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April 18, 2008

Fly Recipes Dot Com


Chum addict John Testor recently turned us on to this new site: Fly Recipes.  Looks like these boys are on to something special.  We'll keep a finger to the pulse of this one and fill you in on its official launch.


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WHat makes you think they are on the something special? Is it because they have a web 2.0 layout???
Looks like it will be a pay site....

DOnt see anything special here yet.

You're right, Bob, nothing special yet. I've got some really cool things planned and I wanted to let people know about it so I put up the announcement site and the guys at Chum picked up on it.

Not a pay site either. You don't even have to register if all you want to do is scan the recipes. The only thing I'll charge for is to join the Liar's club and that is only to cover the cost of the shirt, hat, fly box or whatever you choose.

But, I'll tell you what, send me a note from the site and I won't even charge you for that. I'll make you an honorary liar for free...

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