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November 26, 2008

Record Rooster Fish?


Estimated to be 120 pounds but the world will never know.

Captain Morgan who is holding the soon to be fish tacos is 6' 2" and tips the scales at 320.

LINK (Via: The LA Times)

September 23, 2008

It's Garzilla!!!!!!


The record did not come easy. Leonard fought the fish for an hour, shot it twice, then drove around with the creature for hours before weighing it.  Via: The Atlanta Journal Constitution LINK

August 15, 2008

The ocean sunfish (mola mola) is the largest bony fish in the world


Any questions?

Via: Dark Roasted Blend  LINK

July 30, 2008

Land Shark


Matthew and Ashley Barrett, of Geraldine, pulled a bull shark from the water while fishing off the middle pier at Mountain Lakes Resort on July 21.

The freshly dead shark was pulled from Lake Guntersville, AL, which is 400 miles inland!

Via: Swim at Your Own Risk  LINK

July 18, 2008

The Chug Bug lure -- a 4-inch long lure with three small hooks on the end -- snagged Gibbs' shirt near his shoulder


A Maine fisherman out for a morning striper session lands a drowning man who had jumped off a bridge upriver.

"It was a struggle to get him out of the current so I could reel him in," Greene said.

Via: The Kennebec Journal LINK

May 28, 2008

Just for the Halibut


Soren Beck stands next to the enormous 443 pound Atlantic Halibut he caught after a titanic struggle off the Norwegian coast. Via:The Daily Mail LINK

May 06, 2008

But as Simson continued taking photographs a miracle happened


Via: Peculiarosities  LINK

May 05, 2008

Catch of the Day


After weeks of combing remote Southeast Asian rivers for giant freshwater stingrays—possibly the largest freshwater fish in the world—Hogan finally found the creature near a Thai city.  LINK

Zeb Hogan is leading National Geo's Megafishes project. LINK

February 13, 2008

Monster sturgeon tows kayaker across bay


Brent Barnes gets a west coast version of a Nantucket sleigh ride.

Via: The Marin Independent Journal LINK

January 20, 2008

Locals say there are even bigger fish in there


Nick Calleya, 36, from Cubert in Cornwall and George Carstairs from Scotland landed the 500lb white Sturgeon while angling from a boat in the Fraser River in British Columbia in Canada. Via: The Daily Mail LINK

September 08, 2007

Catch of the Day


A New Hampshire fisherman caught an alligator in the Nashua River. LINK

August 19, 2007

Catch of the Day

A Dutch scuba diver became the surprise catch of the day for a 13-year-old boy fishing in the Netherlands when his hook got caught in the man's lip.  LINK

August 07, 2007

Catch of the Day


We looked back to check our gear and saw something odd in the water. Was it a seal?? Can't be, we don't have seals around here. On closer look, it turned out to be a buck deer that was WAY off course. He was desperate and barely staying afloat.  LINK

August 03, 2007

Catch of the Day


Fisherman Michael Foor caught something big — this big. It wasn't a fish, though.



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