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February 02, 2009

BSA Monterey Bay Area Council earn their kill protected steelhead merit badges


Setting a great example for the kids.

The Boy Scouts of America’s Monterey Bay Area Council operated a summer dam on a pristine river and - despite official warnings - allegedly killed federally protected steelhead trout downstream. And when state and federal regulators sought to have the council stop using the dam, Scout executives turned to politicians to whom they had given campaign contributions or with whom they had personal ties.

LINK (Via: Aquafornia)

Other councils are offering clear cutting merit badges. 

Scout councils nationwide have hired loggers to carry out clear-cutting and salvage harvests in ecosystems that provided habitat for a host of protected species, including salmon, timber wolves, bald eagles and spotted owls, records show.

LINK (Via: SF Gate)


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The same types of things have been happening in Michigan

Boy Scouts want to allow a gravel mine at their camp

Boy Scouts want to sell camp to developer for subdivision

And Boy Scouts are slaughtering bald eagles to help prevent the bird flu.


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