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May 31, 2008


The day wasn't quite as relaxing for Chelios


"I got frustrated. I never fly-fished before," he said. "I didn't like it. I'll never do it again. Too much work. You've got to have a little touch to do this, a little technique. Fishing should be more relaxing."


Hanging on beach near home in hockeytown Malibu..... much more relaxing. LINK


Fishing Battle

May 30, 2008

Looks like you can milk anything with nipples...


...AND catch anything with a fly!  This SOTM fresh water drum submission was taken by Bill Cockrell from the Colorado River in Central Texas on a black beadhead stonefly nymph.

Late May WA Chrome


Andrew Simon, Chum purveyor and local steelhead sensei, shot us this early arriving South Eastern WA slice of chrome.  Not his biggest SOTM submission, but bonus points for the odd timing of the fish and the beaver pelt affixed to his neck.

Gucci Brown


On a remote lake in Patagonia, Chummist Ryan Dunne fooled this big turd on a Size 4 hopper and tucks it in under the bell for the May SOTM.

Another sweet SOTM brown


Submitted at the bell by Chum junkie, Troy Morter.

Slabacious Flipper


Last minute submission - and a hog it is.  This one apparently held its color after the wooden shampoo.  Taken by Marshall Green, Port Lucaya, Bahamas.

That's a big beaver!

The sounds emanating from the camp shitter last night were not human in origin


Fortunately for Larry the shitter was bulletproof.


Via: Invent-a-word  LINK


Times a Tickin"


Send your slabs now.  Winner gets a fresh copy of John Gierach's new book - Fool's Paradise

Psychedelic Salmon



May 29, 2008

Whoo hoo. Look at that!

Viva la Ephemera guttalata!



Loyal chumist and frequest SOTM player, Dave Severson submits a gigantasaurus from the main branch of the Delaware in NY. The greedy banksipper measured 24" and slurped a size 8 Green Drake on 6x.

New addition to the 08 product line?


Pic submitted by Josh Tarr, Chum addict and world class grog purveyor.

I fish. It's who I am.


For the Striper geek in all of us

May 28, 2008

Just for the Halibut


Soren Beck stands next to the enormous 443 pound Atlantic Halibut he caught after a titanic struggle off the Norwegian coast. Via:The Daily Mail LINK

And the award goes to...


Red Gold landed both the Audience and Director awards at last weekend's Mountainfilm in Telluride.


Proceso de confección de una Chernobyl Ant

Some other useful Spanish phrases.

¿Dondé está el baño?
Where is the bathroom?

¿Cinco doláres? ¿Por esa cosa?
Five dollars? For that thing?

No comas esa. No sabes donde esa ha pasado.
Don't eat that. You don't know where it has been.

No, guardia. No tengo marihuana.
No, officer. I have no marijuana.

Sólo Nixon podía ir a China.
Only Nixon could go to China.

No, no, piedo unos huevos.
No, no, I ordered eggs.

Tu hija es muy bonita.
Your daughter is very beautiful.

Michael Simon Angling Art


Michael Simon's work has graced the pages of many national fly fishing magazines and he has also been commissioned to create limited edition posters, murals and lithographs for Trout Unlimited, The Federation of Flyfishers and the American Museum of Fly Fishing.


'There are no half-measures when it comes to the dedication of a soldier or a fisherman


Nick Sawyer is a soldier and fisherman.

In between soldiering duties, he slips away to fish. Often he meets locals by the river, and the common language of fishing cuts across the bloody backdrop of the war.  LINK

Build Your Own Helios


Wonder if they filled it?

Limited to just 8 anglers, priced at $4,950 per person. Includes lunch each day and one evening meal event, but does not include lodging or all other meals, beverages or gratuities.


May 27, 2008

The best spot in Norway for northern pike on the fly is just outside Oslo


Leopold, I think you need to take Straq out for some pike action!

Pal Krogvoldl gives you a taste of some of the fly fishing opportunities in Norway.


Solar-powered kayak attachment


This "outrigger attachment" essentially hooks onto any medium / large-sized kayak and relies on the sun to charge up the 12V deep cycle marine battery. From there, a Minkota trolling motor provides the power your kayak needs to move about in the water, leaving you with nothing better to do than kick back and troll for that big one.

Via Endgadget LINK

Building Rods for Rising Trout


Bamboo fly rods of distinction for over 25 years. LINK

May 26, 2008

What chaps really like to do in bed is to think about shooting, fishing......


.........and sheep.  LINK

Beginners Luck?


Jim Chamberlin holds up some serious stripah slabbage for May SOM consideration. Rumor has it this was only Jim's second time fishing in the salt and that he caught an even larger specimen his first time out.

Operation Bass Pro Shops

Salmon-chanted evening…


From Scotland comes news that a fashion designer is selling bikinis made from salmon skin.

But there just may be an upside. Salmon predators also include large, persistent birds who swoop from nowhere and won’t take no for an answer. “My God, Tiffany! That condor is pulling at your bikini - for your own safety, just let him have it!”

Via:Reuters LINK

May 25, 2008

Sunday Funnies







May 24, 2008

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Subsurface Schmubsurface

May 23, 2008

A Message for Cermaq

This film from Calling From the Coast is a message for fish farming company Mainstream, a subsidiary of Norwegian multinational company Cermaq. The film was produced to educate Cermaq shareholders about the impacts their company is having on BC tourism, operators fisherman, first nations and the ecosystem.

There are a number of other films worth viewing on the Calling From the Coast site so be sure to hit their link to view some of their excellent work.

Please watch the clips and pass along to everyone you know and thanks to Tim Pask for the links.

Part one of A Message to Cermaq

Part two

The Korean Penis Fish

All it takes is a little driftwood and plenty of time on your hands


May 22, 2008

The Larry Craig Bobble Foot


The St. Paul Saints baseball team is having some fun at the expense of Larry Craig.

A foot "peaks out of the bottom (of the stall) and 'taps' up and down," the Saints said in a statement. The Saints scheduled the promotion on National Tap Dance Day.  LINK

AFFTA Hires New President


AFFTA Hires Gary Berlin as New Association President
Former Colorado Division of Wildlife Employee Brings Three Decades of Experience

Denver, CO: The American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) announced today that
it has hired Gary Berlin as the trade association's president. A former human resources
manager and Area/District Wildlife Manager for the Colorado Division of Wildlife
and the recent head of the International Hunter Education Association, Berlin brings
nearly thirty years of experience in the outdoor arena as well as proven non-profit
association leadership skills. He received a Bachelor's degree in Natural Resource
Management from Mesa College in Grand Junction, CO and a Master's degree in Public
Administration from the University of Colorado in Denver. Berlin, a lifelong Colorado
resident, will begin his tenure on July 1 and will be establishing a new permanent
home for AFFTA in the greater Denver area.

7 Minutes of Tarpon Mayhem

Angling on the Fly which operates out of Kiene's Fly Shop in Sacremento offers up some baby tarpon You Tube goodness.

Heading to the Flats in Style!


Groom ON!


Have a fishing friend preparing to tie the knot?


Mobile Chum


Click on the flashing Mippen icon at the bottom of the right sidebar and follow the directions to optimize Le Chum for viewing on your mobile device.

May 21, 2008

It is claimed to be one of the longest recorded flights of this acrobatic animal



Fly Fishing Fun with Stu

Watch out Jackass!

Mo betta!

After taking an unprecedented beating from a normally docile May, it was time to head East in search of user friendly tailwaters.  After a quick stop to our local Hertz pimp, we loaded up the relatively gas friendly Maulibu and keyed the GPS to Craig, MT.  10 hours later, a few bags of spitz seeds down the gullet, and some less than PC discussion from the Wetfly boys, we arrived at our perfectly located Retreat on the Rivers Edge.  10 minutes later we were balls deep and euphoric from a brown trout tango.

We've been to a few base camps in our day and they don't get much more complete than the Rivers Edge Retreat.  It'll sleep 7 with ease, and has all the goods to cater any bug throwing posse's needs. 


After the I-90 cannonball run, this was the pot at the end of the rainbow.


And the rainbow turned brown pretty fast.


With a few burgers down the hatch and a Raineer fuled Chappelle session, morning came fast.  And after meeting Straub and company, it soon became apparent that we'd be into our backing before you could say I'm rich bitch.

Atkins breakfast


Pat Straub and Garrett Munson - partners in crime.  Not only fishy as hell, but a cost effective way to ensure you have the best Missouri experience imaginable.  Expectation exceeders to say the least. 


They had us into Mclovin in no time




After two multiple fish laden days, we headed home with another set of religious memories and elbow tendonitis.  A carload of gastrointestinally challenged anglers are now back to reality.



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Island Hopper


Robert Meiswinkel releases another fat bonefish. Zapata Peninsula, Cuba. Photo: Chris Figenshau


If You Can't Shoot Them....Cook Em!


Those Einsteins at the National Marines Fisheries Service did not get the, sea lions need to be in the water occasionally memo.  LINK

My gawd Thurston, they're serving prarie oysters at our favorite retailer





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