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October 28, 2008

No Fly-by-night Cabbie Is Jack


A 1982 Sports Illustrated profile of Jack Gartside, whose middle name it turns out is Clarence.

To describe Gartside simply as a hawker of stream-side flies would be like calling Nathan's Famous frankfurters mere hot dogs. Along with John Betts, who ties with synthetic materials (SI, May 4, 1981), Gartside, who ties almost exclusively with natural materials, is in the front rank nationally, which means the world. "I'd put him at the top," says Bud Lilly of West Yellowstone, who views flytiers with an experienced businessman's eye and whose mail-order catalog has featured Gartside's flies ever since the cabbie ambled into Lilly's shop one day in 1976 with a Pheasant Hopper stuck on his vest. "Jack's flies are superb," Lilly says.

Via: SI Vault LINK

If you have not been to Jack's website you owe it to yourself to pay a visit. LINK


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Gotta love that photo! Jack is one of the reasons are started fly-fishing.

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