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February 17, 2009

2009 AMFF Annual Dinner at the New York Anglers' Club


As you probably already know, rumor has it Darth Cheney accepted an invitation to appear at the American Museum of Fly Fishing annual dinner. While most are reporting on the outrage that is justifiably being directed at museum officials, we're reporting the following.....

Just $175 bones will get you a seat!  LINK

No mention of Dick being part of the program however.

Executive Director of the American Museum of Fly Fishing, Catherine Comar, said the museum would not comment on whether Cheney would be the guest of honor and speaker at the dinner, nor would she confirm or deny rumors that the invitation or event may be postponed until the fall.  LINK  (Via: The Manchester Journal)


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I just watched "W" last night, so even seeing a doctored photo of The Dick, makes me want to punch in square in the face.

What is wrong with Dick Cheney? Why the scorn?

I'd like to hear why people are outraged and want to punch him in the face. He is one of the most prominent politicians that fly fish. There seems to be a "Dick Cheney is evil, everyone knows that" attitude, but why do people think he is Darth Vader? (even though he looks more like Palpatine)

Does the scorn come from a democrat/republican thing? I thought that ended last November.


I hope you are not serious? You do not understand the scorn? Where have you been the last 8 years? Just because he "occasionally" fly fishes does not make him worthy of speaking @ an event!
He and Bush have done more to send us back to the dark ages than anyone since, well I'm not sure who....We can no longer use Nixon as the bench mark for corrupt, we now have Cheney.
I suggest you hop onto the Union Of Concerned Scientists, River Watch, Nature Conservancy, Patagonia etc and see what they think of the last 8 years of Bush , err I mean Cheney. Folks can argue over conservative vrs liberal policy but there is no “argument” regarding Cheney, he is a creepy guy…..

In 8 short years Dick Cheney and W Bush have done more harm to the environment then the previous 100 years. Cheney is a lying, cheating, greedy bastard that fishes. He is one of the guys that fucks up somebody else's backyard and then heads to the Babine for the wilderness experience. 100% ASSHOLE

Yeah he might have shot someone in the face, created policies that restrict your civil rights, supported the biggest idiot of the administration...John Ashcroft, believes the Islamic Holy War should be treated at a strategic level as if we were still in the Cold War, and provide liberal comedians with endless amounts of shitty Darth Vader Jokes, he really didn't do anything. Come on give a guy a break, he did bring a naked chick fishing with him...or was that dude.

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