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January 08, 2009

Boiled Tuna Eyeball



I was at the grocery store and I got the urge to eat something new. I looked around and I didn't really see much until I found a food that could look back. It was only a hundred yen, which is less than a buck, so I figured I'd give it a whirl.

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August 20, 2008

Angler's ashes turned into fish food


After his death last month he was cremated in a wicker fishing basket coffin, and his ashes were mingled with 30lb of fish food. 

Mr Hodge's widow Caroline and daughter Sally were the first to catapult balls of the bait into the River Huntspill to signal the start of an angling competition among Mr Hodge's friends.

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July 16, 2008

No, they’re not delicious

Each 2-1/4" tall tin contains one hundred and twenty mints.  LINK

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April 01, 2008

The Salted Minnows are Deadly!



February 26, 2008

The Most Important Fish in the Sea


Regionally, they're known as bunkers, pogies or fat-backs... but they're officially called menhaden.

Today, one company-Omega Protein-has a monopoly on the menhaden "reduction industry." Every year it sweeps billions of fish from the sea, grinds them up, and turns them into animal feed, fertilizer, and oil used in everything from linoleum to health-food supplements.

The massive harvest wouldn't be such a problem if menhaden were only good for making lipstick and soap. But they are crucial to the diet of bigger fish and they filter the waters of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, playing an essential dual role in marine ecology perhaps unmatched anywhere on the planet. As their numbers have plummeted, fish and birds dependent on them have been decimated and toxic algae have begun to choke our bays and seas. 

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November 21, 2007

In Japanese cuisine, salmon is considered to give good head


Due to over fishing in the seas of Southeast Asia the fish head, that Asian culinary delight, may soon be an endangered species.

And with fish heads, what you see is what you get. If the eyes are pink, it means the head is fresh. If it's glassy and grey, give it to the cat.


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October 03, 2007

Perfect on Fish!


Quite possibly the world's greatest invention. Via:Citizen Rain LINK

June 30, 2007

Weird Things People Eat Around the World


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May 25, 2007

Hook and Cook


Catch your own lunch fresh from the waters of Loch Awe at Ardanaiseig, a luxury 16-bedroom country house hotel on the West Coast of Scotland. This summer the hotel is launching Hook ‘n’ Cook, offering both novice and experienced fishermen the opportunity to enjoy a morning’s fishing on the loch, which is renowned for its unusually large trout, followed by an al fresco lunch on the lawn cooked by the hotel’s award-winning chef with the morning’s catch.  LINK

January 16, 2007

Fish Soup


Actually a carved radish.

November 29, 2006

Chum Spread

Our friend Andy found this on the internets.

Make an expedition to the nearest river full of spawning chum and catch the darkest male you can find, when you can tweak there body and hear the backbone dislodge from the muscle, you've found your keeper!

Now place your prize in the backseat of a 74' lincoln, and let "sun dry" for a full week.

When the fish reaches the consistency of warm butter and is spreadable with a dull butter knife it is ready.

Enjoy spread thickly over bagels and toast as an early morning breakfast full of energy, or for a pick me up any time of the day!

November 02, 2006

Moldy Chum Fillets?


Ass Hooked Whitey had a Chum related post today.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is sponsoring the Chum Salmon Recipe Challenge.


June 07, 2006

Lake owners have bellyful of pelicans


We would frequently see these beautiful large birds on the South Platte in Wyoming, we love the fact they are turning some real estate developers vision of a private lake into a trout buffet.

Today, on a small lake in this small town, just as they've done every day since they arrived a few years ago, the white pelicans will be trout fishing. This ruffles the feathers of the owners of private Ice Lake. They're real-estate developers who buy the live trout for $2 a pound to stock their lake and are trying to sell lakefront homesites - a 3-acre lot sells for $275,000 - to fly-fishermen and other lovers of the outdoors. Via The Denver Post LINK

May 24, 2006

Steelhead Red


The 2004 Quivira Steelhead Red is the best in a long while. A blend, in order of percentages, of grenache, zinfandel, syrah and mourvèdre, it's a very well-balanced red wine with spice and pepper and undertones of raspberry. I think the technical term for this wine is "yummy."


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