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February 16, 2009

Fly Fishing Film Tour Launch is Urinal Cake Free


The 2009 Fly Fishing Film Tour officially launched in Colorado Springs last Thursday, Patagonia man on the scene Matty O.  filed this report.


The Fly Fishing Film Tour got off to a good start last night with the event benefiting Project Healing Waters down in Colorado Springs. Good attendance - probably 250 folks - and a classic new-school blue grass band called Grass It Up. They did some hilarious covers of Prince and KC & the Sunshine Band - a good time had by all.


The film selections were quite good and everyone left stoked to get on the water. The venue was a lot different than expected but the owners donated the space which you can’t beat. A couple photos for you (the urinal shot is a just a little reminder that Fenway and Gill Stadium are not the only places on earth with such fine receptacles!)… I'll have a full post on RMPFF soon.


A new addition to the product line?

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz002



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Man... This water's cold. And deep!

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