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August 23, 2007

Salmon making your lips numb?


Unscrupulous vendors in Thailand have been selling meat of the deadly puffer fish disguised as salmon, causing the deaths of more than 15 people over the past three years, a doctor said Thursday. Via: MSNBC LINK

August 13, 2007

Fish Flying


Using a helicopter, more than 300,000 rainbow, cutthroat and brook trout were air-dropped into more than 450 lakes in the Cascade Range.  Via:The Statesman Journal LINK

August 12, 2007

Otters free trout from fish farm


Otters released tens of thousands of fingerling trout from a Scottish fish farm, upsetting fishery officials who fear the fugitives threaten wild salmon.  LINK

August 07, 2007

Record setting temps in New Brunswick are killing salmon in the Miramichi


Salmon in New Brunswick's Miramichi River were floating instead of jumping this week, leaving fishermen concerned over salmon stocks.  Via CBC News  LINK

The sewage first drained into Hershey Run, a tributary of White Clay Creek, Miller said



August 01, 2007

Florida Photo Opp Fines


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is going to crack down on the handling of fish on the states prohibited list as well as fish that are caught out of season or have no justification for being brought aboard for a measurement.

"Identifiable individuals who have posted pictures of inappropriately handled Goliaths on various Web forums and Web pages may be contacted by law enforcement officers and investigators to educate them on the agency's conservation philosophy," the memo reads. "Officers will pursue criminal prosecution in egregious cases following an education period."

Via: TC Palm LINK

July 22, 2007

Catch-Release Angling Injures Fish


A new study has determined what a lot of us already know, catch and release can be fatal if the fish is not handled with care.

Catch and release fishing seems like a win win-situation, with recreational anglers experiencing the thrill of a catch, while their prey can, in theory, swim safely away. But that's not always the case, according to a new study that found fish, including sharks, may suffer so much trauma during the event that they could die shortly thereafter.

Although the findings apply to sharks and other fish, Danylchuk and her team focused on bonefish, a tropical fish whose wariness and speed make it a sought-after target among recreational anglers.

Their recommendations

Broadhurst and Danylchuk also recommend that catch and release fishermen should minimize air exposure, use landing nets without knotted mesh, use barbless hooks to help expedite hook removal, and avoid sunscreen and bug repellent on hands, since Danylchuk said, "these can affect the slime coating on fish."

Trophy fish photos are still possible, she said, but fishermen must take care.

"Make sure to get your shot all set up before taking the fish out of the water," she advised. "When you do take the fish out of the water, try holding your breath. When you need to breathe, the fish probably does too and it's time to put it back in the water."

Thanks to Josh for the tip. Via: Discovery News LINK


July 13, 2007

Somtimes Farmed Fish is Preferable to the Wild Variety


Baghdad restaurateurs have been reassuring their customers that their fish are from farms rather than the Tigris.
Via: World Blog MSNBC  LINK

July 10, 2007

Heading to Yellowstone?


A heat wave has warmed the Firehole River to as much as 82 degrees, killing hundreds of rainbow and brown trout.

Meanwhile, park officials enacted voluntary fishing closures at several areas because of the stress that warm water places on fish.  Via: Desert News  LINK

July 03, 2007

Fish get bill of rights


Right to arm bears still on hold. Via: Times Online   LINK

June 18, 2007

Fishing Pressure Subsiding?


A five-year survey of outdoor recreation finds a sharp drop in the number of Americans who cast a rod and reel—and a lesser decline in hunting. But that doesn’t mean we’re spending less time with animals in nature. VIA NEWSWEEK LINK

June 15, 2007

"Popular whale shark dies mysteriously"


So they put the largest member of the shark family (which eats more plankton a year than volume of water this fishbowl holds) in a fish tank, and they're scratching their heads in confusion?  LINK

June 11, 2007

Record Colorado Lake Trout


Don Walker caught the fish on May 23 at Blue Mesa Reservoir. 

Thanks to Mark for the link. LINK

May 21, 2007

Coelacanth of the Decade


An Indonesian fisherman hooked a rare coelacanth, a species once thought as extinct as dinosaurs, and briefly kept the "living fossil" alive in a quarantined pool. Via Spluch  LINK

May 20, 2007

Idaho tribe now breeding fat trophy trout


DUCK VALLEY INDIAN RESERVATION, Idaho (AP) -- Shoshone and Northern Paiute Indians whose ancestors were exiled to this 450-square-mile reservation amid 19th-century hostilities with the U.S. Cavalry have raised Angus and Hereford cattle on the Idaho-Nevada border for more than a 100 years.

The descendants of those 1878 Bannock War survivors now have turned to a new breed to help boost their economy: 5-pound trophy rainbow trout in an artificial lake on a flooded lava rock-and-sage plain that's also a migrating-bird haven.

Via The Columbian  LINK

A Tattered Fly Lake Billy Shaw post from May of last year.  LINK

Trout seen as 'canary in coal mine on climate change


First to fall over when the atmosphere is less than perfect
Your sensibilities are shaken by the slightest defect
You live you life like a canary in a coal mine
You get so dizzy even walking in a straight line

Via Boston.com  LINK

May 08, 2007

Just in case you needed another reason not to eat farm raised fish


Farmed fish have been fed meal spiked with the same chemical that has been linked to the pet food recall, but the contamination was probably too low to harm anyone who ate the fish, federal officials said Tuesday.

Fish farmers are not commenting.


May 07, 2007

Outbreak kills 250,000 fish at hatchery


The Nampa fish hatchery in Idaho has an Ich problem.

It was the second such outbreak of ichthyophthirius multifilis in as many years at the state Department of Fish and Game hatchery in Nampa. Officials say it likely resulted when stress from overcrowding weakened the fish, making them more susceptible to the parasite.  Via: Yahoo News LINK

Supersize Me


A cheerful group of Utah elementary school students learned a bigger than life lesson about the state fish of Utah. 

Via The Salt Lake Tribune LINK

April 07, 2007

Large and No Longer In Charge


ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A commercial fishing boat hauled in what may have been one of the oldest creatures in Alaska — a giant rockfish estimated to be about a century old. VIA Yahoo News LINK

April 03, 2007

Artificial blood vessels made from salmon skin


Researchers from Hokkaido University have created artificial blood vessels using collagen derived from the skin of salmon.

Via: Pink Tentacle LINK

January 26, 2007

Fish Capable of Human-like Logic


Fish have the reasoning capacity of a 4- or 5-year-old child when it comes to figuring out who among their peers is "top dog," new research shows.  VIA Spluch LINK

November 10, 2006



...please turn your massive head and cough.  VIA CNN.com LINK

October 20, 2006

Carp: No Longer the Redheaded Stepchild


"It's kind of hard to say how many [fly fishermen] are doing it, because there is still a perceived shame. A lot of guys don't like to talk about it." VIA Chicago Tribune LINK

October 17, 2006

To Study Russia’s Rainbow Trout, Catch Them First

As rain pelted our parkas near the undercut bank, we each caught a fish in the 28- to 30-inch range, weighing about 10 pounds. The data and tissue were collected, the tags inserted and the fish set free.

Then I missed another. That fish slashed at a lure with a boil the width of a Hula-Hoop. Now that is a trout, I thought.

VIA The New York Times - Registration may be required LINK

You can bypass compulsory registration by using Bug Me Not.

October 16, 2006

Rising temperatures will lead to loss of trout habitat in the southern Appalachians

The image “http://courses.forestry.ubc.ca/hoberg/frst415/Fun%20Stuff/doonsebury%20global%20warming.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

To all you skeptics out there it's spelled - G  L  O  B  A  L  W  A  R  M  I  N  G

USDA Forest Service (FS) research projects that between 53 and 97 percent of natural trout populations in the Southern Appalachians could disappear due to the warmer temperatures predicted under two different global climate circulation models. LINK

October 11, 2006

Was That Fish You Caught in Pain?

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The LA Times re-opens the debate with this recent op-ed piece.

EVERY YEAR, sportsmen around the world drag millions of fish to shore on barbed hooks. It's something people have always done, and with little enough conscience. Fish are … well, fish. They're not dogs, who yelp when you accidentally step on their feet. Fish don't cry out or look sad or respond in a particularly recognizable way. So we feel free to treat them in a way that we would not treat mammals or even birds.

But is there really any biological justification for exempting fish from the standards nowadays accorded to so-called higher animals? Do we really know whether fish feel pain or whether they suffer — or whether, in fact, our gut sense that they are dumb, unfeeling animals is accurate? 

Squawfish Bountyhunter


As of a week ago last Thursday, Vasilchuk had earned $40,424 catching pikeminnows this season, putting him in the top five of bounty anglers in the Northwest, with the other four living in Oregon. Making that kind of money can mean being on the boat for 22 hours a day, catching sleep when he can.

VIA SeattleTimes.com LINK

October 08, 2006

California's Harmful Fish Stocking Practices Challenged

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Yet another stocking program under fire, this time in California.

The Center for Biological Diversity and Pacific Rivers Council filed a lawsuit today against the California Department of Fish and Game over the agency's longstanding failure to consider the impacts of fish stocking on imperiled aquatic species such as the Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog, Cascades Frog and Lahontan Cutthroat Trout.  VIA Yubanet LINK

October 04, 2006

Fish egg 'miracle' needs cracking


Biologists at the University of Manchester want help in cracking their "miracle" discovery of three fish inside a sealed egg. VIA BBC News LINK

September 21, 2006

These pigs don't fly, but they do go fishing


Hogs on the archipelago's main island, Tongatapu, have conquered their fear of the ocean and now forage at low tide for crabs, mussels and seaweed, and fish marooned in rock pools.  VIA The Seattle Times  LINK

September 11, 2006

The Latest Weapon in the War on Terrorism


August 31, 2006

The most fun you can have with a dead fish

Click the pic.

Not anymore.  LINK

August 22, 2006

Salmon Sundaes? ‘Van-eel-a’ Ice Cream?


Scientists discovered how to extract the blood protein of the Arctic pout fish and infuse it into ice cream. Mixing it with milk, cream and sugar reduces the formation of ice crystals on the final product, meaning less cream can be used, which means fewer calories.  VIA Swim at Your Own Risk LINK

August 10, 2006

Catch of the Day


At the restaurant Zauo you can help yourself, no really, you HAVE to help yourself.

“If you want it you first have to catch it.”  VIA CBS 13 LINK

July 30, 2006

Emergency Signs Used to Promote Fish Fries


State homeland security officials have warned Vermillion County to stop using electronic emergency message boards to advertise fish fries, spaghetti dinners and other events.  LINK

July 17, 2006

Carpe Suffocatem


A national animal-rights organization petitioned the state's attorney Wednesday to criminally investigate the recent death of several fish after the draining of Leclaire Lake.  LINK


June 28, 2006

North Dakota Fishing Report


I suppose that's you partners leg dere in the Pirahna's mouth?  LINK

June 16, 2006

Salmon Snatchery


In one night, an entire fishing season was gone.  LINK

The COPper Salmon


After last year's destruction and theft of the Wild Salmon on Parade public art, police this year decided to set a trap in Town Square.  LINK

May 22, 2006

DNR working on 'coasters'


Restoration of a "coaster" brook trout fishery on the Wisconsin shores of Lake Superior will not be as easy, or quick, as anglers might prefer. 

April 12, 2006

Good News and Bad News from the Fox River


The Good News - You can eat the tumors and lesions!
A state biologist says tumors and lesions that fishermen are seeing on fish pulled from the Fox River are harmless to humans.

The Bad News - You can't eat the fish!
Still, the DNR advises people against eating fish from the Fox River, which is known to have levels of PCBs so high that it might take 40 years before its fish are safe to eat again.


April 10, 2006

Airlines raise a stink over fermented herring



Much to the chagrin of local producers, shops at Stockholm's Arlanda airport were asked to stop selling the notorious delicacy after airlines, including British Airways and Air France, became concerned the tins could explode midflight and potentially shower customers with noxious odours that would take many days to fumigate.

Surstromming is one of the world's strangest dishes. LINK

March 21, 2006

The Cellar Cutthroat


A man whose house was flooded after a storm has found the lighter side by catching trout in his cellar. LINK

March 08, 2006

If I Only Had a Brain


I'm spreading some rocks around the house as we speak.

Hatchery-reared steelhead trout show increased growth of some parts of the brain when small stones are scattered on the bottom of their tank, according to a new study by researchers at UC Davis. 

February 26, 2006




February 16, 2006

Debate rages over world's smallest fish


An update to the world's smallest fish post.

The jostling over whose fish is the world's smallest reveals a mix of collegiality and competitiveness. The scientists involved claim to be friends. This isn't a race to the bottom, they say. This is about biology, evolution and a wider appreciation of the spectacular menagerie that lives on our fabulously biodiverse planet.

But in the next breath these scientists can't help belittling -- at least a little -- one another's claims.


February 13, 2006

Luca Brasi Brand Farm Raised Salmon


Why worry about "humanely" harvesting a genetically modified mutant fish, penned and fed puppy chow its whole life? The better taste argument makes no sense when you consider the wild variety, which puts up a bit of a fight when caught, seems to taste just fine.

The phrase "sleeping with the fishes" takes on a whole new meaning with one Lower Hutt company.

Aqui-S is looking to make a splash on the international stage with its fish anaesthetic. Its product is a harmless and humane way to prepare fish in fish farms for harvesting. Aqui-S's product works in the same way as a human anaesthetic does, putting the fish to sleep by shutting down their nervous systems. 



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