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February 01, 2009

Fishing the Bahama Flats


Sam Sifton and photographer Chris Ramirez report on the narcotic effect of chasing bonefish in the Bahamas.

THERE are times in this world when you want to get lost, well and truly out of your head, and find yourself vulnerable and laughing amid real, untrammeled beauty and hardship and life.

The story LINK  The slideshow LINK  (Via:The NY Times)

January 10, 2009

Stay Tuned !!

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz001

After the recent resignations at AEG, speculation has been growing about what the future holds for AEG Media and the 2009 Fly Fishing Film Tour. Well all the speculation will be put to rest shortly and AEG will be announcing some new developments sometime next week.

September 27, 2008

NBC News Reports on Rivers of Recovery

More interviews from the report:

September 15, 2008

Gawd Thurston, look what I stumbled across while checking today's bond market



August 28, 2008

Fish Heads Fish Heads Roly Poly Fossilized Fish Heads


Brit pensioner picks up a rock becuase it resembles fish head, puts it on display in his garden. Fifteen years later he discovers it is an actual fish head, an 80 million year old priceless fossilized fish head from the Cretaceous period.

Via: The Daily Mail  LINK

May 31, 2008

The day wasn't quite as relaxing for Chelios


"I got frustrated. I never fly-fished before," he said. "I didn't like it. I'll never do it again. Too much work. You've got to have a little touch to do this, a little technique. Fishing should be more relaxing."


Hanging on beach near home in hockeytown Malibu..... much more relaxing. LINK


March 19, 2008

Wounded Warriors find calm in Fly Fishing


Three minutes and fifty seven seconds of feel good NPR content

October 21, 2007

Yak Love


"More people want to get out of Seattle and get away from the stressful life over there," Worley said, "and fishing over here provides that relaxation they're looking for." VIA my college town rag - the Ellensburg Daily Journal LINK

September 13, 2007

Orvis to rebuild their original fly fishing school


The original Orvis Co. fly fishing school - believed to be the oldest in America and possibly even the world - is to be rebuilt, according to Orvis spokesman James Hathaway.  Via: Fish and Fly LINK

July 31, 2007

A feat of angling while salmon fishing


Casey Allen chronicles catching and releasing a blue shark while salmon fishing.

Bob Lima removed my fly, unharmed, from the corner of the sharks mouth. He said, “now that, was a feat of angling.” We snapped a few photos and I launched the shark, jaws first, back into the sea, also unharmed.

Via: The Times Standard LINK

July 11, 2007

The Holy Water


TRAIL, Ore. (AP) — There once was a time when a stretch of the upper Rogue River between Lost Creek Dam and Cole Rivers Fish Hatchery was dubbed “The Holy Water” by fly fishermen. Via newsreview.info LINK

June 25, 2007

Secret Sevice Codename Angler


Via: The Washington Post  LINK

June 14, 2007

Post Redford Days


Before Robert Redford came to my little hometown and made fly fishing a cliché everywhere, I had already figured out that I would fish my whole life.  Via: The Flathead Beacon  LINK

March 13, 2007

Maine Is at War Over Ice Fishing and the Fly Guys


The war in Maine between the Hatfields and the Thurstons has now reached the pages of the Wall St. Journal.


February 17, 2007

Fly Fishing is sort of like playing hockey


You can't just wake up one morning and be good - it takes plenty of practice.

Cross-check that next low holer!

VIA The Albert Lea Tribune LINK

February 14, 2007

We're officially sick of the carrot coverage


You could add enough resin to horse shit and make a fly rod out of it. LINK

December 18, 2006

Stonefly Fest


Update...the Stonefly Fest is launching under an updated name and brand.  It will now be called the Fly Fishing Film Tour.  Coming soon to a theater near you. LINK

November 16, 2006

Rodmaker carrying on his father's craft


When Larry Tusoni was growing up in New England he wanted a fishing rod

But rather than bringing his son to the local sporting goods store, Nicholas Tusoni told the 10-year-old to make one.

Today, Tusoni-crafted fly fishing rods bring from $500 to $2,000, and they aren't made quickly. But they do catch fish and they last a lifetime. 

VIA The Union Democrat  LINK

There were a lot of truly interesting rods to cast, including a solid wood rod built by Larry Tusoni of High Sierra Rods. It was on the heavy side, but cast far better than I expected.

A real looker too.   VIA The Trout Underground  LINK


November 13, 2006

The New Senator Elect from Montana is NOT a Tweed Bag


Jon Tester's farm isn't in the duded-up part of Montana, where hedge-fund managers go fly-fishing.

Last week he ousted Republican Conrad Burns from the U.S. Senate in a contest that cost $20 million—a number that would impress even a fly-fishing hedge-fund manager


November 09, 2006

Down With the Fluff Chuckers?


"I hate fluff chuckers," a buddy once said to me as we floated past a couple guys who were minding their own business, fly fishing for steelhead on the Trinity River.


Via the Auburn Journal LINK

October 26, 2006

Zebra Mussel Alert

Zebra Muscle

To our pals across the pond...wash dem boots and waders.  LINK

October 05, 2006

Banishing Beginning Blunders


There are a lot of guys who act like they know or even think they know, but there are very few really knowledgeable fishermen. If you, like most of us, aren't lucky enough to have a professional fisherman for a cousin/mentor, well, welcome to the school of hard knocks. VIA Seattletimes.com LINK

Hey Ladies!


We don't need no stinkin' article to tell us the ladies know what time it is, but here's one anyway.  VIA SeattlePi.com LINK

October 03, 2006

Is the Deschutes Overrated?


Uh, we don't think so.  These "Trout Bums" have another opinion however.  Regardless...the Reel Pure/Chum team will be there in two weeks hunting B Run Steel and resident redsides.  And, you won't hear us complain one bit.

This is a windy, hot, desolate, snaky, hot, God-forsaken, windy, nasty, snaky, hot, rotten, windy, miserable, hot place. Beautiful, but did I say hot, windy and snaky? VIA The Seattle Times Link

October 02, 2006

Put Your Hands Together for Easy


Fly fishermen say their sport is easier DONE than SAID. VIA Bellevillenewsdemocrat.com Link

September 28, 2006

Time to Guide on Another River?


It's tough to make coin as a guide when your home water looks like a Triple Grande Mocha.

NORFORK — As the civil lawsuit against a developer building above the Norfork Dam continues, local fly fishing guides are feeling the pinch in the pocketbook when silt washes into the North Fork River after each rain. VIA The Baxter Bulletin LINK

September 27, 2006

Casting for Recovery


Nice little article about this great group. VIA Toledoblade.com  Link

September 25, 2006

Bill Bub's Boat


A few of the other anglers looked a bit puzzled, but their guides had become accustomed to Bill Bub's boat. VIA Newsleader.com Link

September 17, 2006

Chasm Between Anglers Needn't Exist

Images1_28 Images_73

Mark Taylor from the Roanoke Times makes a pitch for detente.

Standing high on the bank of the river, the burly young fisherman scanned the clear pool below, and smiled when he saw the half-dozen steelhead finning in the current.VIA THe

Having been away from the river for nearly a week, he was glad to see that the fish were still there. He hoped the fishing would be as good as it had been on that previous trip, when he had hooked several good fish.

Quickly he made his way to the river's edge and prepared to cast. 

There was a problem, however. 

This was my hole.


September 07, 2006

On the water with Brian Chan


Those days that you figure it out can be great, on those that you don't, make sure your hat fits. 
VIA Kamloops Ths Week LINK

August 31, 2006

My Fly is Open


The speaker repeatedly drove home the point that the primary hurdles fly-fishing has to overcome are the perceptions that it is an expensive and difficult sport. He didn't do his sport any favors by repeatedly referring to those of us skilled in the use of spinning rods as "Bubba fishermen." VIA THe Black Hills Pioneer LINK

August 23, 2006

Extra! Extra!


...read all about it.  Apparently Yellowstone National Park and its surrounding waters offers world-class fly fishing.  The writers at the Orange County Register are really on to something here.

Our sarcasm is only a reflection of the fact that we'll probably not have a chance to fish this area this year. 


August 16, 2006

Walmart bans angler with offensive T-Shirt


I was in a Walmart once and saw a customer in the sporting goods department wearing a shirt that said, "This isn't a beer belly it's a gas tank for a sex machine".

A debate has been ensuing recently in a popular fly fishing discussion group regarding one of its members who was chastised by a Walmart manager and told never to wear a particular t-shirt in to the store again.

The t-shirt in question has the words "Bite Me" embroidered above a picture of a classic dry fly pattern, the royal coachman
.  VIA Newsvine  LINK

August 02, 2006

Catch of the Day


An Inverness schoolboy told yesterday how he made the strangest catch of his life while fly fishing on the River Ness.

VIA This is North Scotland  LINK

August 01, 2006

They Need to Check the French Junior Fly Fishing Team for Steroids


The World Youth Fly Fishing Championships just wrapped up in Portugal and the French took the top spots in both the team and individual competitions. Our local hero Andy Simon, A.K.A Zen Piscator, placed a very respectable 25th in the individual and the U.S. took 5th in the team event.  LINK

Zen's bio on Fly Tiers page.  LINK


Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah


"Hey. How's it going?" shouted Mike Lyle, of Lamar, as he lumbered over to McKee, splashing water everywhere. "Looks like there's trout rising here," he said.

His actions drew laughter from the children, who were learning about stream etiquette recently at Fly Fishing Day Camp. LINK

Here's a small sample of just some of the kids fly fishing camps available around the country.

The Fly Shop offers a number of fly fishing camp options for kids and families. LINK

Kittery Trading Post's Striper camp. LINK

Federation of Fly Fishers Mid Atlantic Council fly fishing camp. LINK


July 31, 2006

Lucky Intern!


Luca Adelfio is one of the legions of interns trying to build up a resume this summer.

His home and office: A 16-year-old truck with no air conditioning and a broken fuel gauge. His business card: "Luckiest Guy in America." His assignment: Fly fish the top rivers in the country.  VIA The Seattle PI LINK

July 28, 2006

A River Runs Through It


Tiger's response about the K Club, site of the next Ryder Cup.

I've actually stayed there several times before going to the British Open. It's a beautiful place, and the golf course is like a park with rolling hills and big trees--very American-looking. It's straightforward and has many interesting holes, including some short risk-reward par 4s. A small river runs through the property, and I've spent many hours fly-fishing in it. The U.S. players will feel very comfortable on the course, but we'll have to play well to win.

Tiger owns 17 fly rods.

July 24, 2006

Tempus Fugit


We can all relate to this story by Nick Mills

Orvis's latest fly fishing catalog arrived this week.  Orvis Orvis.com is a great outfitter with a wide selection of top-flight stuff, and I always put their catalogs in the bathroom magazine rack for close study, but I was blindsided by the bright red banner across the bottom of the cover, which shows an angler dragging a driftboat over a shallow riffle. The words on the banner read: END OF SEASON SALE.
VIA Maine Today  LINK

Weight Watchers


I've never seen a scientific survey on the topic, but in my circle of acquaintances, a trait of the anti-weight crowd has jumped out at me. Many of them have the opportunity to fish daily if they want. In short, those folks damning weight are teachers on vacation, retired or flat-out unemployed - that sort of setup.  VIA The Kennebec Journal  LINK

July 12, 2006

With fly-rod, tons of cash, you can do it, too


All you need is to practice fly-fishing, learn how to cast accurately, then hook a large number of fish to get a feel for the "magic wand," as some wags describe a fly-rod. When you're done with that, stop by the nearest hardware store and purchase a deep wheelbarrow. You will need it to transport all the money necessary to chase one record after another.
  VIA The Washington Times  LINK

July 11, 2006

Trout bums: Leaking secrets on fish waders


The subject of fishing waders reminds me of a monologue Jerry Seinfeld might do. Jerry: "Why do they call them waders? They don't wade. Why not call them leakers? That's what they do best." 
VIA The Seattle Times LINK

June 19, 2006

Can You Hear Me Now?


Not long ago, bringing your cell phone and jabbering away at a fishing hole was tantamount to farting at a funeral. 
ViA  The Anchorage Daily News  LINK

June 13, 2006

The Fly Girls


Are the Sisters of the Angle really ready for a super-sized version of all this chicanery and subterfuge, something actually called a "competition"?

May 31, 2006



It’s a hoot: Alberta fly fishers, like mutts in a flea-infested dog pound, scratching and thumping and muttering the name of a different insect over and over again, “Skwala… Skwala”….  LINK

May 15, 2006

Rods and Wheels


ESPN has a new fly fishing show teed up for July. 

Nolan, owner of Brookside Guides in Asheville, was chosen to be part of an ESPN Outdoors series to be called “Rods and Wheels,” where two men — who started as strangers — ride across the Southeast on their motorcycles, fishing some of the area’s best fishing holes.   LINK

Huey Lewis in the News


Montana's law allowing public access to rivers and streams does not apply to a Bitterroot Valley slough that runs through the property of 1980s rocker Huey Lewis, because the waterway is not a natural stream, a state judge has ruled.

May 02, 2006

Healing Waters


Sitting on the shady banks of the Potomac River after a fishing outing, 1st Lt. Eivind Forseth recalled the dark, angry days after he was injured in Iraq last January.

Back then, he was worried that the wounds had robbed him of a passion -- fly fishing with his dad. 


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