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September 16, 2008

Fishing the Snake River with the Vice President


Matt Labash gives Dick Cheney a mulligan on his environmental record because he's a passionate fly fisherman.

This quote from Jack Dennis is a real gem.

Dennis, who is a committed environmentalist, says Cheney has gotten a bad rap as a despoiler of the land, since he has often quietly worked behind the scenes, doing things like torpedoing prospective mines in Wyoming that would pollute treasured cutthroat fisheries.

Tell that to the people whose livelihoods depended on the 77,000 salmon that died in the Klamath as a direct result of Cheney's intervention. His buddies in the oil industry have done a fantastic job as stewards of Wyoming's Powder River Basin.

Via:The Weekly Standard LINK

The Bush administration has arguably been the most anti-environmental in our nation’s history. From weakening protections for clean air and water, national forests, and wildlife, to advancing destructive energy policies this administration has shown an utter disregard for the environment and public health.


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