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February 16, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz001

A marine census released Monday documented 7,500 species in the Antarctic and 5,500 in the Arctic, including chionodraco hamatus.

One of the Antarctic's ice fish, it can withstand temperatures that freeze the blood of other fish.

(Via: MSNBC)

February 10, 2009

Scientists turn beer waste into fish food


An unlikely alliance between two former Colorado School of Mines students and the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins could someday end up saving fisheries all over the world.

"A large facility, a large brewery for example, might put 40 to 50,000 pounds of waste beer down their drain every day. So we can convert that to 30 to 35,000 pounds of bacterial protein everyday. Regular fish feed has 25 to 50 percent protein. Our ingredient has 65 percent protein."  LINK (Via: 9News)

January 28, 2009

Baiting Rambo

"There are four kinds of fish in this lake,” Manzur Hussain said. “Golden fish, local trout, A-1 trout, and Rambo trout.”

LINK (Via: The National)

January 27, 2009

Blowfish testicles poison 7 diners in Japan


Always be sure the person preparing your blowfish testicles is fully licensed. 


January 12, 2009

Seal Hits Bonanza at Fish Hatchery

Misty Niemeyer, a team member, estimated the enterprising seal had to waddle nearly 2 miles over land to reach the hatchery, traversing a stretch of the Sandwich Boardwalk, taking a tunnel that goes under Route 6A, and then slip-sliding across a mini-golf course before arriving at seafood nirvana.  LINK  (Via:The Boston Globe)

January 07, 2009

U.S. to compensate B.C. fishermen - Still holding Terrance and Philip


As part of a newly ratified treaty, the U.S. government will hand over thirty million dollars to compensate the B.C. fishing industry for dramatic cuts to salmon fisheries.  LINK (Via: CNW Group)

December 31, 2008

Biologists, PGE crew save 900,000 Clackamas Hatchery salmon


Oregon state biologists and a Portland General Electric crew worked through Christmas Eve to save up to 900,000 young spring chinook salmon at a state hatchery destined for the Clackamas and Sandy rivers. LINK  (Via: Oregon Live)

Transporting juvenile salmon hinders adult migration

                                          Salmon transporter

Juvenile salmon that are transported downstream on boats can lose the ability to migrate back to their breeding grounds, reducing their survivorship and altering adaptations in the wild.  LINK  (Via: Science Codex)

December 29, 2008

Oregon ocean conditions best for fish in 50 years


After several years of poor ocean conditions that left birds starving and fish dwindling, this year brought a healthy influx of cold, nutrient-rich water along the Oregon Coast that likely represent the best year for fish in decades, scientists say.

LINK (Via: Oregon Live)

December 24, 2008

Justice Department reconsidering bull trout stance


Should make the Matadors happy.

A recent report by the Inspector General has the federal government reconsidering its prior position on bull trout habitat.


December 17, 2008

Bat Boy Unavailable for Comment


09/16/2008 - A fish with human legs washed up on a Galveston, Texas beach late Sunday night and experts now say that hundreds or even thousands of similar creatures might be living in the depths of the sea!


November 12, 2008

Life Saving Hernia Operation Performed On Fish


Carla, a resident of the London Aquarium, was laid out on an operating table while a vet and two assistants carried out the unusual surgery.

After being stitched up and brought round, the plucky fish was kept under close observation before she went on to make a full recovery.  Via: The Mail LINK

November 04, 2008

Carcass of the Month


Biologists discovered the carcass of a fall Chinook salmon on a tributary of the Sacramento River last week that if found alive could have been bigger than the current state record. Via: Siskiyou Daily News  LINK

October 28, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty


"If everyone started calling fish 'sea kittens,' they'd be a lot less likely to violently kill them for food, painfully hook them for 'sport,' or cruelly confine them to aquariums," a spokeswoman said.

Via: The Telegraph LINK

October 23, 2008

Apache trout make comeback


The Apache trout has not only become the first North American fish to make it off the endangered species list, it has become a major draw for fishermen nationwide.

The effort now stands as a national model — and offers a blueprint for the planned reintroduction of another native trout — the Gila trout.

Via: The Payson Roundup LINK

October 13, 2008

Reverse Noodling


A giant mutant fish is believed to be targeting swimmers in an Indian river after developing a taste for human flesh.

The goonch, a huge type of catfish, is believed to have been feeding on corpses thrown into the Great Kali after funeral ceremonies.

Via: The Mail LINK

October 09, 2008

20 thousand Trout fish of type red dot...

...have been released in the rivers Heraaz and Sard Aabroud by the fishery of the province Mazandaraan.  Type red dot?  VIA Iranian Agriculture News Agency LINK


September 25, 2008

We're not going to get salmon recovery unless we get lamprey recovery


A dramatic decline in lamprey numbers in the Columbia and Snake Rivers has biologists alarmed and the Corps of Engineers scrambling for solutions. High in fat content, the lowly Lamprey is an important food source for salmon and sea lions and their disappearance has profound impacts on the entire food chain.

Via: The Seattle Times LINK

Seafood Buffet


During the fall months, wolves in coastal British Columbia will ignore their usual prey and feed almost exclusively on migrating salmon. Via: National Geographic  LINK

September 24, 2008

Cutthroat trout help measure Willamette temperatures


The project involves implanting cutthroat trout with temperature monitors the size of a watch battery and fitting others with radio beacons.

Via: The World LINK

Klamath Salmon Plague


Pathologist Scott Foott with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's California-Nevada Fish Health Center briefed county supervisors on Tuesday about the abnormal rate of infection in fish by two parasites that are rife in a particular stretch of the river. The infected fish die at extraordinarily high rates when exposed to the parasites in a 60-mile stretch of river downstream of Iron Gate Dam, Foott said.  Via: The Times - Standard LINK

September 23, 2008

It's Garzilla!!!!!!


The record did not come easy. Leonard fought the fish for an hour, shot it twice, then drove around with the creature for hours before weighing it.  Via: The Atlanta Journal Constitution LINK

September 17, 2008

He was later admitted into counseling to help him overcome any trauma


According to the boy, the fish slipped into his penis while he was cleaning his aquarium at home.

Via: The Daily Telegraph LINK

September 11, 2008

Paleolithic Angling


"I really didn't know until the end, but after about an hour and a half, I said, 'guys, we've got something special on here,"' says Toth, 40, who runs Bent Rods Guiding and Fishing Co. in Chilliwack, B.C.  VIA cnews LINK

July 24, 2008

Atlantic salmon returning to East Coast rivers


Some good news on the Atlantic Salmon front.

The Atlantic Salmon Federation says rivers in eastern Canada have had some of the best wild Atlantic salmon returns in years. Via: The Boston Globe LINK

July 19, 2008

Captains said they've suffered a 15 to 40 percent drop off in charter bookings this year

MSNBC reports on the impact fuel prices are having on offshore charter operators.  LINK

No gas price worries at the Ocean Reef Club.

July 17, 2008

Dr. Bob never intended to be a fish surgeon


The OC Register profiles fish surgeon Dr. Bob and a Koi named George W.


July 02, 2008

Catfish chokes on soccer ball in German canal




Previously on MC  LINK


June 29, 2008

State Record Golden Tilefish


The fish was hooked in approximately 600 feet of water. Via: The Roanoke Times  LINK

June 05, 2008

Fish Scales From Norway Show Ocean Fate Of Atlantic Salmon


Since 1983, sports fishermen from the Drammen River in Norway have been saving the scales of Atlantic salmon, caught as they return from years at sea to spawn in fresh water. A team of researchers including Jennifer McCarthy of the University of Massachusetts Amherst is using these scales to solve the mystery of why most of these endangered fish never survive their ocean stay.  Via: Science Daily LINK

May 16, 2008

Copper River Salmon

The annual airlift of Copper River Salmon to a Whole Paycheck location near you has begun! Via: BWTF LINK

April 21, 2008

CNN Headline T-shirts

CNN is selling t-shirts with their headlines on them.  LINK to this shirt.



LINK to the store.

UPDATE: The headlines can be manipulated.




March 26, 2008

What's next, teaching them to coat themselves in batter and hop inside a fryer?


Call them Pavlov's fish: Scientists are testing a plan to train fish to catch themselves by swimming into a net when they hear a tone that signals feeding time.

If it works, the system could eventually allow black sea bass to be released into the open ocean, where they would grow to market size, then swim into an underwater cage to be harvested when they hear the signal.  LINK

February 21, 2008

Holy Sid Fishous!


Snakeheads invading the UK?  Via: Swim at Your Own Risk LINK

January 23, 2008

A river sacrificed - In Washington, helping one fish has meant harming another


Forced by a federal court decision to develop a way to manage water that would help Yakima River spring chinook recover, fish biologists invented the system called "flip-flop," which alternates flows in the Yakima and Naches rivers to serve both farming and fish. And for a while, it seemed to work: Farmers got their water in the key late-summer and early-fall dry periods, and the spring chinook rebounded, albeit modestly.

Unfortunately the strategy had a negative impact on native steelhead and new research suggests the flip-flop may also take an unexpected toll on the Yakima spring chinook, the very fish it was designed to protect. 

Via: High Country News  LINK

January 15, 2008

Drink Like a Fish


Filled up with sake, the carp at first turned belly-up on the surface of the water. But they soon recovered and swam off.

Via: Mainichi Daily News LINK

January 07, 2008

4-Year-Old Snags Whopper With Barbie Fishing Pole


Four-year-old Phoebe Swann reeled in a 40-inch, 50-pound fish, but what’s even better is she used her tiny pink Barbie fishing rod and a red plastic worm to snag it.

With a little help from her dad, after half an hour of reeling, she finally got the giant fish out of the water.

Via: Swim at Your Own Risk LINK

December 12, 2007

The Great Escape


Trout leap to freedom in incredible escape from pond through eight-inch pipe. Andy Dufrense unavailable for comment.

Via: The Daily Mail LINK

November 27, 2007

Update on Delta Fish Stranding - It's Not Good


State and federal officials on Monday said they were investigating the death of thousands of game fish in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta after a federal agency drained the water around a protected island during a levee repair.

Masses of fish could be seen floating in shallow water on Prospect Island, a 1,253-acre plot next to Sacramento's Deep Water Ship Channel that is administered by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.  LINK

The video - VIA: CBS 13 LINK

November 23, 2007

Bureau of Reclamation Strands Thousands of Fish on Delta Island


Striped bass make up the vast majority of the fish stranded on the island but endangered and threatened species including Delta smelt, salmon and steelhead will also perish unless a fish rescue is conducted.  LINK

Call the following numbers and urge the federal and state governments to do something about saving the fish:

Bureau of Reclamation, Public Affairs Office, 916-978-5100

Richard B. Rogers, California Fish and Game Commission, 916-653-4899

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, 916-445-2841   

October 24, 2007

Siamese Pike


I would way rather see a shark swimming next to me than one of these conjoined fish.  VIA Backcountry.com (and Chum Chugger - Josh Tarr) LINK

October 23, 2007

Chum Being Sued!


"Nobody's going to be happy," he said. "We recognize that there's this niche marketing, but we want to have the best economic outcome for the industry as a whole." via Seattle PI LINK

October 01, 2007

Fish billionaire in plea to save wild salmon


The largest shareholder of Marine Harvest, the world's largest seafood company, says their fish farms are responsible for the decline of wild salmon and trout populations. LINK

Marine Harvest Canada operates 49 marine "tenures" in the waters off Vancouver Island and the mainland. LINK

September 25, 2007

Better LEDs From Salmon Sperm


An expert in light-emitting diode technology has discovered you can enhance LEDs by using biological membranes to slow down electrons, getting them to emit more photons. According to the expert, salmon sperm, a waste product of the fishing industry, is the cheapest source of LED enhancing DNA. LINK Via: Backcountry The Goat

September 24, 2007

Don't Go Noodling for Catfish in the Guangdong Reservoir!


It's a 3 meter long man-eating catfish whose head alone is 1 meter wide! After cutting up the catfish people were surprised to find the remains of a man inside!  LINK

September 12, 2007

Asian Catfish Migrates Hundreds of Miles, Rivals Salmon


Despite their reputation as pond-dwelling scum suckers, some catfish may be as well traveled as salmon.

Via: National Geographic News  LINK

September 06, 2007

Some Posts Just Write Themselves

                                       Greeback Cutthroat
                                Coorado Rivewr Cutthroat

A 20-year government effort to restore the population of an endangered native trout in Colorado has made little progress because biologists have been stocking some of the waterways with the wrong fish, a new study says.  LINk

August 29, 2007

It's raining trout in Colorado


The state Division of Wildlife is stocking hundreds of lakes with 325,000 fingerling trout dropped from modified Cessna 185 airplanes. Via: 9 Mews  LINK


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