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September 26, 2006

Got any smackerel?


Competitors at last week's World Angling Championships were told to give urine samples or face losing their prizes.
VIA The Sunday Mirror LINK

September 13, 2006

Redneck Fish Flying Tournament Rules


One, you can't use a fishing pole.  VIA CBS News LINK

September 05, 2006

Shiver me timbers


The next time you're fishing the flats of the Bay of Bengal, consider packing serious heat.  Apparently these Burmese Pirates considered a Bangladeshi fishing boat a good target for looting.


July 16, 2006

Champions on the Fly Eh?


A few weekends ago, the 4th Annual Canadian National Flyfishing Championships were held in Elora and Fergus, Ont. On the Ottawa-based gold-medal team was local writer and outdoors enthusiast Mark Anderson. Here, he describes how he rose to the top 'of the arcane world of competitive fly fishing'  VIA The Ottawa Citizen    LINK

March 02, 2005

Frenchman Angling for the World's Best Vodka

This could spawn a whole new genre of fly fishing / drinking competitions. Catch a fish, shot of vodka, catch a fish, shot of vodka.........

Daucourt believes distilling and fly-fishing have similarities. Both demand a mastery of science and art. Even then, patience and luck are needed to achieve optimum results.


Jackson Hole One Fly


Since we're on a competition fly fishing bender here's one that makes more sense given the strong fund raising component.

The Jackson Hole One Fly is a three day competion whose mission is to generate, manage and grant funding for projects that environmentally benefit trout and fly fishing.

Their web site has details on the competition and details on the groups who benefit from their grants. There are also future plans to post the award winning fly recipes.


Fédération internationale de Pêche Sportive Mouche


Poissons Dessus!

An update to our recent post about competitive fly fishing.

The Fédération internationale de Pêche Sportive Mouche is the official sanctioning body for World Fly Fishing Championship Events.

Just in case you're interested in becoming a competitive fly fisher here's the 2003 competition rules and regulations. LINK

Famous hotspotter Charlie Meyers of the Denver Post writes about competitive fly fishing in his 2/22 column. LINK

March 01, 2005

Competition Fly Fishing?

The whole fly fishing competition thing seems a bit out of sync with the pursuit and the appeal seems a bit limited. We propose spicing up the World Fly Fishing Championships with the first ever World Championship Fly Fishing Tri-athalon and Mis-adventure Race to be held in Mongolia.

1st leg - Tie up 10 prairie dog patterns
2nd Leg - Run 20K in waders
3nd leg - Land Taimen with one hand tied behind back

We are Fly Fishing Team USA. Our mission is to proudly represent America as ambassadors and participants at the annual World Fly Fishing Championships.


Taimen fishing in Mongolia



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