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September 03, 2008

It really was the most strange feeling — I had caught myself.


Peter Inskip, 42, had to be cut off his own line after a two-inch lead weight shot through his neck and lodged at the top of his chest.

The engineer said: “I could see the line hanging out of a perfectly formed hole.

“It was still attached to my rod, which was in my hand, and I could feel the weight in the back of my throat.

The Sun is there: LINK

June 15, 2008

Bush Tries to Raid Salmon Disaster Funds


The Bush Administration’s Office of Management & Budget (OMD) on Monday, June 9 sent a proposal to Congress to amend the President's budget to take $70 million of the $180 million that West Coast Representatives put into the farm bill for disaster assistance for fishermen devastated by fishing closures off the coast of California and Oregon and in Central Valley rivers. Via California Progress Report LINK

February 07, 2008

Fisherman collects 800 accordions


"They're like women, they're all wonderful, some better than others."


October 31, 2007

Fisherman nets shark 200 km from sea


In southern Iraq!

Locals blamed the U.S. military for the shark's presence. Via: Yahoo News LINK

October 23, 2007

The River Ness monster


Witnesses to the weekend catch said the huge salmon, caught in the River Ness near Inverness, was 56 inches long and 50 inches around the girth.

The exact weight will never be known because the scale on the river bank only went up to thirty pounds and they released the beast to fight another day.  VIA: The Daily Mail LINK

October 19, 2007

Salmon fisherman vs Donald Trump


US billionaire Donald Trump is a man who usually gets what he wants, but a Scottish salmon fisherman is standing firm against his plans to build a luxury golf course resort. LINK

Ugandan Conservationists Saddened As 62-year-old Crocodile Passes


Ugandan fisherman thrilled! LINK

August 21, 2007

Back home we got a taxidermy man. He gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung him


In what would become a chaotic frenzy, Christopher Mautino, Howard McKim, Allen Bushnell and Allen Sansano each hooked a salmon shark within minutes of each other. They spent the next 90 minutes "sleighing" through the water as the sharks took them on a ride, or muscling them to the top when the sharks dove deep.  Via: Spluch LINK

August 09, 2007

Jolly Fisherman Mascot Too Ugly!


It's really tough these days to find an attractive giant plastic fisherman's head.



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