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March 31, 2008

Back by popular demand



Monday Fly Tie Lesson # 9

I'm Fixin a Hole

Simple wader repair instructions from Patagonia. Open the the publication and click on the page to enlarge.

This just In......Wyoming is not B.F. Egypt


March 30, 2008

Sunday Funnies








March 29, 2008

1940's tuna assault

March 28, 2008

Catch of the Day


Hot Fishing Action


Cro-Magnon Man Fishing the Henry's Fork

Fish Boutique


From the mind of Bjorn Rune Lie

March 27, 2008

Look for the can with the winking pirate

Pimp Your Raft


River Runner Essentials Cutbow rod holder and Crossbar Cooler drink holder. LINK

Go ahead, bite the big apple


I vividly remember being inspired by an Urban Angler ad of a guy holding a Giant Trevally when I was a newbie fly fisherman. Who would have thought that 10 years later I would have a chance to call on the shop that inspired me with that exotic ad, a copy of which is displayed in their Manhattan store.


Located on Fifth Avenue in the shadow of the Empire State Bulding, Urban is one of the most influential and unique fly fishing retailers on the planet.   


When you step off the elevator you enter a fly fishing oasis in the heart of midtown.



Urban is poised to infect another metropolitan area in the near future. LINK

Let your tweed flag fly

"The Art of the Creel" is a photographic perspective on a wide variety of creels, their makers, their materials and their artistic appeal.  With more than 200 different creels photographed, this book provides a comprehensive look at all the major categories of creels as well as some very rare, one of a kind creels that are tucked away in private collections.


March 26, 2008

What's next, teaching them to coat themselves in batter and hop inside a fryer?


Call them Pavlov's fish: Scientists are testing a plan to train fish to catch themselves by swimming into a net when they hear a tone that signals feeding time.

If it works, the system could eventually allow black sea bass to be released into the open ocean, where they would grow to market size, then swim into an underwater cage to be harvested when they hear the signal.  LINK

BC Trio


Original photo by Casey Sheahan

Gonna be a mennil toss flykune


Part 2 of Y.C. Interview


Here's part two of Treehugger's interview with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard.


In case you missed part one.  LINK

‘Fly Fishing Colorado’ DVD released by CDOW


More than two years in the making, “Fly Fishing Colorado” takes viewers on a year-round tour of fly-fishing adventures spanning the entire state.  Via: The Vail Daily LINK

March 25, 2008

The Jersey Diner Tour

The Jersey Diner Tour

Welcome to Joisey

Anotherr week another road trip.

3rd Annual Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival


Kicking off in April, this year's Rise film festival will play 35 venues in New Zealand and Australia.


How We Move The Chum

144,000,000 strong.

Yakima River One Fly Competition


On Saturday, April 12th, we all have an opportunity to make a difference on the Yakima. 

$100 bone entry fee - all proceeds directly benefit the Kittitas County Conservation District, specifically the Yakima River tributary projects.  For more information contact Julia Hailey with any questions at (206) 826-5722 or jhailey@marcusmillichap.com

False Echoes


There comes a point in every fly fisherman’s career  where he is faced with the needs, the wants of  seeking out a gator of a trout, traveling to an exotic local, or some my say ”just the drug of the tug”. Track one anglers passion to seek out these places and  for others to share in his  experience from success stories to misadventures. Life on the fly.  LINK

March 24, 2008

Wahoo Madness

Just one of 13 recently posted videos from Nomad Sport Fishing.

The toughest, most puncture-resistant breathable waders on the market


A product testimonial by Jim Johnson, owner of Alaska's Naknek River camp.

Via: The Great Outdoor Blog  LINK

Cro-Magnon Rocks Moab


Seeking refuge from a still chilly Ashton, ID, Cro-Magnon man rocked Moab last week.

Fly Fishing Life


The online fly mag movement takes another step forward with Fly Fishing Life

Westside Fly


About time we shouted out our Westside brothers. LINK

March 23, 2008

An Easter Message from Senator Craig


Via: The Hill LINK

Happy Easter


Sunday Funnies







March 22, 2008

Hooked Bear

March 21, 2008

Welcome to Alaska

Environmentalists lose Puget Sound salmon suit


More bad news for salmon.

Federal officials are not violating the Endangered Species Act by allowing fishing for Puget Sound salmon -- even though it kills up to three-quarters of the fish protected under the law -- U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik of Seattle said in a ruling issued Friday.  Via: The Seattle PI LINK

Phish thing is a bad thing AND CHUM thing is wrong


Update from J.T. who is currently working the beat in Mainland China.


Just thought you might want and update and fodder for a post.

I went to get a steaming helping of MOLDY CHUM yesterday while staving insanity while working at one of my Chinese factories. Apparently the CHUM is a threat to socialism and represents a threat to the Chinese way of life. Even a quick view of the chum may incite democratic feelings, and cause dissention. Apparently the free and sarcastic life of a fly-fishing chumster would be too much to bear for a local and would cause them to seek a better life and existence through the way of the fish.

What I am trying to say is THE CHUM IS OFFICIALLY BLOCKED on the mainland. As is your brother publication Wayupstream.

Just thought you may want to know your impact is felt around the world in many ways.

Remember the socialist “confuse us” say 

Phish thing is a bad thing.
And CHUM thing is wrong


Catch of the Day


Clooney Speaks


Dear Clooney,

With all this attention being paid to canine fly fishing companions, what's your opinion of the Lab?

I find Labs to be intelligent, articulate and most have a fantastic sense of humor. Look at that K9 fly fish guru Trask over at The Drake. However, occasionally you'll come across one that's just a few cards short of a full deck. 


March 20, 2008

McGuane Joins MidCurrent Editorial Board


One of the icons of fly fishing literature has joined Marshall's editorial board.


How We Eat The Chum Sandwich

With lots of mayo!

Warning: NSFW language.

Yeah - We Fish Too


From the floundering father of Ebony Angler and contributing writer to Black Outdoorsman Magazine, comes another nail in the coffin of yesteryear's tweedbag empire.  This voice is one to enjoy

The Next Time You're Burning Some Sage


Choose Juicy Jay's Sizzling Bacon Flavored Rolling Papers  LINK


All rolling papers are intended for tobacco/legal smoking herbs only.

Fish Bum Vol. 1 Mongolia is FINISHED!!!!!!


Owens waxes eloquently on wrapping production on Fish Bums Vol. 1

Via: The Trout Bum Diaries  LINK

March 19, 2008

Cast like a bum


Complete with Cup O' Noodles chicken broth impregnated cork.  LINK

Sure beats the old Magaret Thatcher ad


Wounded Warriors find calm in Fly Fishing


Three minutes and fifty seven seconds of feel good NPR content


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