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January 31, 2008

The Sold Out AEG Show at Patagonia HQ In Ventura

A few minutes before liftoff.

The Magic of Fish Carving


Now you too can become a master fish carver with Ed Walicki's video carving courses.


Zen and The Art of Fly-Fishing


A look back at what Time was saying back in 1989. 

It is in some ways a dangerous sport too, but less for the fish than for the angler's relatives. Fly-fishermen can quickly become world-class bores. LINK

RC Fishing

These Boots Were Made For Fishin



January 30, 2008

Testing 1 2 3


1/30/08 Tour Swag

10 bones will get you a tour tee.

1/30/08 2 hours to showtime!

The grand room at Patagonia HQ will be filled to capacity when the AEG film tour kicks off in a couple of hours.


AEG Film Tour Ready to Launch


Less than 24 hours to the official start of the 2008 Fly Fishing Film Tour!

As "sketchy" as they come - D. Yi


The Russian River phantom himself.

Reel Color


Skishing - Extreme Surf Casting

Fly Bottle Stopper


Just when you thought there was nothing else you could embed a fly in.  LINK

January 29, 2008

Saint Wahoooooooooo!

The patron saint of saltwater angling..

Knotty Girls


Let Mandy and Jennifer help you learn your knots.


On Sale Now!


Taunted By Waters


A trout fisherman's stream of consciousness, and a new link on the sidebar.  LINK


January 28, 2008

Monday Fly Tie Lesson # 2

Trout Carvings by Lona Hymas-Smith


Very nice! LINK

Vintage Fishing - Ladies edition





Welcome to Art on Hook


Home of realistic flytyers / artists Ulf Hagström and Leif Örtenholm.  LINK

January 27, 2008

Sunday Funnies






January 26, 2008

Phil and Potomas are all ready to go on their fishing retreat

January 25, 2008

As "sketchy" as they come - Matty O and Sheahan


"Young grasshopper - chew ham and cheeze slowly and much love come soon to Annelid".

Line & Pole Ukulele Jam

Feed Fullmo


A little ice fishing to celebrate the season.  LINK

January 24, 2008

Name that flow


Be the first to name the flow above and get a Reel Pure Drybag.  Email to mcreelpure@gmail.com .

Update: Jonathan Stumph nails the San Juan.  Drybag is in the mail.

Takin it to the Streets - Rebels to the Pebble


NPR reports on a group of Inuit 7th graders who have banded together to fight the Pebble Mine.

But where some see a vital addition to Alaska's economy, others see an unmitigated threat to the environment. Now a group of seventh-graders in nearby Dillingham has banded together as Rebels to the Pebble, a dogged and creative activist corps.

LINK Via Wicked Outdoorsy

As "sketchy" as they come - Rathbun


All smiles, despite the fact that you went ofer this cold January day.

Salmon Recovery Road Tour Organizer


Save Our Wild Salmon is looking for a a roadie to work on this year's national Salmon Recovery Road Show.

The roadshow consists of two people traveling coast to coast in order to build grassroots, media, and political support and awareness for Snake and Columbia River salmon and steelhead restoration and lower Snake River dam removal.


Extinction Stops Here - The 2007 Road Show for Salmon Recovery Blog  LINK

January 23, 2008

A river sacrificed - In Washington, helping one fish has meant harming another


Forced by a federal court decision to develop a way to manage water that would help Yakima River spring chinook recover, fish biologists invented the system called "flip-flop," which alternates flows in the Yakima and Naches rivers to serve both farming and fish. And for a while, it seemed to work: Farmers got their water in the key late-summer and early-fall dry periods, and the spring chinook rebounded, albeit modestly.

Unfortunately the strategy had a negative impact on native steelhead and new research suggests the flip-flop may also take an unexpected toll on the Yakima spring chinook, the very fish it was designed to protect. 

Via: High Country News  LINK

As "sketchy" as they come - Bennett


The floundering father himself - duke of the left handed double haul.

He was a day tripper


Another excellent fly fishing blog we've somehow missed since last August.  LINK

January 22, 2008

Saint Bobberganoush


The patron saint of indicators.

Coho Crack

Fly Wars: FFS vs AFFTA - Which One Did You Choose?


On his Denver Post blog Charlie Myers asks:

-Which show did you attend and why?
–Which would you choose if you had it to do over again?
–Does the notion of two separate shows appeal to you and, if so, would you like to see them on different weekends?


Jabba The Fish


Bring me Solo and the Wookiee. They will all suffer for this outrage.

Fishing for Bears


January 21, 2008

Monday Fly Tie Lesson #1

The first of many Chum posts: Learn Fly Tying Lesson 1 for Beginners with David Cammiss

Owens Jurassic Pig


Slab of the Year winner Crump posted this pic of fellow AEG team member Chris Owens on the Washington Fly Fishing forum.  LINK

Rennpage on the Rampage


Randy Rennpage hits a crisp double as he loses his steelhead virginity AND makes it his first fish caught on a wiggle stick.  Well done Mr. Rennpage.  The sickness will only worsen.

The Frisco Kid

10 pound test meets 15+ pound steelhead.

The 2007 Moldy Chum Slab of the Year


The final votes have been counted and Justin Crump's rooster just edges out Randall Bryett's poon to take the 2007 Slab of the Year award, some Patagonia Watermaster 2 waders, and Chum bragging rights for the next year. Randall scores a new Reel Pure soft shell as runner up and Kari Dahl will receive a dozen flies and Wetfly box for bringing home the bronze.

Thanks to all who took the time to enter and to all our loyal readers worldwide who voted.


If it's any consolation the EU went overwhelmingly for the Albacore.


So did the Marianas


The rooster and the poon ruled in Central and South America.


Looks like Yi voted for the Albacore too.


Stripers Forever Call To Action!


Stripers Forever is rallying support for House Bill HR3841 that would ban the practice of purse seining for menhaden in both state and federal waters. The availability of menhaden is critical to the sustainability of striped bass and there are indicators that overfishing is having an impact on their role as striper forage.

Below is a sample e-mail you can cut and paste to e-mail your congressperson.

Dear Congressperson (their name) my name is (your name) and I live in your congressional district.  Striped bass and the marine environment are very important to me. Menhaden are the number one forage of the striped bass, plus they are an important filter feeder. I believe that fishery managers have not done nearly enough to conserve menhaden stocks, and I therefore urge you to become a cosponsor of HR3841, a bill that would eliminate the practice of purse seining menhaden for reduction purposes.  Please let me know how you have decided to act on this matter. 

(Your name again and e-mail address)” 

January 20, 2008

Locals say there are even bigger fish in there


Nick Calleya, 36, from Cubert in Cornwall and George Carstairs from Scotland landed the 500lb white Sturgeon while angling from a boat in the Fraser River in British Columbia in Canada. Via: The Daily Mail LINK

Fishizzle My Nizzle


Catching big fish all the time with everybody.

Sunday Funnies






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