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January 22, 2009

Dude the birds are chirpin. It's awesome. Whata day.

Did she free up?

January 14, 2009

Somethin came flyin outta that faaat locka

December 11, 2008

Man Catches Fish - With Snake Attached

(Via: A Welch View)

October 22, 2008

When you have real Santa Ana winds life moves just a bit slower.....Unless you have to evacuate the neighborhood

I'm staying with Straq at his rental crib in Ventura during the Patagonia Global Sales Meeting and we came home to this today.


August 29, 2008

Sockeye the hard way


Paul Nauleau from CA shows the Chum his natural predation after refusing to believe he couldn't catch a sockeye with his teeth.

August 19, 2008

Panther Martin meets Sclera

- Watch more free videos

August 11, 2008

Bill at it again

Just when you thought you've seen all of Mr. Dances bloopers...

July 31, 2008

This will score points with the missus



July 08, 2008

Boca Grande Blows

June 06, 2008

Beer Bottle Attractor Box


May 16, 2008

Brutus Wants To Fish

February 07, 2008

I Fish Therefore I Am


Psychologist and veteran fisherman Paul Quinnett, PhD, explores the motivations that attract millions to the sport of fishing.


November 02, 2007

Hardcore Fisherman of the Week


A mourner who authorities say got drunk, took a hearse from outside a New Zealand funeral venue and outran pursuing funeral directors told police he was "going fishing" when they pulled him over. LINK

September 19, 2007

You're Going to Need a Bigger Boat


While out fishing in the middle of Buzzards Bay we spotted this Darwin Award candidate.

September 13, 2007

Moral of the story: Don't make Wade Boggs angry, or he'll steal your fishing trophy


At the awards ceremony at the Westin Key West, when hearing the news, Boggs was quoted as saying, “I caught two fish and you caught one and you win?” He then grabbed the trophy and ran out of the room. Via: Fark  LINK

July 13, 2007

The Great Rod Race


In the Great Rod Race, Matt Hayes and Mick Brown take up the fast and furious challenge of catching over 30 species of freshwater fish from British and Irish waters in 30 days.  LINK

June 27, 2007

Best Fishing Report Ever

June 25, 2007

Washington fisherman recovering after cutting off own fingertips

With his hand wedged between his boat and a log, and his future son-in-law off getting help, William Messenger decided he was out of time. He pulled out a pocket knife and sawed off two of his fingertips to free himself from the sinking vessel.

Via: The Seattle PI LINK

Tonight's news reported that the fingers were recovered and reattached.

June 22, 2007


October 17, 2006

Future Sushi Chefs of Mexico


Three Mexican fishermen who claim they set out months ago from Mexico’s western coast have been rescued near the Marshall Islands — 5,500 miles to the west — after surviving on rain water and raw fish.  VIA MSNBC  LINK

UPDATE: Three Mexicans who spent nine months drifting across the Pacific Ocean in a flimsy fishing boat eating raw fish and sea birds are to be paid at least $3.8 million to turn their story into a movie. LINK

July 24, 2006

Sometimes it doesn't pay to catch and release


Revils threw a potential $25,000 back into the Red River on Saturday during the Media Bass Tournament out of Clark's Marina. LINK

July 23, 2006

More Gender Bending Fish News


A third of male fish in English rivers are changing sex due to 'gender-bending' pollution, alarming research shows.
VIA The Daily Mail  LINK

July 14, 2006

Accident-prone anglers get hooked on fishing


"The hook went through the top of his ear and into his scalp, back out of the scalp and back through his ear again," Dr. Park said. "His ear was pinned to his head"

June 07, 2006

Deadbeat Parents May Lose Fishing License


TWRA officials said about 70 percent of hunters and fisherman who lost their licenses have caught up with their child supportLINK

May 12, 2006

Fish Drags Man To Death


Gabor Komlosy was dragged into a river when he refused to let go of the line.  LINK

May 09, 2006

Dubya on the Relationship Between Man and Fish



April 17, 2006

Fishing Tatts


A gallery of fishing and hunting tattoos brought to you by Outdoor Life. LINK

April 12, 2006

Comarade I Blew Up The Train


Russian fishermen accidentally blew up a train using dynamite they planned to use to help them catch fish.

March 08, 2006

Fishing in Baghdad


Squinting into the morning sun, Abu Dawood casts his net into the brown waters of the Tigris. Since he was a child, he has been fishing Baghdad's great river for carp, used to prepare mazgouf, a staple of Iraqi cuisine for centuries. But these days Abu Dawood's nets often haul in a much more sinister catch. 

February 27, 2006

Fishing for Submarines


A local fisherman will be getting paid for an unusual catch of the day -- a nuclear submarine. 

Via The Boston Globe  LINK

A list of all the subs caught by fisheman.  LINK

February 08, 2006

Public Service Announcement


When drinking large amounts of alcohol on a fishing trip, make sure your boat doesn't drift within bow-and-arrow distance of the last pre-Neolithic tribe in the world    LINK


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