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July 25, 2008

Fat Guy Fly Fishing


Once upon a time, there were three fat guys who decided to make a website about fly fishing. The end.


Seriously, that's about it.  LINK


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So, at the bottom of the first page, what new kind of fly reel is that?

I am a member of FAT GUY FLY FISHING and have fished 57 days this year, that's not easy when you live in Arizona, we have fished three states this year and don't really give a shit what some nay saying purist think. We have fun with what we do and we fish more often than you.

Aaron- looks like the Chum was pointing out your site without nay saying a thing. No need to get all prepubescent and stuff.

I've got no problem with chum I love this site. my last comment was left for oatka because he saw a spinning reel in one of our pictures and got all cynical about it

That makes sense Aaron. Hard to read between the lines sometimes. My bad.

no that's probably my fault. I tend to leave out lines when I'm responding to blogs with a half a bottle of Jim Beam in me, anyway I'm tired of this issue, let's talk about fishing

You guys are funny.

funny and attractive to the ladies, don't you forget that

on an off note. what kind of doctor do you call when your farts smell like pie

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