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November 12, 2008

The River Why movie website is starting to take shape




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Hope the film does justice to the book. Most don't.

Words can't describe how upsetting this is. It's impossible for a movie to be able to capture the spirit and imagry of this book. Can't hollywood leave perfection be?

This doesn't bring any good feelings for me. This book is one of my favorites by far and I've passed it on to others who feel the same.

Why I will not see this movie:
Can any of us read books like The Lord of the Rings and not have the images from the movie in our heads now instead of the ones we originally made when we first read the books?

I don't want to have My imagery and experience of this book replaced by some Hollywood Coming of Age Story Piece of Crap.

I'm just sayin'.

You doubters are on the mark. Deepen it with these facts: the movie rights were stolen from the author and he had nothing to do with the script, which is an abomination. Thus does it go forth into the world with much bad karma.

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