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January 19, 2009

The Fish Whisperer

Chum slurper, David Porterfield, slapped his STLHD Euro Decal on the mother of all travel cases.  Anyone out there know who makes these cases?  Since winning this case in a guide auction, Porterfield can't find another one like it. 

Fish whisperer 

Fish whisperer 2


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I want it! I want it!

The case is made by Jon Haxton and so far is one of five. He has made improvements to the design and if enough people are interested he will make more for the general public. If anyone would like one he can be reached at jonhaxton@msn.com. The fish plate is not included. The Fish Whisperer is a must have.

I want to thank DAP for contacting me about this box. I am, indeed, the designer and maker of his "semi-portable" fly tying box. David's box is #5 of 6 so far. I started laying out this design almost 9 years ago and actually built the first one--now in a nephew's care about a year later. Production slowed by the inability to source the plastic drawer cabinet in the middle, however, box #6 has a replacement design that was a bit more work, yet more versatile. It makes the box a little larger than the one pictured and is now 12"high x 16" deep x 18" wide. A little less portable, but it can still get around.
I will try to get some pictures of the box V 2.0 posted on my MySpace and link them--if allowed.
The Fish Whisperer is the registered trademark head by my brother Christopher Haxton in Gallatin Gateway, MT.
Thanks again David for the acknowledgement of my design and for using it the way it was designed.
As David mentioned, if you have an interest in one of these boxes, drop me a note and I may just have to blow the dust off the design and get to building again...

That is cherry!

Finally, a travel box that is getting close to holding enough stuff. And I try to get by with as little as possible.


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