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July 31, 2008

Buster Wants Some Bandwidth



The Fishing Princess


The Princess sports some appropriate 2nd hand duds courtesy of the Tomine family.

The Big Hole River Foundation


Founded in 1988 by noted Montana conservationist, angler, and fly tyer George F. Grant, he Big Hole River Foundation is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to defending and conserving the natural and cultural resources of the Big Hole watershed.

The river is also home to the last native, self-sustaining population of fluvial Arctic grayling in the lower forty-eight states.


Quist Art Studio


Angling art by Oregon based angling artist Bob Quist.  LINK

This will score points with the missus



More Pending Oil and Gas Leases


State-owned land in and around Gallatin County could up for oil and gas development — parcels that include the riverbeds of the Yellowstone and Boulder rivers. Via: New West  LINK

The Bush administration is pushing new oil shale regulations that critics say is a prelude to a last minute fire sale of oil shale leases. Via New West  LINK


The Green River Formation in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado has the most oil shale development potential in the United States. The richest concentration of oil shale in Colorado lies in the Piceance Basin, between Meeker, Rifle, Parachute and Grand Junction.  Via: Colorado Confidential  LINK


Meanwhile on the Pinedale Mesa another 3700 wells are being planned for the same area where 700 wells are being blamed for unhealthy ozone levels, declining wildlife populations and contaminated water supplies.

Via: The Jackson Hole News and Guide LINK

July 30, 2008

Ward " I hope you weren't too hard on the Beaver "


Via: Buster Wants to Fish  LINK

This will make your head explode.

The December issue of the Limestone Chronicles....a Spring Ridge Club publication.

Meet Mr. 60,000


Bill Kraus Jr has been logging his catches for 55 years.

Each of the more than 60,000 entries, which Krauss keeps in a set of sturdy three-ring binders, includes the date, time and location of the catch, along with the species and size of the trout and the type and size of fly used to catch it.

All 60K were released.

Via: The Morning Call LINK

Fly Fishing the USA with Bill Byrd


Bill says his Light/Ultralight fly fishing section is one of the most comprehensive resources on the subject in the world.


Land Shark


Matthew and Ashley Barrett, of Geraldine, pulled a bull shark from the water while fishing off the middle pier at Mountain Lakes Resort on July 21.

The freshly dead shark was pulled from Lake Guntersville, AL, which is 400 miles inland!

Via: Swim at Your Own Risk  LINK

July 29, 2008

Back to the Future

This classic cover shot of Kreh and Clouser is from a 1999 issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters I picked up in a free box at Rocky Mountain Anglers last week. Flipping through the pages of this issue, and the two others I managed to snag, one can't help be struck by how little things have changed in the last 9-10 years.


So which brand came up with the sepia toned Montana guide based ad campaign first?


One of the classic old Scott ads.


And sometimes you just want to forget that you were a nerd back in high school.


Marilyn Monroe wins new praise — for selling fishing tackle


The August 1962 issue of Life magazine bore a picture of the actress on its cover and carried a history of her life — with the same magazine carrying an article titled “A Lure Fish Can’t Pass Up” showcasing Lauri Rapala’s original floating fishing lure. This edition broke all circulation records. Via: Reuters  LINK

The Urban Fly FlickR


A nice little blog with a focus on fly fishing in So Cal.  LINK

Gaston! We're going to need another case of Laphroaig



July 28, 2008

The longest running angling magazine of all time


Waterlog is a beautifully produced quarterly fishing magazine. LINK

Dan Lopez Fly Fishing Series 1


Denver based artist Dan Lopez explores the, "quiet nostalgia of fly fishing."  LINK



Tai-robot-kun is a 15.4 lb robotic red snapper with a silicone body covered in realistically hand-painted scales, features a unique propulsion system that allows it to move its tail and drift silently through the water like a real fish.

Via: Pink Tentacle LINK

The River Why - Shooting Continues


Jason Borger reports from the set of The River Why.  LINK

July 27, 2008

Stripers Forever Call to Action


Stripers Forever members – here is an opportunity to really help the striped bass. Delaware State Senator Robert Venables, himself a serious striped bass angler, has introduced and passed a bill in the DE state legislature that would prohibit the gillnetting of striped bass in the DE portion of the Nanticoke River from March 1 through June 30.  The governor is listening to a legislator motivated by the 6 gillnetters who would be influenced by this closure, and she is threatening to veto the bill!

    * The new time period would simply mirror the closure that already exists on the Maryland portion of the river.  MD officials have asked for DE to add the month of March to help protect the spawning fish – DE is already closed from 4/1 to 6/30, but spawning fish are showing up in March.
    * While the quota is a finite 1,600 pounds, there is a known and admitted bycatch of many striped bass smaller than the 28-nch minimum.  The “legal” catch is entirely of large, breeding striped bass.
    * The fishery is widely known to produce illegal or black market fish that circumvent the quota.

Here is the action that SF urges you to take:

DE residents – phone, e-mail and/or and write Governor Minner’s office and tell her that striped bass need better protection, especially on their spawning grounds, and send a copy to Patrick J. Emory, Director, Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife. Urge them to support and not veto SENATE BILL # 298.   Also, contact or copy your local state legislator and ask them to support your views and to use their office to urge Governor Minner to support this legislation.  SF has only a few hundred members in DE.  Send this e-mail to all of your fishing friends and urge them to do as you are doing.  All contact information for the Governor and Patrick J. Emory appears at the end of this e-mail along with a sample note. 

Non Residents of DE – we urge all of our members to take similar action.   Striped bass belong to no particular state.  All fisheries that enjoy the Chesapeake strain of striped bass have a stake in this issue.

Dear Governor Minner:

I am a resident of (name of your state) and someone who enjoys fishing for striped bass.  I urge you to support Senate Bill #298 which will help protect spawning striped bass.  Gill netting of breeding size fish, the bycatch of smaller fish, and the inevitable resulting black market sales of striped bass are all unacceptable management policies. 

(Residents of northern states might add) Striped bass fishing has declined seriously in northern states.  The number of large fish is down significantly and there are very few small fish available.  I feel it is incumbent upon Delaware to do everything reasonable to protect spawning striped bass.  Not only the recreation, but the livelihoods of many guides and businesses are dependent on striped bass and therefore your good stewardship of this resource. 


My name

CC Patrick J. Emory Director Delaware Div. Fish and Wildlife

Governor Ruth Ann Minner 
Tatnall Building,
William Penn Street, 2nd Floor
Dover, DE ~19901
Phone: (302) 744-4101
Fax (302) 739-2775

Patrick J. Emory, Director
Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife
89 Kings Highway
Dover, DE ~19901
Phone: ~(302) 739-5297 or (302) 739-9910
Fax: ~~~~~(302) 739-6151

Sunday Funnies - Hook Set Edition

Pure gold.


July 26, 2008

Gone Fishing

July 25, 2008

So don't tell me you might just let it go




Fat Guy Fly Fishing


Once upon a time, there were three fat guys who decided to make a website about fly fishing. The end.


Seriously, that's about it.  LINK

Real World Fly Fishing Demo



July 24, 2008

Calusa Paddle and Fly Fishing Challenge to benefit the Randall Research Center


This looks like a very fun event and a worthy cause.

September 27-28, 2008 at the Historic Tarpon Lodge Pineland,



Salmon poaching forces Kamchatka's bears to turn to alternative food sources


Up to 30 hungry and desperate bears have attacked and eaten two men in Russia's wild far eastern region of Kamchatka, and have trapped a group of geologists at their remote site.  Via: The Guardian UK LINK

Cruise Ship Port of Call Snags an Angler


Steven Sautner finds some time to cast a line while on a cruise to Bermuda.

Only a fool would cast a fishing lure from the ninth-floor balcony of an anchored 923-foot cruise ship. But when a pack of voracious jacks explodes under a school of bait — even if it is 70 vertical feet to the water — the temptation can be too much.

Via: The NY Times LINK

Atlantic salmon returning to East Coast rivers


Some good news on the Atlantic Salmon front.

The Atlantic Salmon Federation says rivers in eastern Canada have had some of the best wild Atlantic salmon returns in years. Via: The Boston Globe LINK

July 23, 2008

Aerial Photos of Washington's Coastline


Another resource for you searun cuttie aficionados. LINK

The Complete Hatch - Insect lifecycle in a box


My name is Kyle Shannon and I was so frustrated trying to decode the secrets of "Matching the Hatch" that I felt something had to be done. LINK


Spirituality Through Ethical Fishing Practices:David James Duncan’s The River Why


An essay by Brently Johnson. LINK

July 22, 2008

Feeding the nation's hunger for Fillet of Fish sandwiches is killing endangered salmon


In recent years, the fleet of about 100 pollock trawlers have intercepted record numbers of salmon bound for rivers in Canada, the Pacific Northwest, Asia and Alaska. Federal laws prevent them from fishing for anything but pollock, so fishermen must throw the mostly dead and dying salmon back into the sea.

King salmon bycatch - fishing jargon for the unintentional capture of a species - in the Bering Sea pollock fishery rose last year to a record 122,000, up from a previous 5-year average of 57,333. The bycatch count for other salmon species hit a record 706,000 in 2005, according to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council.

Via: The Seattle Times LINK

Billy Connolly - Fly Fishing

Front Range Danglers



A couple of cell phone shots from our late afternoon session in Hygiene yesterday.

Greetings from South Park

Our pal Zach Johnson sent us these shots from the Dream Stream with slab meister Landon Mayer.


His gal Megan's  first trout.


No back casting worries between Spinney and Elevenmile.


Hypoxia in the Northen Gulf of Mexico


This site give an in depth history and analysis of the second largest dead zone in the world in the Gulf of Mexico. Marine dead zones can also be found be found off the coast of Oregon and in Washington's Puget Sound. LINK

July 21, 2008

Fly Fishing Nation


Some familiar faces and creative work at F.F. Nation

Fly fishing uncut through fly fishermen's eyes. Even the most remote areas reveal their secrets if we can see it with the fishing eye. LINK

Today Show Goes Fly Fishing

All you greenies will be rigging up and heading for South Boulder Creek after you see the slab Lester Holt landed in South Boulder Creek.

The River and the Maiden


Gerald L. Smith equates college life to The River Why in this 2002 Sewanee scholarship week talk.

These are not just pilgrimage books; I would characterize them   more accurately as "quest" books, books that tell a story about vision,   passion, and a distant goal--symbolized here for Duncan in the beautiful maiden   flyfishing naked in a tree.

Roosters in the Surf


In this latest podcast from Ask About Fly Fishing, Mike Reiser shares his newly discovered fly fishing techniques in hooking and landing roosterfish in the surf.  LINK

July 20, 2008

Utah Supreme Court: Use of public waterways includes streambeds - even on private land


Fishing enthusiasts are giddy.

Via: The Salt Lake Trib. LINK

You can read the decision here. LINK

July 19, 2008

Captains said they've suffered a 15 to 40 percent drop off in charter bookings this year

MSNBC reports on the impact fuel prices are having on offshore charter operators.  LINK

No gas price worries at the Ocean Reef Club.

Rupert the Grouper

July 18, 2008

The Chug Bug lure -- a 4-inch long lure with three small hooks on the end -- snagged Gibbs' shirt near his shoulder


A Maine fisherman out for a morning striper session lands a drowning man who had jumped off a bridge upriver.

"It was a struggle to get him out of the current so I could reel him in," Greene said.

Via: The Kennebec Journal LINK

Sierra Buttes or Bust


Mrs. Bun and I are stuffing the allroad with 10 days of supplies for our (my) 33rd annual pilgrimage to a little slice of California heaven.  The 3wt., size 16 to 20's in anything and everything, and a thirst for the very earth the 49ers sifted 150 years ago.  The flows I roam here won't likely hit the newsstands in your favorite bug mag, but it's special nonetheless.  And, you'll get a full report when I return later this month.

Friday Boat Porn


Inspired by the sailing canoes of the 1800's caillou takes it's design cues from both classic and modern day boat design.


Charm City Cakes

Chef Duff offers a fly Fishin themed custom cake LINK


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