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December 29, 2008

Thousands of Atlantic Salmon Escape BC Fish Farm


About 2,500 Atlantic salmon have escaped from a Vancouver Island fish farm, the second incident involving a Mainstream Canada operation in a little more than a year. LINK  (Via: The Peterborough Examiner)

The problem of Atlantic Salmon escapes was serious enough that Fisheries and Oceans Canada ran/runs an Atlantic Salmon watch program. There is no information on escapes after 2002, but from 1991 - 2002 there were 452,049 reported escapes from BC aquaculture facilities.

Please report all captures of Atlantic salmon  to the toll-free ASWP Reporting Number 1-800-811-6010.

You will be asked where and when you caught the fish and if you wish to donate the fish for research purposes. Donation is not mandatory but it does provide valuable samples for our scientific study. For donation, the whole fish, including entrails, should be frozen or kept on ice. ASWP staff will arrange for transport of the fish carcass. 



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