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May 28, 2008

'There are no half-measures when it comes to the dedication of a soldier or a fisherman


Nick Sawyer is a soldier and fisherman.

In between soldiering duties, he slips away to fish. Often he meets locals by the river, and the common language of fishing cuts across the bloody backdrop of the war.  LINK

May 26, 2008

What chaps really like to do in bed is to think about shooting, fishing......


.........and sheep.  LINK

July 12, 2007

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen


British businessman and dedicated angler Paul Torday has found a way to combine a novel about fishing and all that it means with a satire involving politics, bureaucrats, the Middle East, the war in Iraq, and a sheikh who is really a mystic.

It would be a miracle of God if it happened. I know it... If God wills it, the summer rains will fill the wadis... and the salmon will run the river. And then my countrymen... all classes and manner of men--will stand side by side and fish for the salmon. And their natures, too, will be changed. They will feel the enchantment of this silver fish... and then when talk turns to what this tribe said or that tribe did... then someone will say, "Let us arise, and go fishing."

Via Amazon  LINK


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