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February 20, 2008

But, Mr. Minister, it isn't like this is the first troublesome thing to come out of Canada


In response to "persistent steelhead angler" issues, the Canadian Ministry of the Environment is in the process of implementing a Quality Waters Strategy for the Skeena River watershed. The community engagement part of of the process  started in January, will take a year to complete , and will result in new angling management plans for the watershed. Keep in mind that the number of angling days on the Skeena watershed have actually declined dramatically over the last 5 years.

One of the initiatives being put forward by a very vocal group is to limit non resident access to the watershed.This proposal would devastate the local tourism economies and alienate some of the strongest advocates for protecting the Skeena.

Piscatorial Pursuits has a detailed forum thread on the subject and eloquently points out that the stakeholder working group contains no local business interests, is comprised of local guides and anglers and that the "angler crowding issues" are being overblown to limit access. The entire thread is worth the read.  LINK 

You have the opportunity to express your opinions about the plan by reviewing the information, filling out a response survey form and staying informed of ongoing developments. LINK

The quality of the steelhead fishing has also gone to shit over the last few years due to provincial aquaculture, commercial netting and poor fisheries management. The whole issue will be moot if something is not done to preserve the fish. LINK


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I heard that, back in the day, lake Erie was also commercial fished, and the local fishing was total crap.

I guess when they removed the commercial fishing, the fish population just exploded, and the surrounding states made FAR more money on the tourism coming through, than they ever did from the commercial fishing companies.

I can see why too... when we were there for just one weekend, I'm willing to bet that the little itty bitty tiny area that we were in, probably took in $20k. That would include gas, lodging, food (can't have fish all the time), etc.

Then take that times 300 for all the little tiny areas like this around the lake, and the income has to be completely insane.

i moved back to northeast ohio (neo) from napa, ca 4 yrs. ago and was way bummed at the thought of having no decent fly fishing available. glad to say i couldn't have been more wrong. epic fishery here in neo for steelhead- and if this friggin' ice would melt i could back out there- gettin' a little sqirrely in the depths of february.

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