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February 12, 2009

Rain Coast beatdown

Smolt and Rathbun just got back from the annual post Bellevue fly show boondoggle.  We took everything Mother Nature threw and with the help of Raincoast Guides Jim Kerr, we had another ridiculously good time.

It started out unseasonably delicious.

Sol Duc 035 

Sol Duc 043   

Sol Duc 050 

Jim Kerr - the Olympic Peninsula's premier source of fishingenuity and the most entertaining drift jockey we know.  Note to self - never swig whiskey during a Kerr'ism.  It's not nearly as smooth when it shoots out your nose.

Sol Duc 028 

Before surrender, this dime induced a pleasant 100 yard shuffle up the MIDDLE of the Duc.

Sol Duc 038 

Which inspired some flask attention.

Sol Duc 072  

Just in time to prepare us for a climactic slap to the face.

Sol Duc 098      


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The smolt is good.

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