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February 04, 2009

Welcome to the leisurely works of a man named Lady


A different perspective from James Edward Emerson Lady of Stillwater Studio.  LINK

December 22, 2008

Livin in a van...

...down by the Animas river.  Here's a view from David Porterfied's boat just outside of Durango. 


Damn we miss him -

April 11, 2008

"Image in Cheney’s Glasses Angered Me"


The entire blogosphere had a good laugh speculating about that reflection in Dick Cheney's sunglasses.

Vicezilla offers up a more sobering perspective.  Via Vicezilla LINK

More Fly-Fishing-Only Rivers, Please

Bill Schneider, who recently caught the steelhead bug, advocates for more fly fishing only waters.

Via: New West LINK

April 10, 2007

It's Nat A Toomah!


Fly-fishing got me through it,” the Marin County, California, resident and videographer says about the critical role his life-long passion played in his battle with cancer.  Via: Alternative Medicine LINK

February 08, 2007

Check your Fly


By Rachael Crowder

This article is about the male dominated sport of fly fishing from a woman’s standpoint. I offer the example of my local, male-dominated, fly fishing club, noting that there are many aspects of this small ‘society’ that mirror the larger western society in a concentrated way which makes it a useful and interesting subject for study. Both hegemonies are structured in order to keep out the likes of me, a woman, and other persons identified as ‘other’ by the relations of ruling. It gives an opportunity to look at gender roles, issues of class, race and sexual orientation within the sport. I tell about my personal journey into the macho world of fly fishing, my struggles with the experience of competitive fly casting, the social construction of competition, and finally my decision to form a women-only fly fishing club.

VIA Rachael's Virtual Vacation LINK

December 01, 2006

Why he Fly Fishes

Beer_bong_1 Rainier_beer_1    Playboy

"We're not better... we're just different, our form of entertainment is sipping cabernet and reading Shakespeare by the fire, while your entertainment is beer bonging a Rainier beer and looking at the pictures in a Playboy". 

Nice fresh perspective from a local Washington Fly Fishing member LINK


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