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April 22, 2008

Take Me to Your Leader


Marvin Cutchin of MidCurrent raises a very valid question (or two) about the tagging of Tarpon off the coast of Florida in the wake of former President Bush's 100+ lb. catch over the weekend.  LINK


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Marvin? I thought it was Marty. Or was it Mavis?

Oops! How in the heck did I make THAT mistake? I'm going to have to walk around Florida next Fall with a bag over my head.

Error corrected, Marshall. I must have been listening to some old Marvin Gaye songs on iTunes when I wrote that this morning.

Don't fret, Marvin Gaye would be a too-favorable comparison, and besides, I'm getting used to it. I am "Marty Cutchin" on the cover of the most recent Orvis catalog, and there were at least 300,000 of those printed.

I always say folks can call me whatever they want as long as they don't call me late for dinner.

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