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August 31, 2008

Marlin 1 - Fisherman 0

Via: A Welsh View

Sunday Funnies - Fish Car Edition








No fish car post would be complete without the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir.

August 30, 2008

Say What?


United Fishermen of Alaska put out its own statement, congratulating Palin and noting that the governor and husband Todd Palin run a Bristol Bay fishing business.

Via: The Anchorage Daily News LINK

The Executive Privilege Starter Kit


According to the Alaska TV news station KTUU where Palin “appeared occasionally as a television sportscaster,” Palin was so determined to defeat a Clean Water ballot measure this summer that she broke the law to oppose it:

It is against the law for the governor to officially advocate for or against a ballot measure; however, Palin took what she calls "personal privilege" to discuss one of this year's most contentious initiatives. 

Via: Firedoglake LINK

Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows


Or as we like to say at the family meat plant, politics and sausage, you don't want to know what goes into it.

Measure 4, the ballot initiative primarily designed to stop the Pebble Mine and that just went down to defeat, was funded primarily by a shadowy Republican pro business group called, American's for Job Security.

Source watch's description of American's for Job Security,

Americans for Job Security (AJS) is a Republican "sham front group that would be better called Corporations Influencing Elections ... masquerading as a non-profit to conceal its funders and the scope of its electioneering activities," the Center for Responsive Politics wrote in April 2007. Incorporated October 1997 in Virginia, AJS was described by the Center as "pro-Republican", "pro-business", and "established to directly counter labor's influence".

It is alleged that AJS was founded by Marc F. Racicot "with a $1 million donation" from the American Insurance Association. Racicot headed George W. Bush's 2004 re-election campaign and is a former Republican National Committee chairman.

The prevailing wisdom is that Bob Gilliam, a prominent conservative, who owns a 10,000 sq. ft. log home 30 miles from the proposed Pebble mine, used his ties to AJS to funnel funds to the pro 4 effort.

Anchorage political consultant Art Hackney, a creative guy who normally sings the praises of right-wing Republicans and pro-development campaigns, is the front man for the pro-initiative effort.

The services of Hackney, who is no greenie, and nearly the entire advertising campaign in support of the initiative are probably being bankrolled by Bob Gillam, the Anchorage financier who opposes the proposed Pebble Mine.

Via: The Newsminer  LINK


Sarah Palin, Alaska's Republican Governor and John McCain's V.P. choice, publicly announced her opposition to Measure 4 and helped put the wood to the Measure in the final days of the campaign. As you can see in the image above, the anti Measure 4 forces used Palin in a full page Vote No on 4 ad.

Our polls were showing us ahead until Palin came out, and then they just nose-dived," said Bruce Switzer, a technical adviser to the "Yes" vote campaign.


John Montana: The Usain Bolt of Carp Fishing


His focus is legendary and skill unstoppable.  And, now, senor Montana is setting the Northwest carp angling bar as high as we've seen it.  30 plus pounds of goldfish could stand atop the podium in August.

August 29, 2008



The Fly Fishing Film Tour is now taking entries for the 2009 Fly Fishing Film Tour. All entries must be submitted no later than Friday December 5th, 2008. Winners will be announced Friday January 2nd, 2009.

The Fly Fishing Film tour is the largest film tour of its kind and is open to all film makers.
Selected films will screen in front of thousands of people in dozens of cities across the world.
For the complete Rules, Terms & Conditions and official entry from visit www.flyfishingfilmtour.com

Sockeye the hard way


Paul Nauleau from CA shows the Chum his natural predation after refusing to believe he couldn't catch a sockeye with his teeth.

Women in Hippers


El Diablo Fish Bike

Tour de France fixture Didi Senft on the first test drive of his enormous fish bicycle.

August 28, 2008

Head Into The Shed!


Just in from the The Cleanest Line

Today Patagonia launched the Tin Shed, a multimedia mini-site that's loaded with dispatches from our friends and ambassadors traveling the wilder world -- in high-quality video, audio and the written word.

The Tin Shed:

... once was home to the whole company, when we were a small band of friends who made great climbing gear, guaranteed. Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia's founder, forged his pitons in here. The rest of us drilled hexes, assembled ice axes, or inspected rope (or slacked off when the surf was up).

The Tin Shed:

... still stands a and stands for all we hold close and dear, though there are more of us: for great clothes and gear, guaranteed, and a love of wild places. What once housed the heavy equipment now holds our stories.

Join us this fall in the Tin Shed to find the latest dispatches from our friends and ambassadors in the wilder world a in high-quality video, audio and the written word.

Head into the Shed! LINK

As you explore the shed you'll find some fly fishing film clips from the genre's finest filmmakers: Burl Productions, Rollcast Productions and AEG Media.

If you're unfamiliar with the history of the brand be sure to click on the Chouinard Equipment sign once you're inside.

Now, now, the Canadian Government has apologized for Bryan Adams on several occasions!


A leaked copy of a draft Angling Management Plan has small business owners convinced they’re being pushed out of the $100 million angling industry. The report is part of the Ministry of Environment’s Skeena Quality Waters Strategy, an initiative to tackle claims of overcrowded rivers, and general deterioration of “angling experiences” in the Skeena watershed. But the recommendations put forth leans toward a lottery-based, limited-day licensing program for non-resident anglers, a proposal some insist will cut into the tourism industry by more than 50 per cent.

Via: Houston Today LINK

Our previous post on the whole matter.

An Occassional Fish


Two fishermen have been best friends since they were kids. But soon one falls into a coma. The remaining man is left to deal with the issues of loss while succumbing into the fascinating world of fly fishing.


Fish Heads Fish Heads Roly Poly Fossilized Fish Heads


Brit pensioner picks up a rock becuase it resembles fish head, puts it on display in his garden. Fifteen years later he discovers it is an actual fish head, an 80 million year old priceless fossilized fish head from the Cretaceous period.

Via: The Daily Mail  LINK

Atlantic Salmon Museum Hall of Fame Inductees Announced


The Atlantic Salmon Museum – Hall of Fame recognizes and honors the contributions and accomplishments of individuals and/or groups of individuals who have contributed to the Atlantic salmon, and/or Atlantic salmon angling in the Province of New Brunswick.

Via: The Miramichi Leader LINK

August 27, 2008

Down Goes Frazier


Take Action to Save Patagonia


A call to action from out friend and colleague Ron Hunter at Patagonia.

Patagonia is partnering with International Rivers to try to stop the construction of 5 huge hydroelectric dams in Chilean Patagonia. Starting this week, we'll be sending out postcards to our mail order customers. The postcards ask The Home Depot to stop doing business with two large Chilean manufacturers of wood products, both of whom are heavily involved in the dams project. We're asking customers to sign the postcards and drop them in the mail. The cards will go back to International Rivers, who will send them en masse to The Home Depot.

As the namesake of our company, the region continues to be a powerful inspiration for our business and for us personally. It truly is one of the world’s last unspoiled natural treasures—wild, vast and rich in its unique attributes and biodiversity.

Chum readers can take action by hitting this LINK to help keep Patagonia beautiful. Via: International Rivers

Patagonia's connection to the area has been further strengthened by our ongoing support and leadership in building a new national park in the region.

Conservacion Patagonica, a non-profit organization dedicated to protection of wildland ecosystems and biodiversity in the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina, is working towards the goal of creating Patagonia National Park, a world-class park similar in size to Yosemite National Park in California.

This video vividly showcases the proposed park's landscape and makes a compelling case for its protection and restoration. It also touches on environmental threats to the area like a massive hydroelectric project that would dam two of Patagonia's wild and pristine rivers, one of which runs right along the edge of the proposed Patagonia National Park.

The Foxtail Crab


Take it from someone who knows the man.

When Straq says his Foxtail Crab (claw variation) pattern has been, "very good"... you should pay attention.

P.S. It's a stripah pattern

Via: Wayupstream  LINK

Fly Tying The Beginning


What would happen if four of Hollywood's premier artisans decided to make a fly tying video?  LINK

Mr. Bill Goes Fishing

August 26, 2008

Attention Responsible Anglers


"If you're a responsible, dedicated angler, you have to think about bagging everything and hitting the lower Rogue."
Via: The Seattle PI  LINK

The lower Rogue River is currently experiencing the largest run of steelhead half-pounders since 2000. As of Aug. 15, 179,364 fish have entered the river.  Via:The ODFW  LINK

Restoring Fish Runs Above PGE's Deschutes River Dams


For the first time in 40 years, salmon and steelhead could soon be swimming their way down the Metolius, Crooked and upper Deschutes Rivers as a result of new equipment now in advanced stages of construction.


Fish passage around the Pelton and Round Butte dams on the Deschutes River will be achieved through
a 273-foot underwater tower and fish collection station.



The sorted fish will have to be trucked around the dam to continue their journey to the Columbia and trucked back around when they return to spawn. 

The Bedwell Elementary School Trout in The Classroom Project


Baby trout webcam goodness.

Via: The Caddis Chronicles  LINK

Tying the Sharpie Pen Glass Buzzer

By Davie McPhaill

August 25, 2008

Latest Bum Report



Other Barbie fishing news you might have missed last week

Barbie lands record marlin on her man rod.


Dick Cheney lands record Barbie on Scooby Doo rod, conspiracy theorists see Joe Biden reflected in his sunglasses.


Inheriting the F - Gene


Kelley Moen ponders whether her 4 month old son Charlie has inherited the f-gene.

Has he inherited the f-gene?  And if so, is it the dominant or recessive gene?  Will the waters of Oregon satisfy him?  Will he be content to fish the Deschutes, Metolius, Fall River and dozens of small lakes in the Cascade Lakes region near Bend and Mt. Bachelor? Or, as I did, will he move away from home, the moment he reaches driving-age, to be near Montana’s blue-ribbon trout streams, the waters romanticized in “The River Runs Through It”?

Via: New West LINK

Baby J has the f-gene!


Tsuribaka literally means "fish-aholic"


Proving the 6 degrees of blog separation theory.


We were all a bit star struck. For outdoor enthusiast, meeting Yvon Chouinard is like meeting the Pope.


Ballot Initiative Four - Vote Yes 4 Fish


Ballot Measure 4, the anti Pebble Mine measure on the ballot this Tuesday in Alaska has succeeded in one respect, it has fired up the pro-mining propaganda machine in the state and beyond. 

Although Prop 4 just applies to the Bristol Bay area, not one word about the Pebble Mine or Bristol Bay is mentioned in the wording of the measure. As a result opponents have been able to mobilize support and funding by portraying Measure 4 as a threat to existing mining operations and the Alaskan economy.

Of course this is not the case.

Are you wanting to know what Ballot Measure #4 is all about, why current regulations don’t adequately protect salmon, how toxic levels would be determined, and who the opponents are?  This section has answers to general questions about the initiative itself.

 Via: Alaskans for Clean Water LINK

Foreign mining interests have pumped 10 million into the campaign and a new poll shows Ballot Measure 4 might be going down to defeat. LINK

Two major papers in Alaska have endorsed Measure 4.

Put aside the exaggerations.

The truth is that the heart of the initiative is in the right place -- protecting Alaska's salmon fisheries against pollution from new mines.    

The legal language in the measure needs fine-tuning. We know that. Voters should approve it, and hand the new law over to the Legislature to clean up the rough edges.

BOTTOM LINE: Yes to Ballot Measure 4, to keep big new mines from dirtying salmon streams.

Via The Anchorage Daily News LINK

As Alaskans consider Ballot Measure 4 on Tuesday, they must look to the future and think about gold.

Not the gold that would be removed from Pebble Mine by foreign corporations, Anglo American and Northern Dynasty Minerals, for outsiders' profit, but the aquatic gold found in the precious salmon-rearing watershed of Bristol Bay, the thousands of fishing-related jobs, and the $250 million fishing industry that feeds Alaskans and their families.

Via: The Juneau Empire LINK


August 24, 2008

Sunday Funnies






August 22, 2008

M Raic Art & Design Studio



With the love of his fine art, Marin has another weakness . . . flyfishing. LINK

Beautiful Women - Beautiful Sport



Flickr Adds Fullscreen Photo Slideshow With Embed Option

Flickr has just added a new fullscreen photo sideshow feature that can be embedded on websites and blogs. The slideshows also have the ablity to include videos.

The Diary of an Irish Water Bailiff


“Upon my soul there is some foul play a going on at this fishery, some damned knavery and mismanagement”


August 21, 2008

Tiffany hosts screening of Red Gold


"Tiffany and Co. has vowed never to source gold from Pebble should it open," Tiffany and Co. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael Kowalski said after the screening.  LINK

Another Inking!


This time it's bigger and on foreign soil.  Damien Ellett, our 23 year old South African homey, has one Reel Pure Hoodie en route.  Damien, your bravery and passion won't soon be forgotten.  Keep flyin the flag.

Offer still stands - anyone who takes a needle for the tribe, gets a free Reel Pure Hoodie.  Send us your ink!

What is the fastest fish?


Most sources believe that the fastest species of fish is the..........LINK

Pioneers of Snake Bite Defense



Tongariro Roll Cast


August 20, 2008

Teasing GTs to catch them on a fly is hard work...and sometimes dangerous too

The latest dispatch from SWOFFA.  LINK

Matt Boutet Photogrphy


Some nice work from Saco Maine based Matt Boutet.  LINK

Welcome to Jeremiah Quinn


Writer, director, washed up boxer and incompetent, but passionate fly fisherman.


Angler's ashes turned into fish food


After his death last month he was cremated in a wicker fishing basket coffin, and his ashes were mingled with 30lb of fish food. 

Mr Hodge's widow Caroline and daughter Sally were the first to catapult balls of the bait into the River Huntspill to signal the start of an angling competition among Mr Hodge's friends.

Via: The Telegraph UK LINK

August 19, 2008

Panther Martin meets Sclera

- Watch more free videos

Mist River

After meeting him two years ago at the Meydenbaur fly market, it was pretty clear that time spent with G-Smolt on the water would be time spent well.  The last 72 hours proved to me that my gut was right.  G-Smolt was good people.  And a fine lead blocker through the labyrinth of the bear.

I arrived in Southeast on Thursday morning, and immediately accompanied Senor Huevo to his slave-shed.  The man had to sling several hundred pounds of Euro feed.  I was on my own.  After a quick knowledge dump and some back-of-the-napkin cartography, I got behind the wheel and shot northbound on the glacier highway.  My three day session had just begun.  And soon, three creeks would remind me that I come from a world far different than Southeast.

Friday morning came early.  Mr. Daniels and Rainier greeted us at the Pub the night before, and they were determined to sabotage our trip.  The fog was thick, but as we waited patiently on the Cessna dock we heard bagpipes from the South.  Weather, as it usually does in this part of Alaska, changed.  A capital city native and Outfitter, Irish camera wizard, Southeast transplant and fish geek, and wide-eyed Seattleite would soon be setting the GPS a hundred miles South.  Or was it North?  Regardless, we were on our way to Mist River -  the same fabled flow that my bro hinted at months ago.  Ever since, I've had an erection laden with skepticism.

We had artillery.  There was mace.  And this quartet excitedly rolled through the labyrinth of the bear, nervously singing 19th century war tunes (as well as everyone's favorite little diddy from Player).  We hoped something bigger and badder than us wouldn't materialize.  It never did (unless you consider several opportunistic Varden to be bigger and badder).  The next 7 hours treated us to one of the most productive sessions I have ever seen.

It was a performance and experience that might have potential to be equaled.  But it will never be exceeded.  Or forgotten.









The almighty Two-fer



C. Bamford hits the Chum hard with these two August slabs.  Very tough act to follow!

The Ursus Arctos Mastery of Alan Corbett

Our new bro from Juneau shows us that when he's not slaying trout on his 8 wt. (yes an 8 wt. is the appropriate selection for the trout he targets), he's a seriously skilled lense jockey.  More from Alan can be found here.




August 18, 2008

Techno Dolly

We came.  We saw.  We sharted ourselves it was so good.

Bun is back from South East.  Full report w/in 24hrs.  Until then, here's a sneak preview.



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