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February 10, 2009

Mr. Wheatley and son started making compartment fly boxes in 1908


Everything you wanted to know about Richard Wheatley and company but were afraid to ask.

The collection of the Richard Wheatley Museum comprises fly  boxes, fly wallets or books, minnow and tackle boxes, printing blocks, traditional and modern fly boxes plus other angling tackle made by the company since 1860.


February 05, 2009

Brag N Release

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz001

Brag N Release is an online community for anglers around the world that enables you to watch high quality videos and slide shows uploaded by anglers who want to share their fishing stories and triumphs.

All you need to do is register and you can start uploading your favorite videos and pictures and brag about your catch.


February 02, 2009

Whistler’s Fishy Hydro Power Plan


Upstream, another great site from north of the border, reports on a B.C. hydro project that threatens bull trout habitat.

Whistler Blackcomb has involved themselves in a controversial Run of River Power plan that has the potential to severely disrupt a threatened bull trout population in the Whistler Valley watershed.


January 20, 2009

The Nikonians On Location #48 - Fly Pictures

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In this podcast Martin Joergensen takes you through his home studio set up and techniques for photographing fishing flies.


January 15, 2009

Fourteen is the sum of the first three squares, which makes it a square pyramidal number



"All I recall is stream after stream, fish after fish, cast after cast, and nothing in my head but the low cunning required to hoodwink my mindless quarry"

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The River Why movie website has been updated with a photo gallery of cast, crew and movie scenes.


Dry Fly Gospel

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Dry Fly Gospel is a collection of stories in which the Good News–the Gospel–of fly fishing is reflected in its impact on the lives of the protagonists.

In this collection you’ll find sci-fi/X-Files, semi-religious, experimental, hard boiled spoof, and more.

Download for Free - Enjoy the good news of fly fishng

(Via: the Bionic Genius Roundtable)

January 03, 2009

Catch Magazine Issue #3


The new issue of Catch is out as well as a new blog, welcome to the party boys. LINK

December 30, 2008

A Minion is one who is highly esteemed or favored


A Blackguard is low, a thoroughly unprincipled and contemptible person, prone to foul language.

A Mountebank ensnares or prevails over through trickery.

In other words a highly esteemed, S.O.B. of a website that sucked us in with the smell of bacon.


I Suck at Fly Fishing


I Suck at Fly Fishing is a High Def video and movie production company. LINK

December 23, 2008

Sebastion Letelier has dedicated half his life to fly fishing and fly tying.......



....... and the other half to fine art.  LINK

December 02, 2008

It is also the age at which children become teenagers


Lucky number thirteen. LINK

November 19, 2008

Chasing Silver


A new Scandinavian based fly fishing rag. LINK

October 29, 2008

Vancouver Sport Fishing Museum On-Line Collection


Vancouver's Sport Fishing Museum closed in September but you can still view the bulk of the collection on-line. Their reel collection alone features 450 of the world's most collectible reels.  LINK

October 27, 2008

Blitz - Bluefish Style


Just one of a host of video shorts and fly tying videos that can be found at Atlantic Salt Water Fly Rodders.


September 29, 2008

Casting for a Cure


Via: A Whiff of Smiff  LINK

September 05, 2008

Fish On Friday - We're Not Worthy!


How we never stumbled across The Horses Mouth while mining for years of blog posts we'll never know. What we do know is some of the Fish Friday archives would have inflicted serious damage during the great bikini war. LINK

Hit the surf and sailing tags too.


September 03, 2008

Eleven is the smallest positive integer requiring three syllables



August 25, 2008

Latest Bum Report



July 25, 2008

Real World Fly Fishing Demo



May 15, 2008



BCeXtremeHD is a fishing and outdoor lifestyle HDTV show distributed over the internet via BitTorrent.


April 15, 2008

Aces and Eights



March 24, 2008

Westside Fly


About time we shouted out our Westside brothers. LINK

March 20, 2008

McGuane Joins MidCurrent Editorial Board


One of the icons of fly fishing literature has joined Marshall's editorial board.


March 18, 2008

Google Image Chum


Google Images has a little search trick that allows you to see images only from the website of your choice.


March 12, 2008

Lateral Line Media


The crew at Lateral Line Media offer up web video services and the latest feed into the Chum RSS reader.

This post from the Roaring Fork should get your juices flowing. LINK

March 07, 2008

The International Brotherhood of the Flymph


This site is dedicated to Jim Leisenring and V.S.”Pete” Hidy, as well as the storied men who contribute to our sport, past present and future in the pursuit, understanding and teaching of fishing these deceptively simple flies.  LINK

February 29, 2008

Fly Fish Ohio interview with Jerry Darkes


Friend and colleague Jerry Darkes talks about fly fishing Lake Erie with Fly Fish Ohio.

In addition to being a sales rep, guide, fly tier and steelhead expert, Jerry is also a warm water fly fishing aficionado. 


December 02, 2007

Six Degrees of Separation


While working the Patagonia booth at the recent Bob Marriott's fly fishing fair, I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Troyer. Jim, a loyal Chum reader, found our site through a link off The Trout Underground.

Turns out Jim is also an old friend of The Undergorund's Tom Chandler.

November 30, 2007

Top 10 Places You DO NOT Want to Fly Fish Before You're Buried in the Ground

Via: This Is Fly Daily LINK

October 31, 2007

The Angler's Net


The Angler's Net was created as a place for anglers to share fly fishing and tying videosLINK

October 23, 2007

FFF Code of Angling Ethics


The FFF has a code of ethics that many have never read.

The following is a shortened version suitable to be carried by the angler:

1.Fly anglers understand and obey laws and regulations associated with the fishery.
2.Fly anglers believe fly fishing is a privilege and a responsibility.
3.Fly anglers conserve fisheries by limiting their catch.
4.Fly anglers do not judge fellow anglers and treat them as they would expect to be treated.
5.Fly anglers respect the waters occupied by other anglers so that fish are not disturbed
6.When fishing from a watercraft, fly anglers do not crowd other anglers or craft or unnecessarily disturb the water.
7.Fly anglers respect other angling methods and promote this Code of Angling Ethics to all anglers.

Via: Aroostook flyers and tyers  LINK

September 10, 2007

This Fly - Issue Three is Now Available on the Virtual Newstand


Let's try this again with an active link.


June 19, 2007

Trout Waders Father's Day Giveaway


Trout Waders is giving away a copy of So Many Fish So Little Time to a randomly chosen visitor who comments on their Fathers Day Post by 6/23.  LINK

While you're there check out the rest of their site.  LINK

June 11, 2007

Now With Real World Fly Tying


With Real World Fly Fishing 3.0 you can now tie a virtual fly with over 200 virtual materials to cast to that selective virtual fish.

So realistic you'll want to start your own Real World Trout Unlimited.  LINK

June 07, 2007

A sure sign the new school fly fishing demographic is alive and well



April 20, 2007

Best Fly Fishing Club Logo You'll See All Day



April 05, 2007

Because there's more to life than fly fishing



February 21, 2007

You don't like the Drake?

George: Hate the Drake.

Elaine: I *love* the Drake.

Jerry: How could you not like the Drake?

George: Who's the Drake?

Elaine: "Who's the Drake"?

Jerry: The Drake is good!

VIA Thee Ass Hooked Whitey LINK

February 06, 2007

Another Voice Has Joined the Force


This site is about fly fishing and all other thoughts that pop into a creatively random head. Why The Wet Boots? It describes someone who fishes so much that when he/she puts on their wading boots, they are still wet from the last time and can't recall the last time the boots were actually dry.  LINK

January 24, 2007

Going Deep In The Name Of Trout Research


We had this originally teed up for A.M. tomorrow but The Underground launched it earlier this evening so we'll direct you there for the link and T.C's commentary.

Kirk Deeter dons scuba gear to document the way trout really feed underwater. He'll never fish the same way again.


January 02, 2007

What Happens On A Fishing Trip -- Stays On A Fishing Trip...


And with good reason.  VIA: Fish This  LINK

December 27, 2006



Inshore light tackle fishing disciples.  LINK

December 26, 2006

Fiberglass Flyrodders



December 08, 2006



24 hours a day, 7 days a week, fly fishing. LINK

November 15, 2006

My Fin is My Wisdom


I've been saving links to the shit load of new fly fishing type blogs so someday I can craft a massive post  highlighting all the sites we've neglected to highlight, link to etc. With that said, here's a new one we're going to call out immediately because I think for once no one else has posted it yet. LINK

November 14, 2006

Fishing Books and Videos


FishingBooksAndVideos.com specializes in hard to find, out of print, and rare books on fishing, fly fishing, hunting, and related topics. LINK

November 08, 2006

Time to Order Those Fly Fishing Themed Holiday Cards


VIA Fly Fisherman Holiday Card Center  LINK


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