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November 05, 2008

Salmon Forever


Another splendid inking.  This time on Chum enthusiast - Todd Montalbano.

August 21, 2008

Another Inking!


This time it's bigger and on foreign soil.  Damien Ellett, our 23 year old South African homey, has one Reel Pure Hoodie en route.  Damien, your bravery and passion won't soon be forgotten.  Keep flyin the flag.

Offer still stands - anyone who takes a needle for the tribe, gets a free Reel Pure Hoodie.  Send us your ink!

July 15, 2008

Don't ink me bro!


Reel Purist and Chum junkie, Zack Rayno, shows off his new Reel Pure logo tattoo.  I have to say, feeling pride for the brand has never been an issue for us.  However, when needle hits skin to fly the flag, it stokes us up like nothing else. 

It's so money, we're gonna need to engineer a contest.  Anyone who does us the honor of inking up with the RP brand will receive a free Reel Pure hoodie.  If you've already done so, and we don't know about it, shoot us your picture and reap the reward.

January 11, 2008

No more lies


October 14, 2007

Sockeye Sleeve


Martie McQuain breaks the seal for this month's Chum Fish Tatt contest.  Art done by Clae Welsch at Oddball Studios in Portland, OR.

October 09, 2007

Fish Tatt Contest


We don't give a piss where on your body it is - just bring your ink to us.  By the end of Oct. the Chum nation will vote.  And only one will be crowned Fish Tatt pimp of the month.  Send your ink here.

June 04, 2007

Steelhead Rodeo


The new ink.


Leslie.  Not impressed.


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