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September 24, 2007

Don't Go Noodling for Catfish in the Guangdong Reservoir!


It's a 3 meter long man-eating catfish whose head alone is 1 meter wide! After cutting up the catfish people were surprised to find the remains of a man inside!  LINK


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did you even read the linked article?

whale sharks only have a slight resemblence to catfish ;)

Who has time to read the articles?

thats hudge

I like the catfish i want to eat it. Catch another one and post a pictcher. I like to grose my friends out with it. Thanks for posting it I will youse it in the future. I going to printm it at home to put on my wall. Plaes put another one. I love it...


Thats no catfish it's a whale shark. a small one at that.

That's crap. this a middle sized whale shark/ an endangered specie caught by stupid people that only care for their stomach.Pity for them and another jurk that write wrong comments. No catfish eat human.Asian giant catfish is also endangered because of man.

thats a whale shark! im only 16 and even I know that!

my word wat a retard

this is not a man eating fish u retard!
this is a whale shark that eat chum and plankton.Idiot.

thats no catfish

First of all that is a catfish, it is not a whale shark, is has no dorsal fin, and the pattern on it's back is wrong.
Therefore that is a catfish and they can eat people when they get that big, and someone is stupid enough to go near it. Whale sharks on the other hand eat plankton.....ONLY PLANKTON...

Dorsal fin: check; correct number of gill slits: check; ergo....small whale shark.

Wow, Mike you are a dumbass. According to you, catfish have no dorsal fin, so this must be a catfish. Now, you do realize that the dorsal fin is located on the back, right? Catfish do have dorsal fins so therefor, this is NOT a catfish, it is clearly a whale shark. Next time you decide to post something you might want to read up on things a little bit before you make yourself look like an idiot again.

lol next they will try to pass it off as summat daft like a man eating crocodile aha must say mind there are some thick people in the world

Holy $%&#!!!!!!!!!!

Holy @$%&!!!!! I shall catch it on an ultra-light rod!!!


did someone really get eaten because i highly dought it

thank yo


i read the comment about dorsal fin and gills so i cheked no its a small whale shark i cant belive you said it was a cat fish as if it ate a human haha funny

this is not a cat fish u dum @#%$ y did u catch a whale shark u poofs fags

how could u catch a whale shark as if it ate a body thats so fake no whale or catfish eat people.

uh ya definetly whale shark but catfish can and will eat people if there big enough catfish eat anything that will fit in there mouth but its very very rare that a catfish would get big enough to eat a man and only would if the man ran into it or fucked around with it

Well I'm not sure what the hell this thing is but just to prove that catfish will eat anything one turned up the other day in a German canal that was about 6 1/2 feet long and died cuz it choked on a full sized soccer ball

Da you guys are so #$@%ing retarted you guys dont know wht the #$%@ it is!!

That is a whale shark. A very young whale shark. Not a catfish. The markings on the skin the flathead. Typical of a whale shark. It's a tragedy that this beautiful animal was killed.

This isnt a catfish its a small whaleshark....nice try

Whale sharks don't have whiskers. That would make one heck of a filet.

Catfish do get big, however. Blue Channel's can get pretty big. And you definately wouldn't want to eat a Mud Cat. Anyhow, I've seen 'em as big as my 2 yr. old.. who's 36 inches long and 35 pounds.

it's a whale shark you idiot

I really love all of the people who make stupid comments and can't spell worth a damn. You look even more ignorant than the caption writer......

OMG!!!!!!!! that is the biggest thing i have ever seen in my life that is huge!!!!!!

yo dummies, this thing was caught in a reservoir(fresh water), whale sharks only live in salt water

Hope he/she posts no more of fake pictures.

Stupid people..! this is not a catfish.

small sized whale shark,
not huge sized catfish

what are you saying about the catfish Iam glad that don't eat pepole

Well... it 100% a whale shark (young shark too)in photos.

Looks to me like one of those umm...what are they called....oh gee you know, those fish that suck the glass and stuff in a aquarium....umm....oh a Placo....or maybe since someone said it is a dirty mud fish it is a new breed..."Pleco-Betta Fish Hybid"

It is definitely a whale shark! There is no question about it. I have studied sharks for years as a hobby and I knew it was a whale shark the moment I saw it. The thing is, white sharks do not eat fish or men or anything of the type. They eat krill. They are one of the most friendly and peaceful sharks that exist. I dont believe this story. Not at all.

look up whale shark on google imaging. same pattern. This is actually a small one.

and I want to say to mike, do you even know what a whale shark looks like? Its dorsal is very small and about two thirds of the way back on its body. You can see in the picture here that the second man back on the left side is holding up the sharks dorsal fin. nearing the tail it has a very distinctive whale shark pattern, parallel lines with dots creating a line through the center.
I would also like to correct my previous comment about the krill. I meant to say plankton. The eat plankton. sorry about that

The whale shark is not a protected species in all countries. It is protected in the Philippines, USA, Maldives, Australia, Malaysia, and Honduras. Whale sharks in some studies have been known to eat anchovies. It is a filter feeder though. Its eyes are near the front of its head and on each side of the head. Flat head, and it has been rarely seen in rivers and estuaries during studies conducted.

giant catfish dont have spots either.

My money is still on the Placo-Betta Fish Hybrid! I mean come on it it soooo obvious!


I dont think that there carey girl is non to smart she think that is some kinda shark

what ever it looks like a cat fish because of the face but there is no way that is a catfish i should no that is all i do is go fishing with my bros a nd neibors in the summer time!!!!!!!DA!

For those who say catfish will not eat people think again, National Geographic had a Monster Quest episode revolving around giant catfish, and the small native people of the Amazon river avoid swimming in deep water pools, because they know that is where the catfish wait, they interviewed a local from a village who said they were on a boat with their young cousin but something knocked into the boat and their cousin who was 6 fell out, and disappeared, and a week later a catfish washed up on shore with legs sticking out. It would be pretty scary if those things got any bigger, phew.

that thing is huge!!!!!!!

hi did it eat a cat because it is fat ha ha i can ryme oh time to go oh i rymed agian im hilarous i know

O MY GOD! DO ANY OF U EVEN READ THE POSTS B4 U WRITE!. i am studying marine biology and that is NOT a catfish. IT IS A WHALE SHARK! The biggest catfishes do not get that big. And take a look at the spots. Also look at where the dorsal fin is located! and at its shape. here is a link to a pic of a whale shark so c 4 yourself:

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