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January 29, 2009

A Trout Bum's Guide to Patagonia

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Although Patagonia is becoming an increasingly popular world destination for fly-fishermen, there is a conspicuous lack of information available to anglers on this remote area. Until now.

Barrett Mattison and Evan Jones have spent several seasons independently fishing and exploring the entirety of Argentine Patagonia (an area roughly the size of Montana and California combined), and in this book they share everything you need to know before embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.

LINK (Via: Far Away Fly Fishing)

Maybe Barrett and Evan should apply for the Trout Bum Seal of Approval from the tweed bag police?

January 28, 2009

A Manifesto for Ignorance


David James Duncan makes the case for going guideless in this piece that appeared in Outside Magazine in July of 2000. A few copies of The River Why probably ended up in the trash bin as a result.

My reservations about the average fly-fishing guide are a lot like my reservations about the average spiritual guru. Both can be highly entertaining. Both can be idiots.

(Via: Outside Online)

January 26, 2009

Oregon Proposing New Guide Permit and Regional Endorsement System

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A proposed bill being drafted for the Oregon Legislature would cap and eventually reduce the number of professional salmon and steelhead guides in Oregon, and regulate them as an industry.

Born from within the guiding industry, the effort seeks to ban new guides from joining the guiding world for five years and allow the guide pool to drop from roughly 800 to 550 through attrition.

The bill would also seek to reduce pressure on certain salmon runs at by requiring additional fees and permits for guides who stray from their home waters and guide in other regions of the state.

LINK (Via: The Mail Tribune)

July 05, 2008

Rouse named Orvis-Endorsed guide of year


Money Quote: With the river generating around the clock, Rouse also gave up a few of his favorite baits for high water.

Via:The Sun Times LINK

March 13, 2008

Hey Joe, where you goin with rod in your hand?

We had the pleasure of getting on the water for half a day in Boca Grande with Captain Joe LeClair. Captain Joe not only guides in Florida but come June he makes his way up to New England for stripers, bluefish, false albies, and bluefin tuna. If you're ever in need of a guide in Boca Grande or want to tangle with bluefin or giant stripers  up north you can't go wrong with Captain Joe.

A few outtakes from our morning with the good captain.


Morning stiffy.


Captain Joe and Patagonia fish rep extraordinaire Jay Decker. Decker tagged a 12 pound Snook a bit later.


No get back down there and bring back your bigger friends.


On of two flats boats in Captain Joe's quiver.

June 18, 2007

AEG Outfitters


First AEG Media, then AEG fly shop, and now newly announced AEG Outfitting Services.  The enterprise is full throat.

February 08, 2007

I'll Have a Venti Sommerlatte




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