ir a China.
Only Nixon could go to China.

No, no, piedo unos huevos.
No, no, I ordered eggs.

Tu hija es muy bonita.
Your daughter is very beautiful.

May 02, 2008

The Blessed Two Tone San Juan Worm

Sister Carol Anne Corley demonstrates tying her Two Tone Curly Worm.

March 31, 2008

Monday Fly Tie Lesson # 9

March 10, 2008

Monday Fly Tie Lesson # 8

March 03, 2008

Monday Fly Tie Lesson # 7

February 25, 2008

Monday Fly Tie Lesson # 6

February 18, 2008

Monday Fly Tie Lesson # 5

February 11, 2008

Monday Fly Tie Lesson # 4

February 04, 2008

Monday Fly Tie Lesson # 3

January 28, 2008

Monday Fly Tie Lesson # 2

January 22, 2008

Coho Crack

January 21, 2008

Monday Fly Tie Lesson #1

The first of many Chum posts: Learn Fly Tying Lesson 1 for Beginners with David Cammiss

March 07, 2007

Tying Weedgaurds For Saltwater Flies

March 01, 2007

Adventures in Fly Tying

With video goodness. LINK

February 12, 2007

Tying the Crystal Meth

Heavy metal meets fly tying.

November 30, 2006

Spent Caddis by A.K. Best


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