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November 20, 2007

Great Scot! New campaign launched to save wild fish


A major campaign aimed at conserving wild salmon stocks in Scotland's rivers by trying to close coastal netting stations has been launched.  LINK


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Mike Huckabee has my support. He is an avid duck hunter and angler. He is VERY pro 2nd Amendment, pro wildlife conservation initiatives, and a staunch supporter of sportsmen's rights and interests. He has taken on some tough interest groups in Arkansas over environmental issues that impact hunting and fishing. And he radically increased state spending on tourism focused on outdoor recreation.

He's also strong on illegal immigration and crime fighting, a fiscal conservative, and takes a live and let live approach to most "social" issues (gay rights, lifestyle issues, etc.)

But here are two insights to the guy's PERSONALITY that I think are key: he just made a campaign commercial featuring Chuck Norris that's about his policies on crime and illegal immigration that is freaking hilarious...and "out of the box." And the man lost over a hundred pounds through diet and exercise.

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