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February 12, 2009

Caught By The River Compilation


The first in a series of exclusive downloadable compilation albums for Caught By The River subscribers.
To get the link to future downloads you'll have to subscribe to the Caught By The River newsletter.


August 05, 2008

Try the Fish


Try The Fish is a Melbourne-based outfit playing a mix of styles, mainly funk and latin inspired grooves with a hint of jazz.

May 30, 2008

Psychedelic Salmon



October 08, 2007

Fishizzle iMix


It's the d-o double gizzle for Fishizzle my n'izzle.

iTunes Req. LINK

July 31, 2007

"Fly Fishin" A Song By Captain Sam Crutchfield



July 05, 2007

Fly Fishing Music


Fishing Music began as a collaboration between musician and recording engineer Ben Winship, and musician and fly fishing aficionado David Thompson. LINK 

You can sample seven of the 16 songs.

May 30, 2007

Coho Handcream for Men


The smash hit single from Fishin Witcho.

A short clip -  Download coho.wma

March 11, 2007

Franz Schubert ''The Trout" Quintet

March 09, 2007

Friday Fish Tunes


January 31, 2007

Big Trout Radio


All the songs on this CD are from the Big Trout Radio archives.

By now you’ve heard about it . . . the tiny 10 watt radio station in the mountains of trout country that piggybacked onto a 50,000 watt, clear-channel signal and became an overnight sensation from Montauk to Missoula.

Carlton Munson, the station’s eccentric owner, has played only songs about fish and fishing since he assembled his mail-order transmitter and went on the air in 1959. "I only care about two things, " he explains, "Good fishing and good music. It's all trout, all the time."

Don't miss the free Mp3 download of, "Big Old Trout". LINK

January 26, 2007

Songs to Wet a Fly to...


Via Washington Fly Fishing LINK

April 18, 2006

Blue Grass on the Fly


CHASIN’ STEEL is a slang term for Steelhead fishing, and as the band members are avid steelhead fishermen, they decided to have their name reference this. Thus, blending two of their favorite pastimes; fishing and bluegrass music.



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