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January 19, 2009

Mark your calendars!

Project Healing Waters Tournament

The date for the 2009 PHW 2-Fly has been set for May 3, 2009.  Find out how to enter here 

September 08, 2008

New Rules - fly fishing is not a team sport


Eleven teams representing six nations will compete in the inaugural America Cup fly-fishing competition Wednesday through Friday in the Blue, Colorado and Arkansas river drainages.

Teams from Australia, Hungary, Ireland, Japan and Poland will challenge two squads from Fly Fishing Team USA, along with the U.S. Youth Team, a Stream Team women's squad and a WorldCast Anglers team of U.S. notables.

Via: The Denver Post LINK

July 24, 2008

Calusa Paddle and Fly Fishing Challenge to benefit the Randall Research Center


This looks like a very fun event and a worthy cause.

September 27-28, 2008 at the Historic Tarpon Lodge Pineland,



April 17, 2008

Yakima River One Fly Event: Results


Update from Kevin Stull on last Saturday's Yakima River One Fly event:

7 or 8 teams scored the big ZERO.  Fishing was tough.  Water was coming up and off color.  Team Ostrom took the crown with 90 points thanks to the 17” and 12” bow landed by Kevin Brintnall on his undisclosed nymph pattern.  I was the only other angler to land a fish but only after losing my “one fly” so it could not be scored.  It was a nice 14” fatty on a big skwala dry.  Over-all the event was a huge success.  Stay tuned for the ’09 event that will be even better.

March 25, 2008

Yakima River One Fly Competition


On Saturday, April 12th, we all have an opportunity to make a difference on the Yakima. 

$100 bone entry fee - all proceeds directly benefit the Kittitas County Conservation District, specifically the Yakima River tributary projects.  For more information contact Julia Hailey with any questions at (206) 826-5722 or jhailey@marcusmillichap.com

February 27, 2008

The Next Frontier In Fly Casting Competitions


CLICK on photo to enlarge.

October 31, 2007

Write a witty caption for this picture


Fishing Magic is holding a caption contest for the above photo. The witty winner gets a complete set of Hywel Morgan stillwater fly fishing DVDs.  LINK

October 25, 2007

Portugal 06

October 08, 2007

Headlines We'd Like to See


Bobby Knight to replace U.S.A. Fly Fishing team coach Jack Dennis LINK

A couple of motivational speeches like this, and you can be sure we'd be challenging the French for top honors.


September 10, 2007

One Fly Winning Flies

A chronology of the winning flies from the Jackson Hole One Fly Contest.  LINK

August 13, 2007

Europeans Use Performance Enhancing Fly Fishing Techniques


American home-water advantage not withstanding, many of the European competitors came with an edge: a technique called "short lining." Instead of tying leader, tippet and flies to weight-forward or double-tapered fly line, "short liners" use no fly line, just a rod's length of monofilament, a few inches of easy-to-spot fluorescent monofilament and a three-foot tippet and flies, which they dunk and whip into the water.

The result is less drag on the fly and a drift that looks more natural to the fish. It's legal, but the technique is frowned upon by tournament staff, who are considering banning "short lining" in future tournaments.  LINK

Maybe the French always win because they have more time to fish.

Full-time workers in France are guaranteed at least five weeks vacation -- guaranteed those long lazy days in the sun, and leisurely lunches in outdoor cafes.

On top of the five weeks, there are another dozen public holidays, and a maximum 35-hour work week, with no paid overtime allowed.  LINK

July 19, 2007

All Contestants Should Be Required to Wear Kilts


The International Federation of Sport Fly Fishing (Fips-Mouche), at the 38th Congress of The Confederation International of Sport Fishing (CIPS) in Prague, has announced Scotland has won the rights to host the 2009 World Fly Fishing Championships.  Via: MidCurrent  LINK

Opens up a new opportunity for the sponsorship starved U.S. team. LINK

July 12, 2007

French Secret Weapon Revealed!

The Chum reveals why the French dominate the world fly fishing championships. LINK

April 18, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen...


...put your hands together for All About the Fly's Kristin Torda.  We're proud as hell of her!  Also, our buddy Amy Hazel from The Deschutes Angler kicked some arse as well. 

Spey-O-Rama final casting results  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Very competitive casting today by some amazing men and women. Casters using 15' rods waist-deep water with a barrier 33' behind, change directions by about 40 degrees and must make half their casts left handed or backhanded. Add to that some swirling winds and you have the toughest spey competition anywhere. Those are the fishing conditions that Jimmy Green thought made for a true test of a caster.  As usual a powerful contingent of casters from Scotland, perennial contenders from Norway, a big Japanese team of very formful casters who will definitely challenge in the future and some outstanding American casters who have improved the level of U.S. casting in a hurry.  Here are today's results:

WOMEN’S FINAL Spey from left (right shoulder, left shoulder) spey from right (left shoulder, right shoulder), TOTAL 1. Kateri Clay (B.C.) 89 91 94 95 369 2. Amy Hazel (US) 80 94 101 86 361 3. Donna O’ Sullivan (US) 82 79 87 80 326 4. Kristin Torda (US) 86 90 71 77 324 5. Whitney Gould (US) 70 90 79 70 309 6. Olga Koran (US) 77 75 84 69 305

MEN'S FINAL 1. Gordon Armstrong (Scot.) 125 137 158 140 560 2. Doug Duncan (US) 135 138 136 145 554 3. Simon Hsieh (US) 146 146 116 125 533 4. Knut Syrstad (Nor.) 132 143 116 140 531 5. Hideki Ozawa (Jap.) 137 137 113 127 514 6. James Chalmers (Scot.) 122 139 115 135 511 7. Andrew Toft (Scot.) 115 135 122 138 510 8. Masa Hirabayashi (Jap.) 135 138 91 140 504* 9. Murray Richardson (Scot.) 132 108 145 119 504* 10. Brian Styskal (US) 121 123 120 123 487

February 14, 2007

In fact, I won the Jackson Hole One Fly Championship that year


Yeah, that's the ticket.  LINK

October 18, 2006

37. My girlfriend sucked 37...


...dicks. In a row (Download 37.wav )? 

Actually it was 38 Czechs (trout that is) in the world fly fishing competition.  And it wasn't Dante's girlfriend that caught them.  It was Jakub Vedral.  VIA The Prague Daily Monitor LINK

October 15, 2006

Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby Wraps Up

The image “http://www.mvderby.com/images/gui/logo.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The Vineyard Gazette profiles some of the shore fly guys participating in this year's derby. LINK

There are 257 registered fly fisherman in the field of 3003 anglers. LINK 

October 09, 2006

Orvis Cup 2006


The opening festivities at the Orvis Cup in Prague take on a humorous twist given the recent fish stocking news. LINK

One Fly at a Time


For the serious fly fisherman, limiting yourself to a single fly is like playing 18 holes of golf with just one club. But for the good-natured crew that fished the Kennebec Chapter of Trout Unlimited's annual One-Fly Tournament last Sunday, it's part of the fun. VIA the Morning Sentinel LINK

August 16, 2006

The Results Are In


The Copper John is indeed the #1 selling pattern at Umpqua, I'll be sending Patagonia stickers out early next week to EVERYONE who took the time to venture a guess. We did receive a couple of entries via the comments without addresses so if you want your Gooch stickers e-mail us off the sidebar link with your particulars.

August 01, 2006

High Mountain Masters


Our Reel Pure group of High Mountain Masters will be fishing these same waters 8 days after this event.

High Mountain Masters is benefit fly fishing tournament for the Roaring Fork Conservancy and Trout Unlimited.  LINK


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