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February 10, 2009

Patagonia Fly Fishing Catalog Cover Shot Retooled

Patagonia Cover

El Paskador had his image that graces the cover of the new Patagonia fly fishing catalog immortalized on a sweet hand tooled fly wallet by Marc Crapo.


February 04, 2009

Welcome to the leisurely works of a man named Lady


A different perspective from James Edward Emerson Lady of Stillwater Studio.  LINK

February 01, 2009

Fishing the Bahama Flats


Sam Sifton and photographer Chris Ramirez report on the narcotic effect of chasing bonefish in the Bahamas.

THERE are times in this world when you want to get lost, well and truly out of your head, and find yourself vulnerable and laughing amid real, untrammeled beauty and hardship and life.

The story LINK  The slideshow LINK  (Via:The NY Times)

January 29, 2009

New Olympus Waterproof, Shockproof, Freeze Proof Shooters

Olympus’s line  of waterproof, shockproof and freeze proof cameras has grown with the addition of the 12 Megapixel TOUGH-8000 and the 10 Megapixel TOUGH-6000. Suggested retail is $399 and $299, available for pre-order on Amazon.

LINK (Via:Digital Photography School)

With the PMA show scheduled for the first week in March manufacturers are busy releasing details of their new 2009 models. I'm waiting for Pentax to announce their new W70, I'm still sporting the W30 which has served me really well on the water over the years.

The Coffee Lady


Paul Menard, AKA The New Man, uses some coffee beans to create lady bug imitations.

You can find brewing instructions on The New Man's Flickr photostream  LINK

January 28, 2009

New Panasonic Waterproof Shooter


Panasonic jumps into the waterproof/shockproof point and shoot fray.

Nearly every aspect of the TS1 was designed with rugged use in mind: the airtight shell, reinforced with rubber padding, glass and carbon resin is purported to protect the camera during underwater use at depths of up to ten feet and falls onto a hard surface from five.

Now for the spec pile: the TS1 shoots stills at 12.1 megapixels and video at 1080p. effective lens length is an ample 28mm-128mm, the aperture opens to a 3.3-5.9 maximum size, ISO notches all the way up to 6400 and the maximum shutter speed is 1/1300. A 2.7-inch, 230,000-dot LCD adorns the back of the slim(ish) 3.87 x 2.49 x 0.91 body, and the standard facial recognition, image stabilization and creative mode features are all present.

Available in April -  Suggested Retail $400

LINK  (Via: Gizmodo)

January 26, 2009

New Olympus Waterproof Shooter


Olympus is set to roll out a new $199 waterproof shooter next month that can be used at up to 3 meters under water, has a 10 megapixel image sensor, 3x optical zoom lens and 2.5 inch LCD screen.

LINK (Via: Digital Photography School)

January 24, 2009

Winter in Georgia


Chum purveyor, Louis Cahill, just fired over some great pics from a recent sack shrinker.  More work from Louis found here.

January 23, 2009

Steve Perih Photography

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz001

I love this shot of Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard.

(Via: The Whistler Fly Fishing Blog)

January 20, 2009

The Nikonians On Location #48 - Fly Pictures

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz004

In this podcast Martin Joergensen takes you through his home studio set up and techniques for photographing fishing flies.


January 19, 2009

Chum Field Trip

Rathbun and I had us a long overdue rendezvous on our favorite OP trib.

B2 Drift

I think I had just lost a fish when Eric took this shot.


Ebun with the first big fish of the day.


33 inches on the tape.



This buck put up an incredible fight.



A tiger by the tail.



A supercharged hen.



January 14, 2009

Holga Style Steel

Holga Steel

Inspired by the work of Brian L. Schiele.

January 13, 2009

Under the B.C. Sun


January 05, 2009

The Photography of Brian L. Schiele


Brian Schiele shoots his images with a Holga camera.  LINK

If you're interested in experimenting with Lomograpahy you can find everything you need here. LINK

January 03, 2009

Catch Magazine Issue #3


The new issue of Catch is out as well as a new blog, welcome to the party boys. LINK

December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from Christmas Island

Chum contributor and photographer Tim Pask, dug up some photos that have 2 things in common.  All the photos were taken on Christmas Island over the Christmas Holidays, and each of them ended up being Photo Chum....


Sonya Pask being released by a Giant Trevally.  She barely made it out alive.


Angler Eddie Sadvar, with a Golden Trevally.  He later went on to star in all the GIECO "Even a caveman can do it" commercials.


This GT eventually ended up stealing the rod.  Hey Mr. Giant, if your seeing this I forgive you and you can keep the rod, but please return my Tibor.  I miss it.  Angler Eddie "Caveman" Sadvar.


Before Eddie got his GIECO roll, he spent time portraying Popeye the Sailor.  He never mastered the squinty eye thing, but the GT's were amused.


Photographer Tim Pask displaying a small GT.  Photo by Eddie Sadvar.  Note: Tim Pask now uses Allstate insurance.


So to all of us LOSERS who are not spending Christmas on Christmas, this L's for us!  Sonya Pask, and the world famous Simmon Corrie.

"The Adventure Continues"

December 11, 2008

White Thymallus Fly Fishing Photography


Some beautiful work. LINK

December 05, 2008

Fly Fishing Photography


Mark, AKA Blueangler of Yuhina Illustration fame hosts a number of other fine sites. Here's a link to his Fly Fishing Photography site.  LINK

November 28, 2008

So much for that Group Photo of a Lifetime


Oh well, you'll be sure and catch another 20 pound rainbow next trip.  Or maybe next cast. check it out HERE.

November 25, 2008

Wildfish Studios


Artwork and photography by M.V. Morejohn.  LINK

November 14, 2008

An Argentina Fly Fishing Resource

Patagonia Flies has got you covered with some great photos, video and restaurant recommendations


November 04, 2008

The second issue of Catch Magazine is live



November 03, 2008

Striper Sunset

As the rain begins to pound down here in the Pacific Northwest we take this moment to dream of stripers in the sunset surf.


Photos by Matty J.

October 17, 2008

Cool Shot

AP Photo/George Nikitin

Mariusz Wroblewski of Oregon practices the Spey cast shortly before the final round of casting competition at The Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club facilities in Golden Gate Park, Sunday, April 20, 2008 in San Francisco.

October 15, 2008

Images of B.C. - The Porn

Any questions?








The Kahuna of the week gets two shots because it's my fish but Straq hooked the BIG Kahuna and he gets a video.

October 14, 2008

Images from B.C. - The Fish

The beauty of the B.C. landscape was more than matched by the beauty of the fish.


I love this shot.


A picture perfect hen!


Steely eye.


Let's here it for the boys.


Just had to have the dry.


The yellow leading edge of the pectoral fin on this fish was striking.


The week's largest fish landed.


Tomorrow man and fish.


October 13, 2008

Images of B.C.

Last week's trip to the Bulkley in B.C. generated over a couple of hundred photos so we're going to do a three day series of posts starting with some of the landscape shots. Clicking on the photo will enlarge them to full size.

The first day Case walks the tracks to the boat stashed up river.


Bennett throws one of the week's couple thousand casts.


One of the highlights of the trip was a float down the Bulkley Canyon where we did not see another soul.



The mornings were cold and foggy but things would quickly clear as the sun burned through.




The Bulkley has miles and miles of beautiful steelhead holding water.


I caught a 34 inch hen in this run just after this picture was taken.


Tomorrow we'll post some shots of the fish.


September 03, 2008

One of the features of this camera is fear and intimidation mode


Looking for the toughest new waterproof/shockproof digital shooter?

Well look no further! LINK  (Via:Gizmodo)

Of course you could go with the jeans. LINK

September 02, 2008

3D AK Dolly


August 22, 2008

Flickr Adds Fullscreen Photo Slideshow With Embed Option

Flickr has just added a new fullscreen photo sideshow feature that can be embedded on websites and blogs. The slideshows also have the ablity to include videos.

August 20, 2008

Matt Boutet Photogrphy


Some nice work from Saco Maine based Matt Boutet.  LINK

August 05, 2008

Western Fly Fishing


An i9 Studios production.


July 10, 2008

Matt Harris Fly Fishing Photography


Life long angler and professional photographer Matt Harris turned his camera lens towards fly fishing 4 years ago. His web site gallery features 81 pages of images and a page of links will take you to Matt's articles that have appeared in various publications. LINK

June 19, 2008

Early Spring Stripers!


Get in the mood with these recently posted images from our friend Dave Skok. LINK

June 02, 2008

Louis Cahill Fly Fishing Photography


A commercial and artistic portfolio. LINK

May 16, 2008

Castaway Films Photography


The makers of the film Equilibrium are also pretty dam good photographers.  LINK

February 27, 2008

Henrik Larson Fly Fishng Images


An impressive array of 26 galleries from around the world. LINK

February 21, 2008

Most people mistake her photographs as paintings


Fourteen years ago Laurie Lane turned the lens to her love of fly fishing.  LINK

February 18, 2008

We found the perfect digital shooter for Rathbun



February 06, 2008

Western Rivers Conservancy Fly Fishing Gallery

                      Wild Westslope Cutthroat   Photo: Josh Kato

You too can submit your photos to the Western Rivers fly fishing gallery. LINK

New H2O proof Olympus Point and Shoot


The new 10 megapixel Olympus 1030 point and shoot is waterproof, shockproof and will work on those sub freezing steelhead days.  Via: Gizmodo  LINK

January 30, 2008

Reel Color


January 09, 2008

A River of Fly Fishing Photos

                                 El cielo de mi Patagonia / :: Pescador ::

Flickriver is a very cool app that allows you to view thousands of photos in one continuous stream. The link below will take you to a river of photos tagged fly fishing. You can also sort the stream at the top of the page by either recent or interesting.

This link will take you to the interesting category, as you scroll to the bottom more images will load, you can see the status in the lower right hand corner. LINK

December 27, 2007

McNair Evans Photography


The fly fishing gallery. LINK

October 02, 2007

Terry Gunn Photography


I had the pleasure to meet Terry and his wife Wendy from Lees Ferry Anglers at Fly Fishing Retailer. In addition to owning Lees Ferry and guiding, Terry is also a pretty darn good photographer.

Check out his extensive gallery. LINK

August 07, 2007

Epic Angling

Dedicated to the presentation of extraordinary fishing pictures. LINK

August 03, 2007

Cameras That Swim With the Fishes


The NY Times reviews some waterproof digi cams. LINK (Free Registration Required)
Via: Gizmodo

May 21, 2007

Henry Gilbey Photo Essays



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